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5 Bilingual Virtual Assistant Services for Healthcare Professionals.

5 Bilingual Virtual Assistant Services For Healthcare Professionals

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Quality Healthcare Service Begins With a Bilingual Virtual Assistant

Every healthcare professional knows that their patients always come first, but as businesses grow and more patients enter into the practice, upholding quality care for each unique patient can become more difficult. As a healthcare professional, you want to showcase that you care about your work and the needs of your patients, but sometimes the workload is just too much for one person to handle.

Without going through the extra laborious task of trying to hire the perfect in-office assistant to help you balance all your responsibilities, consider the many benefits of hiring a bilingual virtual healthcare assistant.

With the help of virtual assistant services, you can provide the best care necessary for every patient. Whether you simply need help with administrative tasks, such as updating patient files, making follow-up calls, and scheduling appointments, or if you are looking for interpretive/translation services to ensure accurate, clear communication for your English/Portuguese/Spanish-speaking patients. Hiring a bilingual virtual assistant can free up time in your schedule, so you can focus on the most important parts of your job. They can also provide you with high-quality work at a lower cost than hiring an in-office assistant.

What Are Bilingual Virtual Assistants?

A bilingual virtual assistant is a paid professional who works for you from a remote location. At Virtual Latinos, our virtual assistants come from many areas around Latin America such as Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, and Colombia. These are individuals who have bachelor’s degrees, or even masters and PhDs in their subject and have passed a rigorous vetting process to be selected.

Only 5% of the applications we receive go on to join our network of high-quality, talented, fully bilingual virtual assistants. In addition, our assistants all have to pass an English test to ensure their efficiency working in the language before being hired on to the team. Therefore, you can count on us to select three to four bilingual assistants best fitted for your job criteria that you will then be able to choose from.

Some of the general skills that our bilingual virtual assistants encompass include the following:

1. Fluency in English and Spanish/Portuguese

The United States has the second-largest Spanish-speaking population after Mexico. Being able to provide a native Spanish speaker to your team can give your practice the needed ability to cater to your nonnative English-speaking patients. This can help set your practice apart from others who do not have this same ability to better assist Portuguese/Spanish-speaking natives.

2. Strong Communication and Organizational Skills

Previous work experience and college education have helped craft our assistants into strong communicators with excellent organizational skills. Many of our assistants work as customer service representatives and can easily converse with native English speakers. Professional, highly qualified, and trained by your organization to best meet your needs. A bilingual virtual assistant has the skills it takes to help manage administrative tasks such as responding to emails, organizing schedules, billing, and keeping platforms such as Dropbox, G-Suite, and OneDrive organized in both fluent Spanish and English.

3. Ability to Multitask

There is not just one specific job our assistants can handle. As trustworthy and hard-working professionals, our assistants are excellent multitaskers, who can be trusted to work on a variety of tasks with ease. Some of our assistants even run their own marketing agencies in Latin America, proving that they are exemplary and reliable individuals.

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Other Industries Bilingual Virtual Assistants Can Assist

Bilingual virtual assistants are beneficial to medical professionals and to numerous other industries. Some of these industries or roles include:

1. Sales and Marketing

Assistants can help increase your sales by managing social media daily, creating and updating a company website with reliable and useful information, and managing basic projects, as well as many other tasks.

2. Law Firms

Lawyers can benefit from a bilingual assistant to help them with client management, translation tasks, answering and returning phone calls, and generating new leads.

3. Property Management

Assistants are able to help manage tenants, help with administrative tasks and maintenance tasks, as well as marketing and sales. Some common tasks assistants perform are sending out reminders, following up with questions and complaints, creating management agreements, and tracking timelines for work projects.

4. Real Estate

Realtors use assistants to help them maximize the number of sales they are able to achieve. Assistants help to generate and follow up with leads and clients as well as schedule walk-throughs, help with administrative tasks, and create and manage listings.

5. Social Media

Utilizing a trained assistant to create and manage social media can majorly benefit companies that do not have the time to learn these skills. Assistants can create content, obtain new leads, perform basic photography and video editing tasks, and follow up with any questions or feedback.

What Is the Difference Between Virtual Assistants and Executive Assistants?

