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Property Management Virtual Assistants

Experienced virtual assistants in the industry.Take care of growing your business, we take care of all your administrative tasks and more.

What is a Property Management Virtual Assistant?

A Latino Property Management VA is someone living in a Latin American country who works for your company.

The virtual assistant is 100% dedicated to your business and can perform all the tasks that take away your valuable time so that you can focus on the really important things like growing your business.

The virtual assistant can take care of time-consuming tasks such as appointments setting and follow-ups, calendar management, CRM & data entry, and any other property management task you’d like them to do.

VAs are here to assist you. Your dedicated property management virtual assistant will take care of those time-consuming administrative tasks.

Have you ever felt that you don't have
enough time to focus on growing your business?

We help property management companies save precious time and valuable dollars.

You, like other existing property managers working with Virtual Latinos, can increase the efficiency and profits of your operations.

Our goal is to help dedicated managers like yourself stay in constant contact with your clients and tenants, manage contractors and schedule maintenance appointments, organize leasing documents, qualify prospects, setup appointmetns and much more.

What can your Property Management Business save by outsourcing?

Think about this:


How much time do your salespeople spend on admin tasks each week?


How many new properties could your salesperson handle if someone else would handle your admin tasks?


How much does an in-house assistant cost you to handle your admin tasks?

Don't have enough time for all these tasks?

Administrative Tasks

  • Scheduling Appointments
  • Collecting & organizing data or files
  • Customer Support
  • Bookkeeping
  • Building Reports
  • Creating Invoices

Customer Service

  • Tenants & Customer Support
  • Maintenance Requests Follow-up
  • Inbound & Outbound Phone Calls
  • Generate & Contact Potential Leads
  • Email Communication & Marketing
  • Social Media Management

Maintenance Coordination

  • Manage Contractors & Communication
  • Schedule Maintenance Appointments
  • Research, find & evaluate contractors
  • Review & Manage Budgets
  • Generate & Send Invoices
  • Pay Suppliers

Virtual Latinos is the Best Solution for you.

See the Top 23 things your Property Management VA can help you with:

Admin Tasks

Answering & handling incoming calls from prospective residents, tenants, vendors/suppliers, etc.

Ensuring that all invoices received are approved, entered and paid within a timely manner

Monitoring renewals, and distribute follow-up renewal notices

Debiting, crediting accounts on spreadsheets, databases or accounting software

Preparing accounting statements for existing residents/tenants and customers

Updating required reports concerning move-out notices, renewals, activity, etc.

Ensuring all proper and legal documents are received by tenants, clients and vendors, have current data, are accurately verified and entered into the property management system

Assist in the preparation of monthly and quarterly financial reports for property owners property, manage offline payments, record/update payments into the accounting system

Processing tenant's security deposit and prepare move-out reports

New Tenants Leasing

Potential tenants/customer support via Email and phone calls (incoming/outgoing)

Schedule visits to property between leasing agent and potential tenants, then follow-up

Assist in lease trasactions by typing leases, gathering applicant's history and credit approvals

Input all potential tenants into CRM or property management system

Send application forms by Email (PDF) or link to online forms

Setup tenants for online accounts for rent payments

Send property information to interested potential tenants and/or add to E-mail marketing list

Setup and send new leasing agreements, including proposed move-in agreed date

Tenant Management

Managing incoming and outgoing tenants support calls, Emails and/or live chat

Receiving and processing maintenance requests

Ensuring all maintenance repairs are handled satisfactorily by contacting residents

Reviewing voicemails, and scheduling tasks required to help and support callers

Advising residents of referral concessions (if permitted).

Reminders and follow-ups for late or missing rent payments

Quickly find talented, pre-qualified professional medical virtual assistants

Benefits of Hiring our Virtual Assistants

Same Skills, Lower Costs

Working with US or Canadian marketers, agencies, assistants or full-time employees is expensive. Hire someone with the same skills, for a fraction of the cost in North America.

Flexible Schedules

Our VAs adapt to your schedule. They can work weekdays, evenings, weekends, part-time, full-time or a custom schedule. Our hiring minimum is just 10 hours/week!

