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Your Virtual Assistant Hiring Checklist Everything You Need to Know About Hiring a VA When you’re looking for a virtual assistant, it’s important to take some key steps to prepare yourself and your business so you can adjust quickly. Consider the following 25 things you can do to prepare for your virtual assistant. Preparing to Hire a Virtual Assistant Before hiring a virtual assistant or remote worker, make sure you: 1. Have Room in Your Read More
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Sometimes, you need some outside help to assist you with your business functions. One of the best ways to invest in high-quality talent at an affordable rate is to hire a virtual assistant. These professionals can help assist your business with numerous tasks, from appointment management to transcription and many more. However, many businesses make the mistake of hiring virtual assistants from overseas countries – and not looking closer to home. Latino virtual assistants provide Read More
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We are very excited to announce our founder and CEO, Jaime Nacach, will be a speaker at the upcoming San Diego Startup Week on May 30, 2019! Jaime will talk about some of the challenges entrepreneurs and small businesses face while growing their companies, and how hiring a virtual assistant can ease the workload and help businesses flourish efficiently and at a more affordable rate. Learn how you can start outsourcing and what software and Read More
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Running a real estate or property management company can be a momentous task without the right help. From scheduling showings to preparing for open houses and effectively marketing your properties, it can be difficult to grow your real estate business on your own. However, assistants for real estate companies can be quite expensive and drive down your company’s return on investments – but another solution is available. Hiring a virtual assistant, namely Latino virtual assistants, Read More
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A virtual assistant for your law firm
The workload at a law firm can be incredibly heavy. From filing claims to bringing new clients to your firm to scheduling appointments and everything in between, many attorneys find that the work-life balance at their firm is nonexistent. Your firm should not take over every aspect of your life. You need a virtual assistant to help you even the workload within your law firm at an affordable rate. Latino virtual assistants can provide numerous Read More
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When you need extra help with mundane tasks such as email management and social media marketing, hiring an in-person assistant can leave you with unnecessary tasks. You will need to pay for hiring and onboarding costs, insurance, worker’s compensation, high wages, payroll taxes, and many other costs. Combined with the intricacy and importance of the work you’re tasking to these assistants; the investment simply does not break even. Every American business needs an affordable virtual Read More
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6 Advantages of a Latino Virtual Assistant Over an Assistant From the Philippines
See Greater Returns on Your Investment With a Latino Virtual Assistant! Do you need a virtual assistant for your business? These helpful online guides are growing rapidly in popularity as businesses look for affordable and accessible labor. However, many American and Canadian businesses are turning to the Philippines to find virtual assistants – but are the Philippines the right place to look? Filipino virtual assistants are affordable and accessible, but there are also affordable options Read More
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Five Reasons to Work With a Latino Virtual Marketer to Grow Your Business
Choose a Latino Virtual Assistant for Your Marketing Needs! Affordable, Trustworthy, and Educated Virtual marketers provide unmatched flexibility, affordability, and high work quality. You can see incredible returns on your investment when you hire one of these workers, especially when you opt for a Latino virtual marketer. Not only will you have the edge over your competition, but you will enjoy greater cultural compatibility and flexibility when you opt for a Latino virtual marketer! What Read More
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15 Reasons to Avoid Working With Virtual Assistants Overseas 15 Reasons to Avoid Working With Virtual Assistants Overseas
For Greater Returns, Choose Latin America Many businesses are opting for virtual assistants overseas to save on personnel costs. However, the more you look at the reality of hiring an overseas assistant, the more you realize that affordability is the only benefit. There are more affordable and higher-quality options closer to home in Mexico, Central America and South America. Here are a few reasons why you should reconsider hiring an overseas virtual assistant: #1: Language Read More
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Should I outsource to a virtual assistant?  (Commonly also referred to as just a “VA”) Why not? If you want to save more time and money, then you should consider hiring a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant can save you lots of time and help you increase your productivity. Since virtual assistants work remotely, there’s no overhead cost and they’re focused on helping businesses like yours to get more done. Research by ValueWalk shows that Read More
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