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Virtual Immigration Paralegal Professionals and The Future of Law Firms

Virtual Immigration Paralegal Professionals and The Future of Law Firms

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As technology advances, the future of law firms will continue to change and evolve. Many law firms already use cloud-based applications and artificial intelligence to automate tasks and increase efficiency. Virtual offices are also becoming more common, allowing lawyers from anywhere worldwide to collaborate with remote professionals, including experts from Central and South America. The use of virtual assistants (VAs) is also likely to increase, as they can provide a broader range of support services than freelancers and at a fraction of the cost of traditional staff. Efficiency and affordability must always be prioritized while running a business, and virtual assistants easily meet both of these conditions.

What Is a Virtual Immigration Paralegal Professional?

A virtual immigration paralegal is a professional who provides paralegal services remotely and often, though not always, as a contractor or outsourced service. Depending on your company’s staffing needs, virtual immigration paralegals may or may not need to be certified. Virtual immigration paralegals can provide flexible, affordable, and expert support to immigration attorneys from law firms specializing in business visa work and family immigration.

As a lawyer, you should be applying your specific skill set to more specialized legal tasks to ensure your immigration clients get the best possible consultation and defense from your firm. This does not negate the importance of other tasks in your firm; it just means you must hire others with different skill sets to accomplish these tasks. The tasks that a paralegal virtual assistant can do for your immigration law firm include:

General Admin Support

The day-to-day function of your office relies heavily on general administration support. It would be impossible for your firm to retain new clients if the clients cannot reliably reach someone from your office. These support individuals can answer your phone and take messages that need to be passed on to other employees while also presenting your firm in the most professional light with their personable intercommunication skills. Individuals needing an immigration attorney are likely frightened and nervous, so they are looking for an attorney that will treat them with respect and understanding—this feeling must start with their initial contact. Virtual legal assistants can also manage your calendar and appointment setting, ensuring no client ever feels disrespected by a missed meeting.

Client Support and Follow-Ups

Legal virtual assistants can take the load of some client relationship tasks by gathering their information and obtaining any relevant documents, then reviewing the information and documents provided. They will also follow up with the client for any additional requirements or clarification. If necessary, the documents can also be translated by a legal virtual assistant. Reviews and testimonies from past clients are strong motivators for potential clients to choose your law firm, so having a virtual assistant reach out and collect them can improve your client base and profit margins.

Case Preparation and Management

There are a lot of working hours that go into an immigration law case, particularly the preparation phase. You can effectively achieve this phase in the most efficient way with legal outsourcing, as these virtual assistants can have clients fill out forms and questionnaires as well as handle client management in the CRM System.

Miscellaneous Tasks

There are many behind-the-scenes tasks required to keep a busy immigration law firm functioning properly. Legal virtual assistants can handle many of these tasks, including claim management with insurance companies, basic marketing tasks, and staff management.

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Why Attorneys Are Hiring Virtual Immigration Paralegal Services

Virtual immigration paralegal professionals offer many benefits for law firms, including reduced overhead costs, flexibility, and assistance during high-volume periods. Virtual immigration paralegal services can be especially helpful for firms that handle a lot of immigration cases or that have a global reach.

Reducing overhead and freeing up time for more important tasks, are just some of the reasons law firms are hiring virtual immigration paralegals. As the legal industry continues to evolve due to the advent of technology, the demand for paralegal remote professional outsourcing services continues to rise. The number of virtual immigration paralegal professionals who can meet the demands of an increasingly virtual workforce is also expected to rise.

Immigration virtual paralegals have experience and knowledge in a variety of areas and can therefore provide valuable assistance to attorneys working on complex cases. Delegation of tasks is vital to efficiently handling legal cases, but you must have trustworthy team members to delegate these tasks to; otherwise, you will experience more stress and will need to commit time to fix errors. While virtual paralegal professionals take care of administrative, financial, human resources, marketing, and many other tasks, attorneys can take care of more sensitive cases.

