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Dear Virtual Latinos,

We’re looking to hire 1 VA through this job that the Virtual Latinos Agency is publishing on behalf of a new client.

Client & Short Job Description:

The client is based in Toronto, Canada; she owns an eyelash extension and microblading home studio. She has been in the industry for about three years. Her business is appointment-based and works with people messaging her through her social media or her website, and then she books their appointments. She just recently hired an employee because her business is doing really good. She needs someone around the virtual side to help her with her social media as she has no time to focus on this now. The goal is to eventually get to open a salon within the year because she is doing everything out of her home, it’s a home salon, but she is in the process of purchasing an actual location and getting bigger.

The client is very excited to hire a VA and create a long-term relationship. Most of her clients are self-conscious of certain parts of their bodies. So it’s essential for her that this VA connects with her female-based community. The VA will mainly help her with her business social media, push content, create content, repurpose and recycle content she has already created, and refresh her IG. She likes doing Q&As on her platforms as many people have many questions about how microblading works, if it hurts, how much it costs, etc. So the VA will engage with the followers, reply to their comments, questions, DMs, etc.

Software the client currently uses:
Canva, Instagram, Facebook & Tik Tok.

Job Highlights: Why should you apply?

– Opportunity to build a long-term relationship with the client
– Contribute to the growth of the company by supporting the company’s outreach

DEADLINE TO APPLY: You must apply by Sunday, November 14th, at 11:30 PM PT. Our team will set up interviews for the selected candidates for Tuesday, November 16th, 2021.

Tasks required for the job

1. Basic Social Media Management
– Help with Social Media content organization, scheduling & management
– Publish posts on different social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok)
– Basic content writing and also create simple graphics
– Create a social media calendar to post X times a week
– Monitor & respond to messages/inbox on any social media channel

2. Basic Graphic Design
– Create simple graphics for social media.
– Create or edit simple graphics for email campaigns
– Create simple banners, gifs, or videos in Canva
– Other basic graphic designs, only includes simple web-based design not professional design in Photoshop or Illustrator
*In your proposal, please make sure to include a shareable to a Google Drive folder, where you include some of your graphic creations.

3. Customer Service & Support
– Reply to DMS, comments and messages, emails & phone calls.
– Pick up the phone, talk to anyone who needs help
– Report and add any support related issues into CRM System
– Use a VOIP phone (Internet phone) provided by the client, which can be accessed through the computer for inbound/outbound calls
– Talk to people who are mainly existing clients, as well as new potential ones
– Answer calls from new people requesting information
– Follow-up calls with leads, vendors, clients, etc.
– Leads management (filter and sort leads of potential new clients)

4. Follow-up with Leads & Potential Clients
– Create follow-up email templates
– Follow-up with potential customers to answer questions and set up demos
– Follow-up by email or text messages and DMs
– Follow up with leads/clients an infinite number of times until they reply
– Follow up with prospects/leads that did NOT show up to an appointment, so make sure they reschedule

5. Basic Email Marketing
– Design simple email templates for newsletters
– Share content by email that includes customer success stories, industry trends/news, product updates, etc.
– Create an email marketing calendar for monthly campaigns
– Manage MailChimp lists and campaigns or any other email marketing platform
– Basic setup of the email marketing automation funnel


All of our Virtual Latinos VAs must first have these 10 basic qualifications (click to read). Please review this first.

This client is also looking for these requirements:

Required Qualifications
– The VA should have social media experience and have experience using Canva.

Ideal Requirements
A) Communication & Language
Excellent written English and Spanish skills. Must be able to draft and send emails and messages to clients.; Excellent verbal English and Spanish skills. Must be able to communicate clearly and effectively. The VA should have total fluency and not have to think of what to say, words should come out very naturally but no need to have a native accent in addition to advanced writing skills and vocabulary.; Must have a great memory, be able to remember clients, and/or follow scripts.; Have great “emotional intelligence”, who can understand each customer’s situation.; Super empathetic, energetic, and understand the client’s need.

B) Creativity & Proactiveness
Go-getter and/or entrepreneurial attitude.; Should be “coachable”, willing to learn new skills, and can follow directions.; Someone who can work independently, resourceful to find things on their own.; Take ownership, have a great attitude to get things done.; Must know how to propose solutions to problems and be super helpful.

C) People & Relationship
Easy to speak with and a good listener.; Great customer skills. Really good with people and friendly.; High Interpersonal skills positive and with a good sense of humor.; Someone that is open to feedback without being offended, willing to make mistakes, and be ok when the company tells them how to improve.; Someone very patient, who could calm and make other people feel at ease under stressful situations.

D) Work Load & Stress Management
Must be extremely organized and detail-oriented.; Great note-taking and notation skills (in writing by hand and/or on the computer).; Should be very hard-working, comfortable with having a lot to do all the time.; Must be able to meet the regular business office hours but open to overtime.; Great multi-tasker, able to prioritize, and have great time management skills.

E) Technology & Software
Should have experience using a CRM like Salesforce or other.; Knowledge of using WordPress, including basic copywriting.; Have a graphic design background. Able to create graphics, or use Canva/templates.

Work Details:

– Schedule: Monday to Friday 3 hrs a day 12:00 pm- 3:00 pm Toronto Canada
– Hours: 15 hours/week