Hiring Flexibility

Easy hiring through our agency's recruitment experts, or direct hiring (no middle man) using our Directory

No Hiring or Setup Fees

No hiring fees when using our Agency, pay only hourly rates. Or as low as $2/day using our Directory.

Contact Anyone or Post a Job

Proactively contact VAs you're interested in or Post a Job, invite them to it, or let them come to you

Browse Our Directory

Sign-up for free to browse our Directory, and search VAs by rates, skills, country, and more

Why a Latino Virtual Assistant?

Easy, Painless Hiring

Invest just 2 hours of your time, let our Agency hiring team do the rest. We search, find, interview and select the top 3-4 VAs for you to review.

30-75% Less vs In-House Staff

In-house property management staff can cost you $18-30/hr including taxes, workers comp, etc. Save up to 75% by hiring near-shore virtual assistants in Latin America.

Hand-Picked Professionals

Less than 7.5% of Virtual Latinos applicants (5K+ so far) are accepted into our community. Our team manually reviews their extensive application and English test results.

Large Latino Network

We connect entrepreneurs, businesses & agencies with experienced professionals from Mexico, Central & South America

Working In Your Timezone

You're in America (North), and so are they (South), so they're are awake during the same time you are. Now there's no need to hire someone from the Phillipines or India.

Top 1% of Candidates

For our Agency clients, our experienced hiring team hand-selects and recruits the top 1% of VA candidates. Investing 15+ hours per role, reviewing 10-25 candidates, interviewing the best 7-8 of them and selecting the top 3-4 VAs.

Bilingual & English Tested

Bilingual in Spanish & English. Tested in English to ensure professional listening, reading and writing for business communication.

Certified Professionals

Some of our virtual assistants have US-based certifications in various specialties including service, sales, marketing, and more.

How It Works

Let our hiring experts find you the perfect property management virtual assistant in just 7 business days!

1. Discuss Your
Hiring Needs

Share the qualifications you are looking for in your next virtual assistant with our hiring experts.

2. Our Team Finds Your Perfect Assistant

We search, select and interview candidates based on your specific needs and send you the top 3-4.

3. You Interview Top
Pre-selected Candidates

Review the top 3-4 vetted VAs, interview your top 2 choices and select the best one that fits your team and needs.

4. Hire: You Manage,
We Provide Support

Start working directly with your new assistant and let our success manager helps you with anything else.

What makes us different

Top Latin Talent Only

Every assistant who applies is pre-screened, and no one can simply sign-up and build a profile on our community. We only accept less than 7.5% of all applicants to ensure you’ll get to work with the best talent that Latin America has to offer.

Real Estate Virtual Assistants

Property Management Recruitment

We have experience hiring PM virtual assistants: Our hiring team has already helped many many companies find and hire amazing bilingual assistants. Our team understands what skills and qualifications you need in a great VA, what systems you use, and what tasks you need help with.

Full hiring flexibility & transparency

Looking for the best VAs and short on time? Over 90% of our clients choose to hire a virtual assistant through our Agency - no access, setup or membership fees. Have experience hiring and want to hire directly? No problem, we offer full access to our virtual directory - no funky fees or markups.

Why our clients have become our fans

“Virtual Latinos brings you the best of the best, we really get a chance to lay out our dreams and goals to our employee, and watch these brilliant people express themselves… Jaime and the team are always there for you.”
3174 TeTe-Edit
Tete Henriksen
Surround Sound Love
“I strongly recommend this platform for anyone who needs high-quality workers in the same time zones as the United States. I’ve hired 8 people from this site, and I’m continually impressed with the skills these assistants possess and their advanced level of English.”
Michael Bousquet
Market Research Firm
“I’m very happy with the ability to find and connect with experienced VA’s from Mexico and Latin America. Being Latino myself, I got excited when I learned there was a site where I can connect with others I can relate to. My businesses are now thriving thanks to Virtual Latinos”
Jorge Contreras
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Quickly find talented, pre-qualified professional medical virtual assistants

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