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Dear Virtual Latinos,

We’re looking to hire 1 VA in the next 7 days through this job that the Virtual Latinos Agency is publishing on behalf of a new client.

Client & Short Job Description:
The client owns a business of selling houses in wholesale, the company started in 2018, and he is looking for a VA to help them with cold calling, setting appointments, following up with leads, managing the CRM and other related tasks.

The client is looking for a VA with excellent English oral skills. See more “Ideal qualifications” below.

DEADLINE TO APPLY: You must apply by Thursday, April 23 at 11 pm PT. Our team will set up interviews for the selected candidates for April 24-27, 2020.

Tasks required for the job

1. Making cold-calls to potential clients
– The client gets lists of houses from auctions, houses that haven’t paid electric bills, people who own multiple properties, and people who owe taxes
– The client has a script to follow, where the VA needs to find out if they want to sell or buy a house
– Determine the level of interest of the seller, to see how much they’re interested in selling their property
– Ask them why they want to sell a house, and how fast
– A VA could potentially call 150-200 calls/day – the list of people to all is very large, but the client does NOT expect the VA to make so many calls at the beginning, as that would be only once the VA is super trained to do so

2.Set Appointments and Referrals to the Acquisitions Team
– The client has 5 acquisitions experts
– The VA would set up appointments to visit a potential client in person or over the phone, most of the time is in person
– For now, all the VA has to do to refer a client to the acquisition expert, is to set up a tag on the CRM on the Lionsdesk software
– For now, the referral will be very simple, to just connect X potential client with Y acquisition expert
– Later on, the VA will be able to get more info from the seller of the house, BEFORE they put them in touch with the acquisition expert
– They will mostly be talking with the potential seller of the house, to make sure they have all the right/correct info about the house, price, details, etc.. before moving forward to a referral with the acquisition team

3. Follow-up with leads
– Later on, the VA will also be in charge of doing follow-up calls
– This means, that the VA will help the acquisition team to set up the actual appointments, and the follow-up calls
– Follow-ups are usually by phone, email or text, whatever the client/lead prefers

4. Data Entry into CRM System
– Currently using Lionsdesk
– The CRM already has most of the data inside it, including all the leads the VA will call
– Every lead/contact in the CRM can be tagged as hot, warm, or cold, depending on how interested each lead is
– The CRM has a template for sending SMS (text messages) as well as email campaigns to reach potential clients
– The VA will be in charge of updating the CRM’s system, to update any info that’s not correct, etc
– If any lead is hot (After they call the lead), the lead should be tagged appropriately in the CRM, and then the VA must follow-up with that lead, until they’re ready (or not) to sell their house

5. Administrative Support
– Arrange appointments
– Taking messages
– Responding to email inquires to people with questions
– Other office related tasks

Ideal Qualifications:
– It’s SUPER important to choose a VA with “tough skin”, and doesn’t mind when they hang up the phone often, or people who may be rude, etc
– Competency, the community is VERY important
– Must be completely honest and communicative with the owner – always say the truth about how many calls/day the VA does
– Customer service skills
– Willing to work with someone who has less experience, so that it’s easier to train them on how to do it
– Must be bilingual and with great oral English skills

Work Details:
– Schedule: M-F 10 am to 2 pm Central Time
– Hours: 20/week, but looking for full-time