Before deciding whether investing in a virtual assistant is the best decision for you, it is important to consider what task you need assistance for. While both can work virtually, they function a bit differently. Simply put, an executive virtual assistant supports an executive, while a traditional virtual assistant supports a business. The roles between virtual assistants and virtual executive assistants can overlap at times. But an executive virtual assistant will serve primarily as the right-hand support to an executive or CEO. They may help with decision-making in an effort to enhance operational systems and productivity.

In the field of healthcare you may consider an executive virtual assistant for these tasks:

  • Assist in supporting & strategizing positive operational processes
  • Bookkeeping
  • Managing expense reports
  • Data entry

While a traditional virtual assistant can serve these tasks:

  • Process patient documents
  • Manage patient appointments
  • Arrange any travel, if needed
  • Make phone calls

An executive virtual assistant can perform daily tasks to free up an executive’s time and energy, with an even higher level of trust, insight, and skill.

Those who hire executive assistants may have to invest more time and money in finding the perfect candidate for the job. This will involve advertising the job position, hosting interviews, and selecting the best candidates, which may take a lot of time. Depending on whether you look to hire a virtual assistant through an agency or on your own, the process of acquiring a virtual assistant can be a much shorter process. When hired through an agency, the assistants are already pre-vetted professionals, waiting for the right job opportunity to arise to suit their specific skill sets.

Instead, it is best to think of a virtual assistant as existing as a helper who allows you to maximize your goals and concentrate on bigger tasks you need to accomplish. A virtual assistant creates more time in your day by taking charge of the mundane, time-consuming tasks like answering emails, scheduling appointments, or updating social media.

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What Is a Virtual Healthcare Assistant?

A virtual healthcare assistant offers virtual healthcare support to medical professionals, which, in turn, helps them free up time, so they can focus on providing their patients with better care. A virtual healthcare assistant should not be mistaken for a medical assistant.

A medical assistant works in person with the doctor to assist patients and perform small tasks, but a virtual assistant will never be present in the office. It is best to delegate your virtual healthcare assistant tasks that are taking away from your ability to best serve your patients. Six common tasks that virtual healthcare assistants often perform are:

  1. Calendar management and appointment scheduling: Here, a virtual assistant can organize meetings, schedule patient visits, and handle the back and forth communication, saving you important time and energy to focus on providing excellent care.
  2. CRM/ERP system management and data entry: CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) are tools that help manage customer service, marketing, and sales information. These systems are beneficial to centralizing accounts and contacts, recording interactions with customers, billing, and accounting.
  3. General administrative support: Includes organizing patient forms and records, managing patient billing and fees, bookkeeping and managing other facility finances, and communicating important information to physicians and nurses.
  4. Interpreting and translating for Spanish/Portuguese speakers: Bilingual virtual assistants can help translate documents, files, and patient visits virtually.
  5. Patient tracking and project management: A qualified virtual assistant can also help monitor the medical facility’s current functionality and operational systems. Project management aims to maintain positive, enhanced patient care and positive relationships overall.

How to Find the Right Virtual Assistant for You

Virtual Latinos make the process of finding the right virtual healthcare assistant straightforward and worthwhile. We have already selected and hired the top 2% of applicants who are reliable, educated, fully bilingual, and committed to their work. Once we have made our selection of the top three or four candidates, you can conduct a personal interview. From there, you will have a bilingual virtual assistant to best suit your needs. It takes an average of 7-10 days for an assistant to be hired, compared to other virtual assistant online platforms which can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. We offer a low commitment upfront, but with such high-quality help and affordable pricing, we aim to help you find a virtual assistant who works with you long-term.

Our assistants can help you with a full-time or part-time work schedule, working a minimum of 20 hours a week and a maximum of 40 hours a week — all while paying 40-75% less than workers in the United States. These reduced costs can help new practices save more money for expanding.

Our assistants offer flexible hours, having the ability to work evenings and weekends if it is beneficial for your practice. When working in the healthcare industry, ensuring your bilingual virtual assistant is available during your working hours is key. Since these workers are based in Latin America, they also operate in the same time zone, unlike overseas companies where managing time can be more difficult.

In addition, you do not have to worry about managing the payment of your assistant. We do that for you. All you have to do is pay us directly, and we take care of the rest.

Are You Ready to Hire a Virtual Assistant?

If you are ready to take a leap and free up time in your medical practice, Virtual Latinos is here to help. Contact us today for additional questions or to find your virtual healthcare assistant.

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