Recommended Tools & Software - Virtual Latinos

Recommended Tools & Software - Virtual Latinos

Virtual Latinos Recommended Tools & Software

Productivity, Sales & Admin

Communication, Productivity & General Tools

Our #1 instant messaging communication tool, this is how we get in touch with our internal team, and all of our VAs. Type, send voice notes, images, video and more. You can also make free voice and video calls. Fast, easy and free.

Probably the most popular tool today for video calls, presentations, and team meetings for the virtual workforce. We have 3 premium accounts, and we love it! Our team, VAs, and clients all use it.

Avoid simple grammar and spelling issues with this amazing Chrome extension. Let’s you easily correct mistakes while writing emails, Google docs, and more. Our entire VL team uses it, and most of our VAs too.

Stop getting distracted from browsing online. This app lets you block specific sites during work hours, so you can focus on increasing productivity. A great tool to “rescue your time”. Our founder has used this for quite some time.

VoIP Phone Systems (Web-based)

The easiest way to get a free US-based phone number, to make/receive calls. Sign-up in the US, then share the login with your virtual assistant (VA), so they can easily take care of your incoming and outgoing office calls. This is what our team currently uses.

RingCentral is one of the most popular VoIP systems used by many of our clients. It offers a variety of features, competitive pricing, mobile apps, and many integrations. The setup and interface may take longer to learn/setup compare to Google Voice or DialPad.

A popular VoIP system among small businesses, offering many of the most popular features and affordable prices. A great alternative to RingCentral with fewer integrations.

DialPad was developed by the creators of Google Voice, offers some of the lowest prices, yet with very similar top features as RingCentral and Nextiva. A very good option for small businesses just starting out, and who are familiar with using Google voice.

Documents & Notes

A personal favorite, Dropbox is our preferred cloud storage platform. Lets us share documents with staff, clients or VAs with a single sharing link, automate our recruitment process via Zapier, and more.

Want more than Dropbox’s 2GB of free space, then check out MEGA, a tool that provides you with 50GB of free space, and works very similarly to Dropbox. Including file sync on your computer, links to share documents, and more.

Google Drive

The most popular way to create, share, and store documents is using Google’s suite of free docs, spreadsheets, and presentations. Most of our team’s standard operating procedures (SOPs), VAs application, and internal documents are stored here.

Send web-based proposals, with easy-to-sign digital signatures, and save hundreds of hours creating agreements, quotes or proposals. Since our team switched to using this, we dramatically increased our productivity. Automates with Zapier too!

Have anyone easily sign documents online. It’s super easy to use, with unlimited docs signatures, and quick to setup docs. Free to start, plus super affordable paid versions (vs DocuSign, HelloSign, etc). All our VA agreements are signed with this.

An alternative to DocSketch, which our team has used in the past. Free to use for personal use, with high-end features for paid versions.

A new option for creating proposals, agreements and sign documents online. It’s similar to Proposify, and an app our team is currently testing out.

Time Tracking

A free, feature-rich time tracking tool that many of our virtual assistants (VAs) use to track their work hours with our clients. Easy to sign up, track time and create reports.

Another one of our popular free time tracking tools. It’s preferred by many of our VAs for its ease of use, colorful interface, 40+ integrations and great reporting.

A professional-level time tracking tool, with lots of advanced features, settings, integrations, users management and more. Looking for a pro paid version? This is our pick.

Time doctor is a well-established player in the time-tracking space, with a lot of features and functionality for small to medium businesses. No free version, starts at $10/user/month.

Project Management

Our team’s choice for the BEST and most modern project management tool we’ve used so far (It’s our 5th one, and probably not ever leaving it). Infinity is a “work management” tool with amazing flexibility to manage any project. It’s sort of a combination of Trello, Asana, AirTable, and more. Highly recommended!

Our team used Teamwork for a few years prior to switching to Infinity. We loved it, and believe it’s one of the best project management tools available. Easy to use, professional features, integrations, mobile apps, and more. Part of a suite of other apps.

