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Are Virtual Assistant Jobs Legit and Are They Right for Me?

Are Virtual Assistant Jobs Legit And Are They Right For Me?

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Most virtual assistant jobs are legitimate and offer genuine opportunities for individuals to provide services remotely and earn a decent income. However, like any online job market, there are also scams and fraudulent listings to be wary of. It’s essential to conduct thorough research, verify the credibility of the employer or platform, and avoid any job offers that require upfront payments or seem too good to be true. By taking these precautions, one can find authentic virtual assistant positions and build a successful remote career.

Is It Worth It to Work as a Virtual Assistant?

What does a virtual assistant do? A virtual assistant (VA) is an experienced assistant that can work for almost anyone or any business, as well as being specialized in multiple different skills, jobs, and tasks which they can perform from their computer remotely. A virtual assistant can work in any field from graphic design to healthcare, depending on the business or employer who is looking for help.

Over the past decade, virtual assistant jobs have grown in popularity as more and more pieces of our lives have continued to move online. Then, when the pandemic happened and many businesses were forced to adapt to working online, there was an even greater surge in the demand for virtual assistants. The large move of many businesses online also made it much easier to become a virtual assistant from a different location than where your business was located, as many companies were operating (and many still are) only online. Because of this, working as a virtual assistant has become a top job for many writers, marketers, administrative assistants, and others whose skills were transferable to the online world.


Are Virtual Assistant Jobs Legit?

Many people find themselves wondering whether virtual assistant jobs are legitimate or not. The short answer is yes — working as a virtual assistant is a legitimate job that pays well. But, that doesn’t mean that every virtual assistant job is the same. When searching for a virtual assistant job online, there are a few things that you should keep in mind when looking:

Is the Company Legitimate?

When looking at virtual assistant jobs, one of the first things you should investigate is the company, business, or person that the assistant job is for. Make sure that the company or person is well-established and valid. Try to find proof of their business being legitimate. Read reviews if you can find any, look at the type of clients the company serves, etc. It’s important to research the smaller aspects of any job before applying, but especially for one that is 100% virtual.

Payment Methods — Is It Free to Join?

When working with a reputable agency for virtual assistants, like us here at Virtual Latinos, signing up is free. We offer free application to help our community all over the world continue to grow and use their valuable skills online.

Sometimes other agencies will have you cold applying to jobs, often waiting for responses that never come. Unfortunately, for people who may be working internationally, especially those who are applying for remote jobs in the U.S., few results from companies may be returned after applications are sent in. Because of this, it’s important to find a reputable agency or company to work for, so you can find a virtual assistant job that is right for you. At Virtual Latinos, we hand-pick our virtual assistants and help them find jobs online that will use their skills well, while also helping them set fair rates so they’re paid what they deserve.


What Are Some of the Benefits of Working as a Virtual Assistant?

Working as a remote virtual assistant comes with a variety of different benefits for anyone who decides to take the job. Here are just a few of the benefits that come with being a VA:

Work-Life Balance

One of the amazing benefits of having a job as a virtual assistant is your ability to create a balance between your work and home life. Many people spend way more time away at work than they would like to, ultimately resulting in them having a poor work-life balance as they’re never home as much as they’d like to be. By working from home as a specialized virtual assistant, you can still do what you need to do at home because of the flexibility of your job being online. Working as a VA gives you more personal time to enjoy your family and friends, while still making great money and putting your valued skills to good use.

Raises and Salary Increases

The agency you work for as well as where your employer for your virtual assistant job is located, will have a large effect on how much you are paid at first. More often than not, if you’re working from outside of the U.S., like many of our VAs here at Virtual Latinos, your country may have a weaker currency than the USD, bumping your salary up higher. This helps provide a stable income that you can depend on while working 100% online. On top of that, you will have many opportunities to show off your different skillsets for different employers, as well as have the opportunity to get raises or better salary options as your skills continue to grow.

Making Your Own Schedule

Another great benefit of working remotely as a virtual assistant is that you will more likely than not be able to make your own schedule. Many businesses or people looking to hire a virtual assistant need help to organize themselves or their company, delegate tasks, schedule, etc. Because of this, oftentimes your employer may not require you to be working all day. In fact, many remote jobs will allow you to schedule yourself how you see fit and then they delegate the work they need you to finish in that time. It’s often very flexible and can fit in with your life and schedule.

Building a Professional Network

Oftentimes working as a virtual assistant can also help you network for your future. You will have the opportunity to meet many different employers and clients along the way that may come in handy to you later in your career. Networking is a great way to connect with others and find ways to improve or share your skills.

