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Dear Virtual Latinos,

We’re looking to hire 1 VA through this job that the Virtual Latinos Agency is publishing on behalf of a new client.

Client & Short Job Description:

The company is a marketing agency that has been in business for 5+ years, and are currently in the process of redesigning their brand. They offer marketing and sales services for their clients, including coaching, consulting, and other related services. This may include HR, content creation, coordinating on projects, etc. Their new website will be published in the next month. Their clients include companies in retail, music, real estate, services companies, etc. The team is made up of international members. The owner/CEO is in Illinois, but also has a remote team in the US and abroad. Communication is the key to their online collaboration.

The company is small but works very fast and lean. They’re currently looking to get more employees and virtual help. Their customer base is growing fast, so they want to make sure they have the right team in place in order to better serve their clients. In total, the team is about 5 people in the US and around 15 people abroad. There’s no central office at this time, as everyone works remotely.

Today, they manage 5 main clients which are very active (3 big ones, and 2 new ones). Yet, they have 8-10 more new clients coming on board soon, so they can’t keep up with the demand, which is why they’re looking to grow their team.

They are looking for a content coordinator to manage the content writers. This includes making sure all the writers create/write all the content needed for the social media content, graphic design, web copy, blog posts, etc. The coordinator VA they’re looking for will be in charge of getting all the information from the content strategists, and potentially from the clients, coordinate the schedule with the team to prepare the topics, ideas, etc. The coordinator VA will not necessarily write the actual content but will create outlines for topics, ideas, and manage the projects that the actual writers are doing. Must make sure that all tasks are completed on time as needed to meet each client’s deadline and goals. VA must be a great communicator and be able to properly get the info they need, coordinate/manage and get back what’s needed from them.

Job Highlights: Why should you apply?

– Opportunity to work with a team with experience in remote work
– Opportunity to join a team located overseas
– Opportunity to support the company in its growth
– Ideal position for VAs with experience in the field & excellent organizational skills

DEADLINE TO APPLY: You must apply by Monday, June 28th at 11:30 pm PT. Our team will set up interviews for the selected candidates for Wednesday, June 30th, 2021.

Tasks required for the job

1. Content Coordinator Manager for Content Projects/Tasks
– Will manage writing, design, and media
– The campaigns are usually 30-day campaigns. After the initial work, the VA will need to track the deliverables from each writer, to ensure it’s all done/completed on time. The info will need to be provided to the account manager. VERY good organization skills required.
– The main tasks will be about organizing blog briefs from the company’s clients
– Coordinating email campaigns with the team’s writers for B2B companies
– Social media content coordination. Creat short briefs with text for the images that need to be designed with the graphic designer
– Sales messages for direct messages to write marketing/sales messages via LinkedIn and other platforms
– The content coordinator will be the main point of contact between the content strategist and the writing team.
– Create content/brief for video development, such as creating the draft/outline for the scripts for the videos
– The VA won’t be creating the content but managing the content writer, planning the content to be posted, and managing the other coordinators


All of our Virtual Latinos VAs must first have these 10 basic qualifications (click to read). Please review this first.

This client is also looking for these requirements:

– Experience with content writing and/or strategy
– Excellent English written skills, very comfortable with writing in English

Plus these Ideal Requirements
A) Communication & Language
Excellent verbal English and Spanish skills. Must be able to communicate clearly and effectively; Must have a great memory, be able to remember clients and/or follow scripts.; Comfortable with making calls and know how to properly communicate with clients.; Great customer service skills. Must be super friendly and personable on the phone.; Ideally looking for someone super friendly, cool, and interesting.

B) Creativity & Proactiveness
Self-starter, proactive and innovative.; Should be “coachable”, willing to learn new skills, and can follow directions.; Someone who can work independently, resourceful to find things on their own.; Not afraid to ask questions, know when to ask for help when needed.; Quick learner, willing to learn new things, and able to pick up issues/problems fast.

C) People & Relationship
Easy to speak with and a good listener.; Great customer skills. Really good with people and friendly.; High Interpersonal skills positive and with a good sense of humor.; Outgoing person able to communicate and interact with a variety of people.; Someone that is open to feedback without being offended, willing to make mistakes, and be ok when the company tells them how to improve.

D) Work Load & Stress Management
Project management experience, good at setting timelines, deadlines and fulfilling expectations.; Able to manage stressful situations without affecting them on a personal level.; Able to get things done, and have a positive attitude to do things.; Must be extremely organized and detail-oriented.; Comfortable with a fast-paced and changing environment.

E) Technology & Software
Computer savvy, able to teach systems and software to others.; Knowledge or willingness to invest time in training themselves on the different platforms of the business.; Experience in managing tasks or project management tools.

Additional Requirements:
Reliable internet, good communication skills, accountability, problem-solving, detail-oriented, reliable employee.

Work Details:
– Schedule: Monday-Thursday between 8 am – 12 pm Central time. Fridays are a possibility if needed.
– Hours: 15 hours/week but can potentially grow in hours