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$6.00 Per Hour
21 Hours Per Week
12+ Months Duration


Part-time Patients Support & Administrative Management VA for Doctor’s Office

Dear Virtual Latinos,

We’re looking to hire 1 VA in the next 7 days through this job that the Virtual Latinos Agency is publishing on behalf of a new client.

Client & Short Job Description:
The client is a Neurologist doctor based in Texas, he offers personal injury help, including offering pain medicine and works with law firms and attorneys that refer patients. The doctor offers telemedicine and face-to-face consultations.  He is currently working with another VA ( a nurse from the Philippines) and an in-person office manager, who will help him train the new VA.

This client would like to hire a bilingual VA interested in growing their medical career and get experience in the nursing/medical field in the United States. He is looking for a long-term VA, as the training provided will last at least 1 month, so he is really looking for someone for the long run.  See more “Ideal qualifications” below.

Client’s Software: 
-VoIP phone system: JIVE
– Medical record system:

DEADLINE TO APPLY: You must apply by Tuesday, May 12 at 11 pm PT. Our team will set up interviews for the selected candidates for May 13-14, 2020.

Tasks required for the job

1.Answer Phone Calls
– The client is already using a VoIP phone system called JIVE
– The Client will provide access to the VA through the web so they can answer the calls
– The nurse VA from the Philippines that works with them currently uses JIVE to answer calls and communicate with patients or other people
– They’ll also make calls and follow-up calls as needed
– The VA will be in charge of properly introducing the medical practice company to the patients

2. Schedule Patient Appointments
– When answering calls, the main goal is to schedule appointments
– The same system called is what they use to create all appointments for patients
– The VA will be in charge also of doing follow-ups by phone, and maybe later on via email and text messages to ensure that patients DO show up to their appointments
– Email reminders aren’t always the best, as the appointments can change quickly, and then the email systems aren’t updated on time. That’s why it’s best/easiest to just remind/follow-up over the phone
– The client has a script – and FULL binder – on training documents and operating procedures.
– The VA will be provided with everything they need to be properly trained

3. Patient Management, Support & Follow-ups
– The Dr. uses an electronic medical record system, called The VA would need to use how to learn this system to access/edit contacts
– Active patients are managed through an Excel sheet
– For Email and newsletter, the attorneys are entered into
– Help Fill out forms
– Help all clients with any type of help needed related to filling out forms, etc
– Create and help prepare medical records and paperwork for each patient

4. Talk to Referring sources, usually Attorneys
-Would like the VA to dedicate about 1 day of the week to call Attorney forms to mainly maintain the relationship with current lawyers
– Not many attorneys are neurologists and can also do pain medicine, so the Doctor has a specialty niche he operates in
– The Client will train the VA on how to do “Letters of Protection”, which is how attorney get to pay the Doctor when there is a case/lawsuit for personal injury cases
– Not many Neurologists in Texas, where the Doctor operates, accept “Letters of protection” (a commitment to pay the Doctor for his work/service AFTER The case is closed when there is a lawsuit)
– There is over 3000+ attorney that offer “Personal injury”, and the client would like to expand their connections with them. Currently working with around 30 attorney/law firms
– Ideally, would like to hire more doctors (opportunities for growth), so if the VA can help get more attorneys to work with the Doctor, then the Doctor’s company can grow faster
– About 60% of clients are Spanish-speaking, so they’re looking for a VA that can be “Friends” with the doctors, the attorneys, and the patients.
– The VA will be representing the Doctor’s office, so they must be very nice

5. Medical Practice Administrative and Patient Paperwork
– Take payments from patients over the phone
– Enter new attorneys manually into Constant Contact
– Make sure that the patient’s chart is FULLY ready BEFORE the Doctor will see the patient. So that if the Doctor ordered for examples an MRI on the prior visit, the VA needs to make sure that they can call the MRI facility, that the MRI is scanned into the medical record, etc
– If the medical records need to be gathered from other doctors, the VA will need to gather these documents as well
– As for attorney management, the VA would need to also make sure that they gather all the necessary documents from the attorney/law firms before they accept them as an official partner of the Doctor’s company
– For personal injury cases, it’s VERY important that the VA gets “approvals from an attorney” before a patient can come to visit the Doctor. The VA needs written approval from the attorney so that the Doctor can perform the service to the patient
– The Doctor usually provide “estimates” of the service cost to an attorney, and they must approve it
– Order supplies and products, and other admin work will also be required from the VA’s help

Ideal Qualifications:
-Someone with medical background (nurse, doctor) would be ideal candidates
– Patients are in pain, so the VA will need to be patient. Must have people skills, and know-how to be friendly and very polite
– Must have excellent English and Spanish spoken and written proficiency
– They should smile when talking on the phone, be positive and want to be always helpful

Work Details:
– Schedule: Ideally 9 am to 12 noon, then lunch break, then 1 work hour after lunch Central Texas Time
– Hours: 21 hours/week, then expand as necessary (likely 30/week, but not more)
Pay: $5-7/hr (depending on your experience, determined by Virtual Latinos)

Interested in applying for the job? READ THIS CAREFULLY:

Please apply through this Virtual Latinos platform, and include:
1) 1-2 short paragraphs introducing yourself, where you’re from, what you studied, and general work experience, and explaining why you believe you meet the requirements of attitude and skills?

2) Provide us with specific details of your past experience and skills related to each of the task categories mentioned above. The format of this section should look like this:

Main Job Tasks Experience:
1. First task category name from above goes here
– I have worked with contacting leads/people for X amt of years, at X company. Here’s an example of how I worked, my process, and the results of it:
– Additionally, I’ve also done Y type of works, with Y company.
– Additional details
– Additional examples

2. Second task category name from above goes here
– I have worked with contacting leads/people for X amt of years, at X company. Here’s an example of how I worked, my process, and the results of it:
– Additionally, I’ve also done Y type of works, with Y company.
– Additional details
– Additional examples

3. Thrid task category… etc (as many categories as applicable)
IMPORTANT NOTE: 40-50% of applicants do NOT read the instructions and send very poor proposals. If your proposal is one of those it WILL BE IGNORED.

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