ActiveCollab is a great project management tool, which we used prior to TeamWork, and we very much enjoyed it. It was a great upgrade from Trello’s free plan, and the perfect tool for a few years while managing under 20 projects at a time.

Trello was the first project management tool our team used. Its user interface design makes it easy to use, view, and understand, yet it lacked some pro features we began to need. Yet, for starters, we highly recommend Trello!

Scheduling & Appointments

If you’re ready to save hundreds of hours in booking calls and appointments, BLAB should be your tool of choice. Our entire team uses it, to save us time in setting up calls and interviews with clients and VAs. It’s easy to setup, use, and customize.

Calendly was probably the pioneer in this category, making it easy for everyone to setup appointments with easy by just sharing a link with anyone looking to book an event, call or appointment. Similar to BLAB, but simpler. Start for free!

Acuity is probably one of the top-tier scheduling systems for users looking for the most advanced features to book appointments. It’s popular with established businesses, but it’s naturally higher priced than competitors. Worth every penny though!


The best CRM for small businesses looking for the best value, a great combination of low pricing with advanced features. AgileCRM is the heart of our online operations, to track VA applications, leads, clients and much more.

Solve360 was our previous CRM, which worked as a hybrid CRM + project management system. It’s easy to use, has great tech support, and lots of features to make it easy for any team to fully manage clients and projects in a single platform.


HubSpot CRM

HubSpot markets itself to small businesses, but it’s really not for tiny companies or entrepreneurs (Based on it’s $800/mo pricing for the bundled CRM + Marketing suite). Yet, they offer their awesome CRM for free, so it’s worth a look.

Best for a simple, easy to use CRM solution, plus free for 2 users. If you’re just starting out, this is probably your best choice. It was the first CRM out team used 🙂

Forms & Quizzes

After our CRM tool, this is our second most important tool. We use it to collect VAs application info, client requirements, reviews, and lots more. It integrates with Zapier to automatically save collected data into our CRM. By far, one of top favorite tools!

A popular online forms tool to collect data from users one question at a time, although our team doesn’t use it (We support JotForm all the way…), we do love the interface and ease of use to gather people’s info quickly. A great tool to check out.

Interact lets our team create fun quizzes that provide our users with personalized results based on their answers. It’s a great way to collect leads. It’s easy to setup, customize, and then integrate with multiple systems.

This app is similar to Interact, but with more advanced features and customizations. Not recommended for a beginner, but great for those who want full control of their quizzes and online surveys.

Business Automation

Our founder calls Zapier his “Magin wand”, as Zapier lets our team automate 50+ processes to help our team do more with their time while letting technology do the rest. Our business would NOT be where it is today without it. Absolute must use tool!

We love Zapier, yet, it doesn’t offer true 2-way syncs between web-based apps,yet PieSync comes to the rescue by offering exactly that. Easy to use, and very reliable. Totally worth using if you’re looking for syncing data in real-time.

We think of IFTTT (If this then that), as Zapier’s younger sibling, which offers less robust automation, yet it’s still a very powerful tool to connect apps, save time, make the digital things you love more powerful.

Similar to IFTTT, TexAu lets users setup pre-existing recipes to interconnect apps, and automate various web-based processes to save time and money.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

As the most popular tool for small business accounting, Quickbooks online is used by most of our clients as well as our company. Starts at a reasonably low rate, and can grow as you grow. Also offers payroll services, payment processing, and more.

WaveApps offers a free, fully-featured web-based accounting system, and only charges for optional add-on services. This app is great for any business just starting out, and can be used for virtual assistants, freelancers and many others.


Email Marketing & Automation

This is our company’s email marketing tool of choice. It’s super easy to setup and use, has many features, and it’s reasonably priced. We switched from using ActiveCampaign to this. The only part that’s lacking is a strong build-in CRM.

ActiveCampigns offers a hybrid between a CRM system and an email marketing automation tool. It starts at just $9/mo, but can quickly increase based on the number of contacts in your database. A great option to get started with marketing automation.

Probably the most recognized email marketing tool out there. Start for free, and stay free forever when your list is under 2,000 contacts. The best choice for simple email campaigns, and linear drip emails without advanced marketing funnels or automation.

A new player in the space of offering a CRM + Email marketing automation + SMS/text messaging automation. It’s a tool that’s constantly being updated and offers great value for the level of features if offers and the price point it starts at.

This is our company’s tool of choice for most of our cold-email outreach campaigns, which has provided us with the best open rates and replies. It’s SUPER well designed, has a great support team, and is very easy to use, review results and much more

MailShake is very similar to LemList, but offers some different features at a more expensive starting price. MailShake, like Lemlist, is one of the innovators for cold-email outreach campaigns that allows you to send emails directly from G-mail/Gsuite.

Snov is a hybrid email marketing tool that combines a beautiful visual interface to create complex email funnels, like Automizy and ActiveCampaign, but specifically designed for cold-email outreach to send emails from G-mail/Gsuite and SMPT accounts.

Analytics & SEO

The best free website analytics tools provided by Google.


This is our favorite tool for tracking search engine keyword rankings, which lets our team constantly monitor if our website rankings are increasing/decreasing in order to measure the success of our content marketing and SEO efforts.

This is very similar to AccuRanker, and is also used by our team to monitor the keywords that Virtual Latinos is interested in ranking high on Google, it offers automated reporting, keyword trends, historical comparison and much more.

Full-scale analytics to view, understand and optimize your website’s user experience. View video recordings of how your users browse and click through your site, explore heatmaps of your webpages and more.

Oviond lets you combine the analytics data from multiple online marketing tools into a single dashboard. Including Google Analytics, Instagram, Facebook, and much more.

BrandMentionds actively monitors your brand or your competitor’s brands and alerts you whenever the brands or keywords are mentioned anywhere online.

Graphic Design, Stock Images & More

Easily design graphics online, without any previous graphic design experience


Alternative to Canva that also include online photo editing tools


Download high quality, high-resolution stock photos at very affordable prices


Popular stock photography resource, with super low prices. Great for any business.


Find, customize, and download flat-style icons to use for your branding


A great resource to find free stock photos, illustrations, vectors and more


Video & Animation

Photo slideshow video maker to quickly and easily create the most suitable video content for social media.

Multi-purpose video tool, including online video editing, hosting and more.


Let video animation experts craft, design and animate the perfect explainer video to promote your business. They did our Virtual Latinos 1 min video:

Web Design & E-Commerce

Our live chat software of choice for many years, Intercom is the gold standard for live chat + tech support. It offers a suite of amazing tools, features, and the best for SaaS companies. As we’re not one of them, their new pricing structure was too high for us, so we replaced it and are now using HubSpot’s free live chat.

This is a free live chat that’s built into the free HubSpot CRM, and the current live chat tool we use at Virtual Latinos. It’s super easy to use, comes with important basic features, the ability to customize colors, schedule, users and more!

Want to show pop-ups, yet have full design customization flexibility, make it easy to install them, launch them, and track the results, then Personizely is the tool for you. There are many tools like it, but we like this one and use it for our pop-ups and lead magnets.

If others trust you, it’s likely new people will trust you too. Thus, trust brings new customers, which brings new trust. Influence shows your users pop-ups showing the new users who signed up to your company’s platform, or purchased from you, which helps increase confidence in the fact that your company has real users already buying from you!

Real-time image optimization for your website images, to help your website load faster and improve it’s SEO rankings. Gumlet delivers image with right size and quality to your users. Fast and easy to install and use. Gumlet powers our VL website images!

Hosting & Domains

Our choice for hosting our website with both shared hosting and VPS


A great hosting alternative to creating more customized hosting services


Another popular hosting service, with highly-rated technical support team


Our choice to purchase all of our domain names, including


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