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Part-time Admin & Accounting VA for Radio Host/ Mortgage & PPE Expert

Dear Virtual Latinos,

We’re looking to hire 1 VA in the next 7 days through this job that the Virtual Latinos Agency is publishing on behalf of a new client.

Client & Short Job Description:

The client is a radio Host, Mortgage Lender, Digital Marketer, and distributor of PPE (Personal protective equipment). In his experience as a financial advisor, most customers he worked with had more debt than they had assets, so he decided to start to sell mortgages around the year 2000, while also doing hard-money lending, etc. but this took a big hit during the real estate crisis from 2009. He became a Radio host in 2010 and he talks about everything related to home and finance, and everything that affects a people’s bank accounts – including politics too, as it always affects real estate, taxes, etc. He also talks about current events, green energy, mortgages, real estate, investments, retirement homes, reverse mortgages, etc. While working as a Radio Hosts, he interviews lots of different people who are guests in his shows, so he’s created partnerships with those people as well, to do business together (CP accountants, attorneys, and real estate planning attorneys). He also started selling PPE (Personal protective equipment) when COVID19 happened a few months ago. He’s busy with radio, mortgage, and PPE.

The client is looking for a VA who can multi-task and with great people skills and excellent English skills. See more “Ideal Requirements” below.

The client is currently using the following systems:
– Floify – (
– RingCentral
– Calendly

DEADLINE TO APPLY: You must apply by Monday, July 6th at 10 am PT. Our team will set up interviews for the selected candidates for July 7th, 2020.

Tasks required for the job

1. Data Entry from Tax-returns into Spreadsheets
– The VA will be getting lots of tax returns from Ron’s clients, and the VA will need to go through online training on how to fill in templates to figure out the max amount clients can qualify for a loan, so the templates are specific real-estate.
– The client will provide the training on how to fill out the templates, and copy/paste info from the tax returns into the templates.
– The templates will then provide a specific potential loan mortgage amount, which is the max someone will be able to get as a loan to buy a house.
– This task is fairly simple but time-consuming, so the VA will help with this.
– The client would probably process about 2-3 of these applications per week but would like to do more with the VA’s help.

2. Taking/Making Calls (NOT cold-calls)
– The client will use RingCentral as the VoIP phone for the VA to make and take calls.
– Most of the calls will be related to dealing with questions and follow-ups.
– The goal is to have the least amount of calls as possible.
– Outgoing phone calls are usually for following up with clients. Examples, calling one of the client’s partners and telling them about the mortgage loan calculation and report (see item 1 above), and follow-up with all the customers that the client works with.
– The goal is to be the BEST at communication and always keeping everyone that works with the client informed.
– If the VA does a great job in communicating promptly with everyone with outgoing calls, this will reduce incoming calls of people calling to ask questions, and that’s the idea.
– If people call (incoming calls), the calls are usually to find out how to apply for a mortgage loan; when this is the case the VA will take note of the info of the people and pass the message to the client.
– The client uses Calendly to book and manage appointments, so the VA will do a mix of using Calendly as well as booking calls directly into the client’s calendar.
– The client n uses to send appointment reminders to people by email, and text. It integrates with his calendar on Google.

3. Follow-ups
– Follow-up with clients (those that have requested loans directly with the client) as well as with agents looking for loans.
– Most of the follow-ups will be over the phone, but some will also be by email or text messages.
– The client hires a service that is a call center that calls all new leads obtained through Facebook, and once they call them, they take notes into the CRM. It’s a very basic call, and the client would want the VA to then call these new leads, and do a “discovery call” to learn more about their needs, and get more info from them (qualify the lead), before booking a call with the client.
– The goal is to filter and qualify the leads, so that the client does not have to talk to everyone, only the ones that are really interested, and are the ideal customer for the client.
– Follow-up with “Lunch & Learn” events, which would be to follow-up with a combination of emails and phone calls.
– Normally, at the end of these events, they fill out a short survey writing down what info they’d like to get from the client, so the VA’s job will be to follow-up with each lead, and send them the information they requested.
– The other type of follow-up is to make sure everyone gets the client’s email since in many cases his emails go to spam because he’s a radio host.

