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Work remotely as a virtual assistant or virtual professional for US, Canadian and European companies, do what you love and make more money while doing so.

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The easiest way for Latinos to find virtual assistant and virtual professional jobs with companies in the United States, Canada & the world

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Our team finds your perfect assistant


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Interview candidates, hire your top VA choice


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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn how to succeed online as a Latino Virtual Assistant

Working & Getting Paid

If you are invited to join the Virtual Latinos Agency, you’ll be hired through the Virtual Latinos company. In our agency, you will be able to apply to the different job positions available for the opportunity of working directly with one of Virtual Latinos’ clients. When you’re hired through the Agency, the businesses will be paying the Agency for your work, and the Agency will be responsible for paying you. Compensation, payment terms, and the rest of the hiring process will be done between you and the Virtual Latinos Agency. Once hired, job details, guidelines, and day-to-day work communication and tasks will be dealt directly with the client.

You’ll get paid directly by the Virtual Latinos Agency. Options vary depending on your country of residence, but to summarize the options we have available are Payoneer, Uphold, Veem, and PayPal.

All Virtual Latinos virtual professionals get paid every two weeks.

The Virtual Latinos Agency will be responsible for paying all Virtual Professionals for the services rendered to our Agency clients.

Yes, joining the Virtual Latinos community is FREE! Our main goal is to grow our community of Latinos who want to work from their home country and be able to earn more money using their valuable skills.

Yes, the opportunity is real, but work isn’t guaranteed. You may or may not get hired through our portal depending on your skills, employers who are looking for the service, the expertise you offer, and how you stack against the competition (other assistants).

We’ve sought to help thousands of Latinos in Mexico, Central America, and South America to get jobs with North American, European, Australian, or other foreign companies.

Our goal is to give you the opportunity and freedom of being able to work from home in your own country. Virtual Latinos is the first virtual assistants portal and agency helping Latinos find work abroad, and this will not be possible unless we offer only real opportunities to help you find work to help you generate real money.

You’ll work from your home, home office, Internet cafe, or co-working space in your home city. The location is up to you, as long as the client is ok with it.

That’s mostly up to you. You can apply to as many jobs as you want that fit your skillset. We recommend you only apply to jobs that you’re highly qualified for or where most of your skills match those listed on the job post. Don’t waste time applying to jobs that don’t match your skillset.

That depends on your skills, past experience, portfolio, how complete your Virtual Latinos profile is, how much a business is willing to pay you, and many other factors. This list will give you a rough idea: 

  • $5-6 USD/hour – Entry level, some experience
  • $6-8 USD/hour – Intermediate level, few years of experience
  • $8-10 USD/hour – Advanced level, many years of experience
  • $10-15+ USD/ hour – Expert level (15-20 years of experience)
  • $20+ USD/hour – The best at what you do (20+ years of experience)

Applying & Being Part Of The Virtual Latinos Community

You must know how to read, write and speak in English. You will need to pass an English test with a score of 61 points (C1 level) to prove it. You must have previous work experience or proven skills, a computer with Internet access, a bank account in your home country, and must be at least 18 years of age to legally work.

No, perfect English skills are not required, but you must have at least high levels of written and reading English skills and ideally great English speaking ability. Most employers on our site are from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, or Australia. Remember that communication will be done in English so if you’re having a difficult time understanding or expressing yourself, it might be more difficult for you to do your job.

To apply to our community as a virtual professional or virtual assistant, we’ll need your full personal information including your full legal name, complete address (street name, neighborhood, city, state, country and postal code), email address, date of birth, a mobile phone number, and gender.

Additionally, we’ll ask for information regarding your past work experience, current work status, availability, education (including your university degree and school name), your CV (curriculum), your LinkedIn profile URL, your personal blog or website (if any), a copy of your portfolio (if any), 2 letters of recommendation from past work experiences (academic or internships if you haven’t worked before), 2 professional references, and we will ask lots of specific questions regarding your experience as an assistant, marketer, designer, salesperson, or related past experience in helping businesses with their sales, marketing, and administrative tasks.

No, you don’t need to be a college or university graduate to apply. Yet, it’s important for you to know that about 90% of the people who we accept into our community do have a 4 year college or university degree.

If you don’t have a college or university degree, you can still apply to our community as long as you have previous work experience, and proven skills in the various services fields we seek to offer to those potential businesses who are interested in hire someone from Virtual Latinos. These fields include general administrative skills, sales, digital marketing, graphic design, web design, content writing and other related fields.

Yes, but only if you have at least 20 hours of available time to work per week. We don’t recommend people who already have full-time jobs to apply to Virtual Latinos, as you probably don’t have extra time to work for another company during typical business days (during US business hours).

If you currently have a part-time job (That’s usually about 20 hours of work per week), then you should definitely join Virtual Latinos so that you can make additional money working part-time for another company that may hire you from abroad, and probably pays you more than what you’re earning in your home country.

Yes, you’ll be interviewed at some point during the process to get hired for a job.

Interview by the recruitment team
We want to get to know you better. One of our recruitment team members will set up a 1:1 meeting to ask you a few questions about yourself and your professional experience.

Interview with a potential client
If you are selected by one of our clients, you (the VA) will have a 3-way interview with the client and a recruitment team member. This meeting is directed by the client.

Around 5% of all applicants get accepted and invited to join our Virtual Latinos Community, and only 1-2% get hired through our Virtual Latinos Agency program.

The Virtual Latinos team manually reviews every application and tries its hardest to ensure that the information you provide is accurate. In many instances, we’ll contact you to answer any questions we may have about your resume or background information. We might also ask you to provide us with additional proof of what you’ve mentioned.

Every single person is interviewed over video chat to ensure that they do in fact have the skills, background, and knowledge they claim to have based on their application. Our team will likely ask you for information to prove your work experience, skills, and background.

If you lie and get caught, you’ll automatically be disqualified from being able to apply to joining or community. If you’ve already been accepted into our program, and we find out that you lied, or don’t have the skills you claimed to have, you’ll be removed from our community.

We take lying VERY seriously and suggest you NOT claim you have a skill or experience unless you can prove it (through a live video or screen sharing interview, paperwork, or through successfully completed work).

Yes, you can apply to join Virtual Latinos even if you’re not from Latin America as long as you speak English and live in Latin America.

People looking to hire through Virtual Latinos, are interested in us because they are looking to hire someone who is able to work during regular USA business hours (spread through four time zones), or are looking for someone bilingual in English and Spanish or English and Portugues. Although we do NOT require people to be bilingual, 100% of our VAs are currently bilingual in English and, either Spanish or Portuguese.

Yes, if you’re a Latino living in a non-Latin American country, you can still apply. Just keep in mind that people who are looking to hire will probably want you to work during US regular business hours, which tend to be between 7 am to 7 pm – spread through four time zones. Note: You must have an active and local Latin American bank account and must not live in the US.

Are you a marketer, writer, designer, or simply love to work online?

Join our community, do what you love, and make more money while doing so!