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Immigration Lawyers

Get help from virtual assistants experienced in the legal industry. Take care of your cases and clients, we take care of all your law firm’s administrative tasks and more.

What is a Legal Virtual Assistant?

What is a Legal Virtual Assistant?

bilingual virtual assistant is a professional from Latin America who works for your law firm remotely. Hire legal virtual assistants from Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, and all Latin American countries. Experienced Spanish/English or Portuguese/English-speaking professionals perform all those tasks that take away your valuable time so that you can focus on what really matters: your cases and clients.

A legal virtual assistant is a bilingual professional that can support immigration lawyers and law firms in relieving their administrative burden so that they can prioritize their clients and cases.

Legal virtual assistants with bilingual skills help immigration attorneys expedite cases by completing and submitting all forms and documents in a timely manner, communicating with the appropriate government agencies, communicating with clients throughout the process, and preparing for litigation if necessary.

How Bilingual Virtual Assistants Benefit My Law Firm

Have you ever felt that you don’t have enough time to focus on getting more clients?

"Every day more and more law firms and attorneys focused on immigration are hiring legal virtual assistants to help them optimize their time and save them money"

What Can Your Immigration Law Firm Save By Outsourcing?

Think about this:


How much time do you spend on administrative tasks each week?



How many new clients or cases could you handle if someone else would help with your admin tasks?



How much does an in-house assistant cost you to handle your admin tasks?

What do Legal Virtual Assistants do for Immigration Attorneys?

Real Virtual Assistant

Bilingual virtual assistants may act as legal translators for a lawyer or legal team if a client does not speak English and needs assistance with the immigration process.

Virtual assistants can help you with many tasks that include administrative duties similar to a legal secretary, customer service, and also marketing tasks and strategies; so you can fully focus on your client’s cases. Delegate all your time-consuming tasks to virtual legal assistants. Here are some examples of what they could do: