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Social media marketing agency looking for a designer / advertising assistant

A marketing agency in Florida, USA is looking for a new virtual assistant who has experience with mainly graphic design. They are looking for a VA / Virtual Marketer who will help the agency with managing their client’s social media and advertising presence.

The most important skill the VA should have is Graphic Design, as a lot of the job requires creating graphics that are necessary for posting on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Graphics may be created with Photoshop, Illustrator or Canva, as long as the designs look VERY professional.

The VA would be in charge of doing the following tasks:

  • Graphic Designs for social media management
  • Postings on various social media platforms
  • Writing and/or editing posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • Using the Facebook business manager to design and create professional Facebook Ads (NOT boosted posts), know how to define and create FB targeting audiences, and know how to interpret the advertising date and results
  • Create small reports on the results of the social media engagement and Ads results

The ideal candidate would have these skills

  •  2+ years of experience designing professional graphics
  • Experience managing a Facebook Page
  • Some experience of what the Facebook business and Ads manager platform is and how to use it
  • How to create campaigns, ad sets and ads on Facebook ads manager
  • How to manage a Facebook page (Make posts, reply to comments, etc)
  • How to post on Instagram photos and stories (using hashtags, locations, etc).

Job availability requirements: 11-20 hours / week

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