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$7.00 Per Hour
20 Hours Per Week
12+ Months Duration


Part-time (FT Availability) Lead Manager & General VA for Real Estate Company

Dear Virtual Latinos,

We’re looking to hire 1 VA in the next 7 days through this job that the Virtual Latinos Agency is publishing on behalf of a new client.

Client & Short Job Description:

The client started in 2014, as a solo agent, and has now grown the team. In 2016 another realtor joined the team. The team currently has 15 people, including 6 agents, 2 interns, 5 admin team, and other people. They’re a multi-cultural real estate team, with both Spanish and English speaking staff, who are all family-oriented. Des Moines, the capital of Iowa, is the main geography where the client operates.

The client is looking for a detail-oriented VA with great communication skills in Spanish and English. See more “Ideal Requirements” below.

Software the client currently uses:

DEADLINE TO APPLY: You must apply by Thursday, September 17th, at 10 AM PT. Our team will set up interviews for the selected candidates for Friday, September 18th, 2020.

Tasks required for the job

1. Outbound Calls to Past Clients
– Invite them to existing events, and ask for referrals.
– The company has 4 quarterly events (one every 3 months), and the VA would need to call each client over the phone to touch base with them, and invite them to an event.
– Then the conversation would also lead to asking for new referrals.
– The VA would also follow-up with an email with more info about the event, and “registering” for the event using a link they VA will send.
– If the clients do have referrals, the VA would take that referral info and input it into the CRM, and assign it to one of the agents.
– For the quarterly follow-ups, the VA would probably use an email template from the CRM to send to all clients.

2. Cold & Warm Calls to Qualify Leads
– Leads come in from,, and a total of 15 different sources.
– The VA needs to call the leads as soon as possible, and the company gets about 30 leads/week.
– The VA would be provided with an English and Spanish script for knowing what to say in order to qualify them as good/bad leads (60% of leads will be in Spanish, and 40% in English).
– The VA’s goal is to qualify/filter leads and determine which ones are seriously interested in working with the company.
– Currently, about 50% of the Spanish leads are ready or interested in learning more about the company’s services, and only about 10% of the English leads.
– On average, each call should be between 10-15 min.
– Once the VA completes the call, the VA needs to input all the notes, tag the contact as needed, and then create follow-up tasks to call them later.
– The VA must log in to the CRM every day.

3. Follow-ups
– Follow up with other realtors who sent you leads, and update them on the status of any lead.
– VA would naturally also need to follow-up with leads, as necessary.
– Follow-up would also include sending thank you cards (digitally) to the retail/clients who referred the company to other referrals.
– The follow-ups with the leads would be by phone and email, as necessary.
– If necessary, the CRM also lets the VA send text messages.

4. CRM & Database Management
– Updating contacts in the CRM.
– Organize contacts with the right labels/tags/groups.
– Update Contact’s info – Getting missing emails or addresses verifying contact info is good etc. (Going to their social media to make there are contacts created, so the organization can message them from there).
– Asking the contacts for any missing info if needed, etc.
– The client gets leads from different sources and needs the VA to help put all the leads/contacts in a single database.
– The client also attends lots of different events, from where they gather various types of leads.
– The client has had various CRM in the past but now needs to put all the data together into a single CRM.

5. Basic Marketing Tasks
– As needed, potentially help with social media management.
– Sending out direct mailing campaigns (physical mail), whenever there’s a property that has sold, they send postcards over the mail to try to get more buyers.
– They use a company that can both print and ship the flyers.
– The VA would be in charge of talking to the local printer to print and ship the postcards.

6. General Admin Tasks
– Ask clients to help with submitting reviews to the websites where they found the company. Reviews are very important for the company’s growth.
– Other general admin tasks related to real estate.
– The company will ask the VA to help with other general admin tasks as needed.

(New) Personality Test:
If you haven’t,  take this  7-8 minutes test and add your personalized link to your proposal. You just need to take it once and use the same link for all future proposals:

NOTE: Please send your unique personalized URL/link, after finishing the test click on “Send my results by email” 

WRONG LINK TO SAVE: Generic personality link
CORRECT LINK TO SAVE (Sent by email): Your unique results link

Ideal Requirements:
– Must be an EXCELLENT communicator in both Spanish and English.
– Be able to be a team player, as the VA will be in the middle of the operations and sales teams.
– Looking for very detailed oriented people, as MANY people touch various contacts in the company’s CRM.
– Must be VERY task-oriented, and always complete all the tasks they need to do.
– Looking for people who are organized, and very tech-savvy.
– Want people who are friendly, warm, not shy, and open to forming new relationships with the team.

Work Details:
-Schedule: Monday through Friday – from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm, Central Time
-Hours: 20 hours/week, but with the potential to become full-time within 1-2 months (ONLY looking for full-time availability).
Pay:  $6-7/hr Full-Time – $7-8/hr Part-Time (depending on your experience, determined by Virtual Latinos)

Interested in applying for the job? READ THIS CAREFULLY:
Please apply through this Virtual Latinos platform, and include:
1) 1-2 short paragraphs introducing yourself, where you’re from, what you studied, and general work experience, and explaining why you believe you meet the requirements of attitude and skills?

2) Provide us with specific details of your past experience and skills related to each of the tasks categories mentioned above. The format of this section should look like this:

Main Job Tasks Experience:
1. First task category name from above goes here
– I have worked with contacting leads/people for X amt of years, at X company. Here’s an example of how I worked, my process, and the results of it:
– Additionally, I’ve also done Y type of works, with Y company.
– Additional details
– Additional examples

2. Second task category name from above goes here
– I do/don’t have any experience with follow-up up with leads, for X amount of years while working with X company
– The types of tasks I’ve done while using X system for managing leads and potential clients include: Give examples
– Additional details
– Additional examples

3. Third task category…..
IMPORTANT NOTE: 40-50% of applicants do NOT read the instructions and send very poor proposals. If your proposal is one of those it WILL BE IGNORED.

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