Healthcare Medical Virtual Assistants - Virtual Latinos

Healthcare Medical Virtual Assistants - Virtual Latinos

Healthcare Medical Virtual Assistants - Virtual Latinos

Healthcare Virtual Assistants

Experienced virtual assistants(VA) for the Healthcare industry.

You take care of growing your business, our VAs take care of all your administrative tasks and more.

What Is A Healthcare Virtual Assistant?

A Latino Healthcare Virtual Assistant (VA) is someone living in a Latin American country who works for your company.

The virtual assistant is 100% dedicated to your business and can perform all the tasks that take away your valuable time so you can focus on what really matters: taking care of your patients and growing your practice.

Virtual assistants can take care of time-consuming tasks:
Such as appointment setting and follow-ups, calendar management, CRM & data entry, and any other medical care tasks you’d like them to do.

Have you ever felt that you don't have
enough time to focus on growing your business?

We help Physicians and Healthcare experts save
precious time and valuable dollars.

You, like other existing healthcare experts and medical practitioners already working with Virtual Latinos, can increase the efficiency and profits on your operations.

What Can Your Healthcare Practice Save By Outsourcing?

Think About This:


How much time do you spend on administrative tasks each week?


How many new patients and cases could you handle if someone else would do your admin tasks?


How much does an in-house assistant cost you to handle your admin tasks?

Healthcare Specialists We Already Help,

Sounds Familiar?


A Medical Company

Has been around for 30 years with a team of 3 physicians and 3 physician assistants.

Company offers primary care, addiction medicine, physical care, and urgent care and 3/4 of their staff are Latinos and/or bilingual.

The client hired a Virtual Latino VA to perform face to face live translations through an iPad.


A Certified Dietitian

Provides medical nutrition therapy that helps people get better through nutrition.

The client hired Virtual Latinos and built a virtual team to perform clerical work.

VAs collect copayments for medicaid and prescriptions, create invoices and process payments and payroll.


A Chiropractic Physician

Treats chronic pain disease and helps his patients to avoid surgery.

The client helps with neuropathy, knee, spine, and weight Loss and offers hands-on, non-surgical operations and corrective care.

The client hired a VA to help with phone calls including cold and warm calling.


An Eye Care Practitioner

Owner of an eye clinic and does prescriptions for customers and sells glasses, eyewear and more.

Their goal is to take care of the patient’s time and serve them in the best way possible. The company has existed for about 18 years and is well established.

Customer care is their VA #1 priority.

Alternative Medicine

An Energy Healer And Alternative Medicine Expert

The client heals people with alternative methods, including applied kinesiology and biochemical things and all the work is done online through social media and websites.

Client is aiming to be one of the leading practitioners in the US.

VA main responsibility is to increase social media followers, increase website traffic and manage community engagement.

Neurology & Pain Clinic

A Neurologist Based In Texas

The Doctor offers personal injury help, telemedicine and face-to-face consultations on pain medicine.

Client works with law firms and attorneys that refer patients.

VA’s main goal is to get appointments between the attorney’s offices and the neurology clinic.

VAs also help to update medical records and patient information in an electronic medical record system.

Virtual Latinos is the Best Solution for Your Virtual Staffing Needs

13 Things Your Virtual Healthcare Assistant Can Help You With

Healthcare General
Admin Tasks

VAs can manage Physicians and therapists calendar.

Schedule appointments, conferences and medical shifts.

VAs can help to fill out online or PDF forms.

Can use web-based medical systems or CRMs and confirm patient's insurance information and plans.

VAs can write Letters of Protection.

Perform clerical duties, prepare reports, prescriptions and maintain patient records.

VAs can contact insurance companies.

Verify insurance information, trace for complex medical treatments and more!

VAs can be taken into the room to do live translations.

Act as a medical transcriptionist and translator.

VAs can manage medical copayments, prescriptions, reports and more.

Create reports, invoices, process payments and payroll, provide estimations, etc.

VAs are knowledgeable in helpdesk and project management tools.

Can track all the work done, on a daily basis.

Quickly find talented, pre-qualified professional medical virtual assistants

Healthcare Sales &
Customer Service

VAs can make cold calls and warm calls.

Contact cold leads or people who is already interested.

VAs can welcome patients.

Check up on delayed patients or register canceled appointments.

VAs can perform Customer service activities.

Handle direct customer inquiries and complaints.

VAs can act as virtual nursing assistants.

Perform caring follow-ups or interview patients before appointments.

Quickly hire talented, pre-qualified professional medical virtual assistants

Healthcare Marketing

VAs can create email marketing campaigns and newsletters.

Manage email marketing tools or collect leads.

VAs create copywriting for website, blog and more

VAs can create digital marketing documents for websites, blogs, patient portals, brochures, emails, marketing collateral, helpdesks and more.

VAs can act as Social Media and Community Manager

VAs can create, manage and optimize your Google, Facebook Ads, or promotions.

VAs can monitor YouTube SEO and help your videos rank higher to get more exposure.

Quickly find talented, pre-qualified professional medical virtual assistants

Interested in knowing how your

Healthcare VA Could Look Like?
Take A Look At Some Of Their Strengths!

Easy to understand in both English and Spanish. Can easily switch between the two languages.

Can enter the info into medical records, support patient monitoring, and more!

Including online supervising on other team members.

VAs are always willing to do all it takes to be there for the company every day during work hours.

Can have bookkeeping skills and assist with financial management tasks.

Ready to comment online, collect reviews, feedback, or testimonials from patients and clients.

Can introduce your medical services to patients, clients and more!

Can monitor patients or care for the elderly.

Healthcare VAs are very interested in the health and wellness industry.

VAs can behave consistently with all company compliance and HIPAA policies.

