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$7.00 Per Hour
10 Hours Per Week
1-2 Months Duration


Part-time General VA for Psychologist – Counselor

Dear Virtual Latinos,

We’re looking to hire 1 VA in the next 6 days through this job that the Virtual Latinos Agency is publishing on behalf of a new client of ours.

Client & Short Job Description:
This client owns a counseling practice in Colorado. The company is looking for a general VA who can help with a variety of administrative and bookkeeping tasks.

The client uses Ring Central (phone system), Simple Practice (Electronic health record) for scheduling, intake docs, invoices, billing, questionnaires, calendar
Google Docs, and HIPPA compliant email, Google Contacts, Google calendars with SimplePractice. Ideally, she’s looking for a VA who knows how to use web-based systems, or a CRM, and/or a VoIP phone system, like RingCentral –  THIS IS NOT REQUIRED, but ideal.

The client is ideally looking for VAs who is looking for long-term work, is willing to learn a lot of new things, has EXCELLENT English skills in writing, a great (but not native) accent when speaking in English.

DEADLINE TO APPLY: You must apply by Thursday, Nov 7th at 9am PT. Our team will set up interviews for the selected candidates for Nov 8 & 11, 2019.

Tasks required for the job

1. Back Office Tasks + Scheduling Appointments
– Troubleshoot getting emails routed to her admin email, review/check voicemails and texts sent to the client and notify the client about it.
– Checking Messages/text/email and replying to clients/leads as necessary
– Scheduling appointments with clients, through the use of the website/portal.
– Sending questionnaires to clients who are interested in counseling
– VA needs to make sure questionnaires are completed before VA schedules an appointment/call
– Ongoing support for scheduling issues with clients, to make sure they can book appointments as necessary
– The company will be providing some scripts to help the VA know what to do/say.
– Check messages from the company’s boss, and responding them.

2. Customer Intake & Management
– Manage any new clients or existing clients who need counseling
– Some clients/leads are referred by other Doctors/referrals, so the VA would need to learn how to handle each different type of referral. The client will provide training for this process
– Make sure that intake forms are completed before an appointment with a counselor (Before the first appointment for counseling)
– Sending out intake documents through health portal (for those who have email),
– Calling some of those people who can’t figure out the online portal

3. Bookkeeping
– Using SimplePractice, when an appointment is scheduled it’s for 60-90 min, which is attached to a price for the appointment. An invoice is automatically created for existing appointments, and the client in most cases already entered a credit card when they signed up for the appointment online
– The VA’s job will be to make sure that all invoices are actually paid, and those invoices that are NOT paid, the VA would need to manually charge a credit card, make adjustments to invoices/payment issues, etc.
– Sometimes, once a month it requires the VA to send reports/invoices to a certain organizations, etc.
– Company does NOT take insurance, so there are none of those complications
– If a client’s credit card doesn’t work, the VA has to contact the client to ask for the new info, or ask the client to go to the online portal and update their card themselves
– IF needed, if clients need a special type of invoice/bill called a “superbill”, the VA would need to send this type of specialty invoice. Tutorials will be available from the company.

4. General admin tasks
– General calendar management, such as making sure that the appointments block “Holidays” where counseling is NOT available
– Contacts management on Google contacts, to help update info on clients/leads on the Database
– Sending invoices to specific organizations once a month, the VA would need to help the company send things on time
– The company needs help with sending faxes, which can be done through RingCentral (electronic fax). This includes sending faxes, etc.
– Help update the Spanish contact and questionnaire forms, to makes sure they’re correct
– Sending completion letters to clients that no longer will work with the company
– Help with updating OLD addresses shown online, which show the company’s wrong info. Help to fix those internet listings
-Help with other phone calls to organize the company’s general work/tasks, such as talking to specific doctors that send referrals to the company, etc.

Ideal qualifications 

● A VA that is kind and tolerant and genuinely wants to help people.
● Must be 100% Reliable and Trustworthy, as the client will “Leave” her business admin to the VA she hires.
● MOST IMPORTANT: Have integrity, and the right ethics, own it if you make a mistake. Be committed to do the right thing and be honest and transparent.
● Grammar and written English is VERY important, but having perfect English speaking skills is not required, but ideal. Most work will be done by email/writing.
● Computer savvy, able to use the Internet for general use
● Wants someone with Excellent English skills, but doesn’t need to be a native accent.

Work Details:

-Schedule: 2 hours/ day, 5 days a week: The hours are flexible, but 1 hour in the morning, the other hours in the afternoon (if possible). Central time (US)
-Pay offered: $6-8 USD/hr (Will depend on your experience)
-Hours required: Minimum 10 per week

Interested in applying for the job? READ THIS CAREFULLY:
Please apply through this Virtual Latinos platform, and include:
1) 1-2 short paragraphs introducing yourself, where you’re from, what you studied, and general work experience, and explaining why you believe you meet the requirements of attitude and skills?

2) Provide us with specific details of your past experience and skills related to each of the 3 tasks categories mentioned above. The format of this section should look like this:

Main Job Tasks Experience:
1. First task category name from above goes here
– I have worked with contacting leads/people for X amt of years, at X company. Here’s an example of how I worked, my process, and the results of it:
– Additionally, I’ve also done Y type of works, with Y company.
– Additional details
– Additional examples

2. Second task category name from above goes here
– I do/don’t have any experience with follow-up up with leads, for X amount of years while working with X company
– The types of tasks I’ve done while using X system for managing leads and potential clients include: Give examples
– Additional details
– Additional examples

3. Third task category…..
IMPORTANT NOTE: 40-50% of applicants do NOT read the instructions and send very poor proposals. If your proposal is one of those it WILL BE IGNORED

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