4. Collecting Documents
– The client’s customers fill in a loan application completed through Floify, which helps with the automation of a loan application.
– This software will create a list of documents needed from each client. Floify already sends by email the list of things that are required directly to the client, yet in many cases, the clients don’t always send them.
– The VA will need to follow-up with clients, to make sure they upload the necessary documents for a loan application.
– If/when the documents are submitted over Floify, the VA will need to review that a) All the documents are included, b) All the pages required from each document are also included, and c) Once it’s all completed, the VA would need to upload all the documents into Dropbox.
– The VA can also receive documents by email, and manually upload them into each client’s case/application inside Floify.

5. Drop Shipments Management
– For his PPE business, the VA will need to track all shipments of PPE products.
– All the business he does and everything he sells is “Dropshipped” (means he never sees the product, is delivered from the manufacturer directly to the client).
– The VA’s job is to ensure that the manufacturer of PPE products does deliver to the client’s customers what they promised, and on time.
– If not, the VA will need to make sure the client is aware so he can take care of the problem.

6. Basic Graphic Design
– Ideally, the VA would create some simple flyers.
– The VA would need to edit flyer templates, into customized flyers by editing information, graphics, etc.
– The client currently uses Pages (A software from Apple), so these flyers should first be transformed into Microsoft Word documents, and then transformed into a flyer, to easily edit online.
– The VA will get Word document and will be in charge of re-creating as a flyer into
– The client has a premium account on
– The VA would probably need to design just a few flyers per week. Some are super simple, with existing flyers in Canva, and some would be more complex.
– is also used to create graphics for social media, which the VA would also help with.

7. Administrative Tasks
– Any other admin tasks that are not yet mentioned.

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Ideal Requirements:
– Looking for someone detailed oriented, and very organized.
– Good at task management, good at following through and getting things done.
– Excellent written and verbal English skills.
– Someone who can represent the company professionally.
– A VA that’s confident, has a “go-getter” mentality and takes pride at achieving at a high level.
– MOST important, someone who is hungry to learn and has a GREAT attitude.
– Someone who is a multi-tasker, and who can be a self-starter, has initiative and will make “things happen”, without the client telling them what to do.
– Looking for someone who is very willing to learn a lot of new things.
– Must be VERY well-rounded who can help with various tasks.
– Very personable, easy to talk with, and charming.
– Task-oriented.
– Great attitude, positive and helpful.
– Really good with people, friendly and great customer service.

Work Details:
– Schedule: Monday through Friday, 4 hours/day. Flexible, but NOT from 9 am to 10 am, so any 4 hours from 10 am to 5 pm Pacific time.
– Hours: 10-20 hours/week
– Pay: $6-8/hr (depending on your experience, determined by Virtual Latinos)

Interested in applying for the job? READ THIS CAREFULLY:

Please apply through this Virtual Latinos platform, and include:
1) 1-2 short paragraphs introducing yourself, where you’re from, what you studied, and general work experience, and explaining why you believe you meet the requirements of attitude and skills?

2) Provide us with specific details of your past experience and skills related to each of the tasks categories mentioned above. The format of this section should look like this:

Main Job Tasks Experience:
1. First task category name from above goes here
– I have worked with contacting leads/people for X amt of years, at X company. Here’s an example of how I worked, my process, and the results of it:
– Additionally, I’ve also done Y type of works, with Y company.
– Additional details
– Additional examples

2. Second task category name from above goes here
– I have worked with contacting leads/people for X amt of years, at X company. Here’s an example of how I worked, my process, and the results of it:
– Additionally, I’ve also done Y type of works, with Y company.
– Additional details
– Additional examples

3. Thrid task category… etc (as many categories as applicable)
IMPORTANT NOTE: 40-50% of applicants do NOT read the instructions and send very poor proposals. If your proposal is one of those it WILL BE IGNORED.

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