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Terms and Conditions for VAs

Terms and conditions:

  • I hereby confirm that I have successfully completed the acknowledgment form.
  • I confirm the successful completion of my Virtual Latinos (VL) profile.
  • I affirm complete adherence to the VL Ethics Code.
  • I acknowledge that the proposal I am submitting adheres to the provided proposal guidelines.
  • I understand that recurrent submission of incorrect proposals and/or failure to follow the feedback provided by the Recruitment Team may result in penalties.
  • If chosen as a top candidate, I commit to following the entire recruitment process, including being available for interviews with the client and accepting the client’s job offer if extended.
  • I confirm that I possess the desired availability for the position.
  • By applying to this opportunity, I confirm my intention to establish a long-term job relationship with the client and VL.
  • I acknowledge that withdrawing from a process after being selected may lead to a penalty or an expulsion.
  • I commit to being attentive to all communications from the Recruitment Team, including emails and Telegram messages, after applying for a position.
  • I confirm that my Telegram username is not hidden and has been correctly added as part of the proposal.
  • I understand that the acceptance of this proposal on the platform does not guarantee job placement.
  • I am responsible for providing accurate and truthful information in my proposals, and any misrepresentation of experience, qualifications, or credentials may result in penalties.
  • I understand that the excessive or wrongful use of AI to complete my proposal may lead to penalties, and I may not be selected for the applied position.
  • I confirm my comfort with the rate I have selected, understanding that I have the right to change the automatically selected rate on the platform.
  • I acknowledge that Virtual Latinos has the right to make a final rate offer based on my skills, which I can either approve or deny, before being sent as a top candidate.
  • I understand that the rate I select must be within the rate range provided in the job post details, and any rate exceeding the maximum offer won’t be considered for the position.
  • I confirm that I have read and understood the role description and responsibilities associated with the position.
  • I confirm my understanding of the schedule, pay rate, and time zone of the job.
  • I confirm that I have shared my accurate and updated contact information in my VL application.
  • I commit to informing the team before being selected as a top candidate of any circumstances that may affect my participation in the process.