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What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is a highly skilled professional that provides administrative, technical or other business support services remotely to individuals, organizations or companies.

The tasks that you will be requested to complete may vary depending on your employer’s business and needs. For example, you can be contracted for one project such as marketing research, website development or it can be a short or long term job such as replying to emails, answering phone calls,  bookkeeping or providing customer service.

All this is done online by working and using a computer, connected to the Internet from your house or a place with a strong Internet connection. Working remotely is great for the employee and employer  because it cuts the overhead costs of the employee by not having to:

  • Physically be in an office or building
  • Commute (drive to work)

A virtual assistant also helps the employer by:

  • Cutting costs on infrastructure to house employees in an office.
  • Avoid all the logistics of having a lot of physical employees.
  • Get the best employees without looking for them only in your local area or community.

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