Topics may include telemedicine initiatives, medicare innovations, virtual care blogs and more!

Vas can manage social media and community engagement.

Quickly find talented, pre-qualified professional Healthcare virtual assistants

Our Professional Virtual Assistants
Are Skilled And Specialized
To Support
All Different Kinds Of
Healthcare Experts And Medical Professionals.

See some of the healthcare and medical practitioners we can help:

Physicians & Practitioners

Clinics & Medical Offices

Clinics & Medical Offices


And more! We have the perfect medical VA with the expertise you need!

Our goal is to help healthcare experts like yourself
focus on taking care of your patients

Let Your Healthcare Virtual Assistant Take Care of the Time-Consuming Tasks!

Benefits of Hiring our Virtual Assistants

Same Skills, Lower Costs

Working with US or Canadian marketers, agencies, assistants or full-time employees is expensive. Hire someone with the same skills, for a fraction of the cost in North America.

Flexible Schedules

Our VAs adapt to your schedule. They can work weekdays, evenings, weekends, part-time, full-time or a custom schedule. Our hiring minimum is just 10 hours/week!

Customized to Your Needs

We offer a free all-inclusive personalized one-on-one 45-min consultation to understand you and your business’s needs.

We Take Care of Everything

We do all the time-consuming work of finding, pre-vetting, interviewing, and evaluating candidates. Just select from the top 3 candidates we’ll provide.

Growth Potential

We focus on helping you create long-term work relationships with your VA. You can even promote your VA and/or give them a raise at ANY time. Virtual Latinos, doesn’t take any commission or percentage of raises or bonuses.

You Manage, We Provide Support

You manage your VA freely, your assistant sends weekly work hours completed, your dedicated customer success agent supervises this process.

Why A Latino Virtual Assistant?

Easy, Painless Hiring

Invest just 2 hours of your time, let our Agency hiring team do the rest. We search, find, interview and select the top 3-4 VAs for you to review.

30-75% Less vs In-House Staff

In-house healthcare and medical staff can cost you $18-30/hr including taxes, workers comp, etc. Save up to 75% by hiring near-shore virtual assistants in Latin America.

Hand-Picked Professionals

Less than 7.5% of Virtual Latinos applicants (12K+ so far) are accepted into our community. Our team manually reviews their extensive application and English test results.

Large Latino Network

We connect entrepreneurs, businesses & agencies with experienced professionals from Mexico, Central & South America

Working In Your Timezone

You're in America (North), and so are they (South), so they're are awake during the same time you are. Now there's no need to hire someone from the Phillipines or India.

Top 1% of Candidates

Our experienced hiring team hand-selects and recruits the top 1% of VA candidates. Investing 15+ hours per role, reviewing 10-25 candidates, interviewing the best 7-8 of them and selecting the top 3-4 VAs.

Bilingual & English Tested

Bilingual in Spanish & English. Tested in English to ensure professional listening, reading and writing for business communication.

Certified Professionals

Some of our virtual assistants have US-based certifications in various specialties including service, sales, marketing, and more.

How It Works

Let our hiring experts find you the perfect virtual assistant for your health care business
in just 7 business days!

1. Discuss Your
Hiring Needs

Share the qualifications you are looking for in your next virtual assistant with our hiring experts.

2. Our Team Finds Your Perfect Assistant

We search, select and interview candidates based on your specific needs and send you the top 3-4.

3. You Interview Top
Pre-selected Candidates

Review the top 3-4 vetted VAs, interview your top 2 choices and select the best one that fits your team and needs.

4. Hire: You Manage,
We Provide Support

Start working directly with your new assistant and let our success manager helps you with anything else.

What makes us different?

Top Latin Talent Only

Every assistant who applies is pre-screened, and no one can simply sign-up and build a profile on our community. We only accept less than 7.5% of all applicants to ensure you’ll get to work with the best talent that Latin America has to offer.

Health recruitment

We have experience in hiring healthcare and medical professional virtual assistants: Our hiring team has already helped many professionals and clinics find and hire amazing bilingual assistants. Our team understands what skills and qualifications you need in a great VA, what systems you use, and what tasks you need help with.

Customized to Your Needs

We offer a personalized one-on-one consultation to understand you and your business needs. We do all the time-consuming work finding, interviewing, and evaluating candidates for you.

Virtual Latinos Agency Pricing

Entry Level

$8-10 Per hour

Basic Virtual Assistants

Perfect for businesses that already have processes in place and can train any VA.

Mid Level

$11-15 Per hour

Specialists Virtual Assistants

VAs with more experience and special skills that contribute to your business growth and complete tasks with just a quick onboarding.

Expert Level

$16-20 Per hour

Expert Virtual Assistants

Expert level VAs are consultants and strategists helping your business grow and expand.

Part-Time VAs starting at $400/mo

***All-Inclusive. No Recruitment Fees, Access Fees, Set-up Fees, or Additional Charges***

Why our clients have become our fans

“Virtual Latinos brings you the best of the best, we really get a chance to lay out our dreams and goals to our employee, and watch these brilliant people express themselves… Jaime and the team are always there for you.”
3174 TeTe-Edit
Tete Henriksen
Surround Sound Love
“I strongly recommend this platform for anyone who needs high-quality workers in the same time zones as the United States. I’ve hired 8 people from this site, and I’m continually impressed with the skills these assistants possess and their advanced level of English.”
Michael Bousquet
Market Research Firm
“I’m very happy with the ability to find and connect with experienced VA’s from Mexico and Latin America. Being Latino myself, I got excited when I learned there was a site where I can connect with others I can relate to. My businesses are now thriving thanks to Virtual Latinos”
Jorge Contreras
The REAL system

Quickly find talented, pre-qualified professional medical virtual assistants

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