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$7.00 Per Hour
10 Hours


Real Estate Listings, Sales & Customer Support

A client from New York is looking for a great worker to help her with various real estate related tasks.

Looking for an assistant that professional, eager to work, a quick thinker, can meet deadlines and willing to develop a long-term relationship. Looking for someone who is a serious worker, who is not looking to play around and can meet deadlines. The goal is to help the client to increase sales.

Tasks related to the job:

  • Submitting properties/houses that are for sale using a specific script and details that the client will provide, with the goal of submitting 20 home listings a month.
  • Contacting and calling people or potential clients in a timely matter, being professional and getting all the details that are needed from a client, and always being consistent.

The ideal candidate we’re looking for

  • Has a great English accent, and is easy to understand on the phone
  • Has experience talking on the phone (in English), is not afraid to make calls or receive calls
  • Someone willing to be a leader and understand and comprehend easy simple tasks
  • Knows how to be consistent, which is a major major major point in this business

On top of the paid hours, Client may pay bonuses after closing a sale.

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