More Benefits of Hiring Virtual Immigration Paralegal Services:

  • Save time by delegating tasks to a virtual immigration paralegal: By hiring a virtual immigration paralegal, you can free up time to work on more substantial legal or business tasks.
  • Reduce overhead costs: Hiring a virtual immigration paralegal is less expensive than having full-time staff, given that they are contractors and have their own computer setup and benefits.
  • Outsource during high-volume periods: You can outsource tasks to a virtual immigration paralegal during times of high demand.
  • Get ahead during manageable periods: When the workload is manageable, or you are waiting on action from USCIS, delegate responsibilities to a virtual immigration paralegal service.
  • Offer bilingual support services for family-based immigration: Immigration Document Solutions mainly focuses on this type of service.
  • Assistance with completing forms: Paralegal assistants help attorneys with completing forms and translations between English and Spanish/Portuguese, as well as notary services.
  • Experience and knowledge: Our Virtual Paralegal Assistants have experience in the field of immigration law.
  • Services include family-based, employment-based, asylum, and removal defense cases: Paralegal assistants specialize in VAWA waivers and affidavits – two areas of immigration law that are complex and sensitive.

As the traditional approach to law firms continues to struggle in the face of high demand, low supply, and low-profit margins, lawyers are turning to outsourcing in order to help them manage their workload and increase their profits.

How To Find the Best Virtual Immigration Paralegal

The guaranteed method to find the best virtual immigration paralegal for your law firm lies in hiring bilingual virtual assistants from Virtual Latinos. We handle the heavy lifting of finding the right candidate for your needs so you can focus your time and talents on your clients. There are only five steps to finding the law firm virtual assistant that can help take your law firm to the next level:

Step 1. You must first register as a business to initiate our pairing process. Our simple online form helps us gather basic information; then, you will choose a monthly hour package.

Step 2. The next step is filling out a questionnaire so that we can learn more about you and your specific hiring needs. We will also conduct a personalized consultation for a clear discussion on the tasks that need completed or the virtual assistant position that you need to be filled, particularly hourly rate, skills, experience, and language needs.

Step 3. Then, book a quick-call with our Recruitment Consultants, so we can discuss your hiring needs. We have a vast pool of professional virtual assistants to pull potential candidates from, so we will save you a lot of time by pre-selecting law firm virtual assistants on your behalf. This list will contain only assistants that meet your tasks or job requirements, and then we will conduct interviews to further narrow these candidates down to the top 3-4 virtual assistants for your law firm. We will then introduce this short list of highly qualified candidates to you.

Step 4. You and your hiring team will review these candidates, and then we will convene during a video call to interview the candidates you like best. Once you have chosen your legal virtual assistant, the hiring agreement will be reviewed and signed.

Step 5. After the virtual assistant has been chosen, an onboarding session will be attended. You will manage your assistant’s work while our thorough Customer and VA Success Team assists you through the entire process. We are confident that our virtual assistants will provide top-quality job performance, but we will replace the assistant at no additional cost if needed.

Getting started with a Virtual Immigration Paralegal is easy with Virtual Latinos. We take ownership of almost every step, so you are only responsible for managing your virtual assistant and communicating your employment needs to them on the job.

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Finding the Most Qualified Virtual Assistant with Virtual Latinos

Virtual Latinos is an offshoot of the top-rated marketing agency Bloominari. In the process of finding remote workers to meet our growing clientele needs, we began hiring remote executive assistants from Latin America, India, and the Philippines. We quickly discovered that the most talented workers on our team were consistently coming from Columbia, Mexico, Venezuela, and Chile. These team members clearly outperformed their counterparts, so we decided to share this secret with companies in the United States that were looking for affordable talent by founding Virtual Latinos.

Our targeted recruitment and marketing strategy attracts top performers from Latin America. These potential candidates go through an initial qualification before they even submit an application. Only 16% of the candidates will get an invitation to join, but we narrow this field down even further by having the virtual assistants verify their skills, ultimately choosing the top 1-2% of applicants.

Finding a candidate that is as qualified could take you months and come at a significant expense, especially since you must leave the position unfilled until you find the right candidate. Virtual Latinos can have the position filled in 7-10 days with pre-vetted talent, all without extra recruitment fees or time spent comparing candidates. We boast a low turnover rate and a quality guarantee that can put your mind at ease so you can focus on the legal needs of your clients instead of the other tasks that you have delegated to the legal virtual assistant.

Choosing Virtual Latinos to fill open virtual positions in your law firm is an extremely high-reward, low-risk choice that can significantly elevate your business capabilities. Hiring a virtual assistant on your own can offer benefits, but the most impressive positive benefits will come from partnering with Virtual Latinos to find the most qualified individual without extreme expense. Book a call today so we can discuss the positions that you need filled and begin taking the next steps to hire quality talent for your team.

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