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Dear Virtual Latinos,

We’re looking to hire 1 VA in the next 7 days through this job that the Virtual Latinos Agency is publishing on behalf of a new client.

Client & Short Job Description:
The client owns a Property Management company in Washington and is looking for a virtual assistant who can help him manage a list of various tasks. He is very busy and needs a lot of help with a list of tasks, specifically coordinating the maintenance of the properties, organizing files, customer support, and other related tasks.

The client is ideally looking for a VA who has previous experience with property management (but not mandatory) and has great English skills. See more “Ideal qualifications” below.


Property Management Software client uses:
– Freshdesk for Ticketing/Support system (All other tickets/help via email, etc)
– eFileCabinet –
– PropertyWare – Managing list of properties
– PropertyMeld – – Maintenance request, the client uses this to submit maintenance requests.


Tasks required for the job

1. Maintenance Coordinator
– Maintenance team comes in to fix things for tenants
– The Maintenance crew needs to be found, sent to the tenant, get a quote,
– Then visit the house, find the problem and add images/info/details into the system (via PropertyMeld)
– The client automatically approve $400 or less/request from the tenant
– The VA needs to assign each maintenance request to a specific vendor/contractor
– Determine what is an emergency and what’s not, and give priority to the emergency
– This would represent about 1 hour a day of work

2. Organize Digital Files
– The client will provide examples of how to upload/organize files
– The VA should re-organize files based on communities or building, or by year, etc
– The client will give guidance but will expect the VA to provide their own ideas/feedback on how to do this best, how to manage files, folders, etc.

3. Data Entry
– Entering new tenants/owners of properties for rent or sold/purchase
– Finding key info about each new tenant/owner
– This all goes into PropertyWare (see list of software used by the client)
– PropertyWare syncs with eFileCabinet, to ensure that when tenants send documents to the company, the VA uploads them into one system, rather than 2.

4.Customer Support
– Reply to emails & phone calls
– Picking up the phone, talking to anyone who needs help
– The client uses Freshdesk to manage all email related tasks/requests for support, questions, etc
– The client has a VOIP phone with Comcast company, which can be accessed through the computer
– Includes talking to people who are mainly existing clients/tenants
– VA should be confident and feel comfortable talking on the phone in English

5.Notify owners & tenants of renewals
– This is usually done by email and/or phone calls
– Follow up as necessary with tenants to ensure they sign the new renewals online
– The client has templates of all the required docs.


Required qualifications:
– Great English verbal skills, a VA that’s easy to understand over the phone
– Must be very organized and used to collecting data and organizing it digitally
– Must feel comfortable working with different and new software

Work Details:
– Schedule:  2 five hours shifts. Starting at 10 am PST (Flexible schedule, starting 2 days a week)
– Hours: 10 hours/week (potentially 20 hours)