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Dear Virtual Latinos,

We’re looking to hire 1 VA through this job that the Virtual Latinos Agency is publishing on behalf of a new client.

Client & Short Job Description:

Company with 23+ years of experience that offers SAT/ACT college test preparation courses and live coaching for high school students. Currently only offering the prep services fully online, with a combination of courses/videos/content/resources, plus live training a few times a week. The courses usually last 4 months.

The business owner is mostly working on his own in terms of offering its services, but they work with a marketing agency to do their Facebook Ads to attract students/clients. They’re now looking to add a new member to the team, to work as a digital marketing and sales VA.

The company is looking to hire a VA who will focus on helping the company with its organic digital marketing tasks, including posting on social media, having conversations/engagement with potential clients/leads, etc. The company’s owner will provide training as needed, and engage with the VA. Yet, the VA will mostly work independently once training is completed. The goal is to find a VA to be self-sufficient, and proactive in terms of taking ownership of their role, tasks, and meeting the goals.

Job Highlights: Why should you apply?

– Opportunity to work with a company with vast experience in their field
– Opportunity to join a company that helps high school students achieve their educational goals
– Great opportunity for a self-sufficient VA comfortable working on their own

DEADLINE TO APPLY: You must apply by Tuesday, August 3rd, at 11:30 pm PT. Our team will set up interviews for the selected candidates for Thursday, August 5th, 2021.

Tasks required for the job

1. Basic Social Media Management
– Help with Social Media content organization, scheduling & management
– Monitor and respond to messages on social media is one of the MAIN tasks
– Posting content into FB and Linkedin groups in order to create awareness, and engagement with other users online. 1/3 of leads come organically from social media (not Google), the other 2/3 of leads come from Ads. The goal is to grow the organic leads
– The VA will schedule/post directly on Facebook or Linkedin, as the company doesn’t use any scheduling software.
– The company uses Facebook as the main social platform, but also use LinkedIn
– Linkedin is not yet a big one they use, but looking to expand it
– May also open a new Clubhouse group/account
– The VA will NOT need to create content at the beginning, as the company will provide the content needed and will be in charge of posting, scheduling, and managing it. The company will share the current process they have, and the VA will need to do it.

2. Basic Email Marketing
– Company uses ConvertKit, as Mailchimp was too expensive if you have many subscribers
– ConvertKit offers email marketing automated campaigns, which are already setup
– The VA will help manage/check that the campaigns are working all the time
– Setting up one-time campaigns, designing the emails, scheduling, etc.
– It’s all about the logistics and operation of it, but NOT the content/writing creation

3. Basic Marketing Research
– Research focused on finding Facebook/Linkedin Groups to join
– Research partners and/or organizations the company can partner with, with the goal of getting more leads.
– General marketing research about the industry
– Content curation, which is finding articles they can use to share on social media, etc.
– Finding tools to help the company grow/expand.
– Design simple email templates for newsletters
– Share content by email that includes customer success stories, industry trends/news, product updates, etc.
– Create an email marketing calendar for monthly campaign
– Basic setup of the email marketing automation funnel

Sales Tasks
4. Follow-up with Leads & Potential Clients
– As soon as a new lead comes in, ConvertKit already will send automatic emails to follow-up, yet when the leads do reply manually, the company’s owner is not always replying fast enough
– The VA will focus on replying to those emails as soon as possible, with the goal of starting a conversation with the leads clients
Create follow-up email templates
– Follow-up with potential customers to answer questions and set up demos
– Follow-up by email or text messages
– Follow up with leads/clients an infinite number of times until they reply
– Follow up with prospects/leads that did NOT show up to an appointment, so make sure they reschedule

5. Customer Service & Support
– The company is mostly directed to get support via text, but they also have a phone # for calling
– The company uses Google Voice to make VOIP calls, as they don’t do too many calls
– Most of the communication with leads/customers is through text
– The goal is to nurture and help to convert leads into customers
– Reply to emails & phone calls
– Pick up the phone, talk to anyone who needs help
– Report and add any support related issues into CRM System
– Use a VOIP phone (Internet phone) provided by the client, which can be accessed through the computer for inbound/outbound calls
– Talk to people who are mainly existing clients, as well as new potential ones
– Answer calls from new people requesting information
– Follow-up calls with leads, vendors, clients, etc.
– Leads management (filter and sort leads of potential new clients)

6. Manage CRM & Data Entry
– ConvertKit is the CRM/Marketing automation tool they use, so all new leads come in here.
– ConvertKit is basic as a CRM but has tags and segments. Yet, it doesn’t let you create notes for content
– The company might consider getting a CRM in the future, as they only use a Spreadsheet to keep track of clients.

7. Calendar Management & Appointment Setting
– Calendly is the software the company uses to book appointments
– The VA will mostly share the Calendly link with leads to book an appointment with the owner, but will manually edit any calendar appointments as needed
– The company’s owner will also consider having the VA initially make quick calls to vet/qualify leads before they talk to the owner. Yet, for now, they’ll talk directly with the company’s owner
– This will depend on the VA’s English spoken level


All of our Virtual Latinos VAs must first have these 10 basic qualifications (click to read). Please review this first.

The client is also looking for these requirements:

Ideal Requirements
A) Communication & Language
Excellent written English and Spanish skills. Must be able to draft and send emails and messages to clients.; Must have a great memory, be able to remember clients, and/or follow scripts.

B) Creativity & Proactiveness
Someone who can work independently, resourceful to find things on their own.; Not afraid to ask questions, know when to ask for help when needed.; Quick learner, willing to learn new things, and able to pick up issues/problems fast.; Have the initiative to help the customer with lots of things.

C) People & Relationship
Supportive, and always be willing to help.; High Interpersonal skills positive and with a good sense of humor.

D) Work Load & Stress Management
Must be extremely organized and detail-oriented.; Great note-taking and notation skills (in writing by hand and/or on the computer).

E) Technology & Software
Must have experience with document management on Google Drive/ Dropbox.; Google Sheets’s experience and understanding.

Work Details:
– Schedule: Monday-Friday, 4 hours/day. Afternoon PT, such as around 11 am to 3 pm or 12 pm to 4 pm but maybe flexible once training is completed as the VA will work independently.
– Hours: 21 hours/week