Are There Any Risks in Taking on Work as a Virtual Assistant?

While working for any reputable agency as a virtual assistant can help eliminate most of the risks you may be worried about, there will always be risks present if you do not perform enough research on a company or client before accepting a job and working with them. Some of these risks can include payment methods from the client, your job being nothing like the company described it as, or even your pay not being good enough. To avoid these potential risks when searching for an online VA job, you should work with a trusted company like Virtual Latinos to ensure the best outcomes.

How Much Money Can You Make as a Virtual Assistant or Virtual Professional?

How much money you make as a virtual assistant or other virtual professional depends on a variety of different aspects including:

The Type of Virtual Assistant Job

There are a multitude of different kinds of virtual assistant jobs out there, from administrative virtual assistants to healthcare virtual assistants. Because of this, the kind of virtual assistant job that you have will play a role in how much you make.

The Company You’re Working For

Another aspect that will affect your pay is the company or business you are working for. Whether it’s a large corporation or a smaller, independently owned business will play a role in the size of your pay. That being said, most virtual assistants can set their hourly rates for reasonable pay.

Where the Company Is Located

Where the business you’re working for also affects your pay. As mentioned before, for many Latinos looking to work outside of their country, and in the U.S., the salary may actually be much greater for them in USD versus their home country’s currency.

Your Own Personal Skills

Your personal virtual assistant skills also play a role in how you are paid. At many agencies, pay may actually go by skill level, starting from an entry-level assistant and working your way up. If this is the case, as your skills continue to increase, so does your pay.

How Often You Work

And last but not least, of course, the number of hours you are working per week will also play a major role in how much money you are making at your remote job.

At Virtual Latinos, we pay our virtual assistants depending on their level of experience, starting at $5 an hour for entry-level positions and up to $25+ an hour for very experienced and specialized virtual assistants. We aim to leave a lot of room for any assistant to grow and improve their skills.

Are Virtual Assistant Jobs Appropriate for Someone With No Experience in the Field?

While you may not think you are qualified for a certain virtual assistant job due to having no experience in the field, that might not always be the case. Many companies looking for virtual assistants aren’t necessarily looking for someone with lots of experience in their business’s specific field, but just someone with any work experience and most importantly, if they are eager to learn. For example, someone looking for an administrative assistant most likely just needs help organizing themselves and their company, regardless of whether it’s a graphic design business or tech support company.


What Are Some Websites That Offer Jobs for VA’s?

Virtual Latinos. Here at Virtual Latinos, we pride ourselves in helping our virtual assistants from Latin America find the perfect remote assistant jobs for their skillset. We send your resumes to legitimate companies that will want to hire you, helping you get more results fast. We help both businesses and virtual assistants get what they need, fast.
Fivver. Fivver is a site that helps businesses find help with any service within minutes. They also offer jobs for virtual assistants and freelancers around the world.
Upwork. Upwork is a network of independent professionals in a variety of different areas. If you’re a business looking for a professional with certain skills or you are that professional with certain skills, Upwork can help you.
Freelancer. Freelancer is another site that offers a variety of different jobs for virtual assistants and other freelancers to find remote work on.

How Do I Get a Virtual Assistant Job on Virtual Latinos?

Looking to apply to be a virtual assistant with us at Virtual Latinos? Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can join our community:

1. Complete Our Initial Application

The first step in the process of beginning to work with us here at Virtual Latinos is to fill out our application form. Once you are approved, you will receive an email with more information on your next steps in joining.

2. English Test

After being approved in the application phase of the process, your next step will be to take an English certification test so that we can get an idea of how fluent you are with the language. The test should take no longer than 50 minutes.

3. Complete Full Application

For us to be able to determine whether you are qualified to be a virtual assistant, we want to get to know a few things about you first. In this longer application, we’ll have you tell us about your education, your skills, work history, and more. We even have you take a personality test to better grasp how you work.

4. Application Review

After you complete our full application and send us the information we need, our team here at Virtual Latinos will review your entire application package. This process should take us no longer than 3 weeks, and we will make sure to keep in contact with you.

5. (If/When selected to join our community) Apply to Jobs

The last step of the process once you’re selected to join our community and complete your online profile is to finally apply for jobs. You’ll be able to look at the available job offers, choose potential jobs you see fit, and send a proposal in hopes that you may get the job. From here, our hand-picked virtual assistants have had great luck finding jobs that they love that use their skillsets well.

Work With Us at Virtual Latinos

At Virtual Latinos, we help people just like you find the perfect virtual jobs every day. Our VAs Job Application roadmap can guide you through the application process and help you get ready for your new VA job! Apply today and get started on the path to your new career.

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