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Learning Badges Program
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Learn and acquire new skills that are in high demand in the job market today. We’ve carefully selected specific courses on different subjects to enhance your experience and provide you with the best training we can find out there.
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The Reason Behind the Program
The purpose of these badges is to provide you with a competitive advantage in your job search and experience. These will represent a symbol of your trajectory and knowledge that our Clients will look for and value when making hiring decisions.

Why You Should Enroll to Earn a Badge

Enrolling in the Virtual Latinos’ Badge program will not only provide you with skills and information on topics you might not have, but it will also help you catapult to your next professional step.

At Virtual Latinos, we believe that knowledge is key for professional advancement and improvement, and we want to provide that to the members of our community.

How It Works

Participating in our badges program is very simple!


Apply to Virtual Latinos and become one of our VAs.



Register during the open registration period Virtual Latinos will announce.



Draw. Be one of the lucky participants that gets selected in the draw.

Take the courses


Take the courses and notes on what you’re learning during the course. Make sure to read and follow all instructions provided.

Submit your report


Submit your report to Virtual Latinos for review.

Get a certificate of completion


Get a certificate of completion. If your submission is approved, you will earn a certificate of completion and we’ll add your badge to your Virtual Latinos Agency PDF profile.


The existing badges are divided into three main groups. Each one has four different levels (badges) you will be able to earn.
Badge Marketing Bronce
Marketing Foundations
Badge Marketing Silver
Digital Marketing
Badge Marketing Gold
Email Marketing and Automation
Badge Marketing Platinum
Content Marketing

Want to be part of the Virtual Latinos Learning Badges Program?

If you love the idea and would like to participate and grow with our virtual community, first apply to become a Virtual Professional at Virtual Latinos. Once accepted, you will be eligible to apply to the Virtual Latinos Learning Badges Program. This program is only available for VAs who are part of our virtual community.

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