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$12.00 Fixed Price
$12.00 Project
1-2 Months Duration


Make sales and market products and services by phone, answer incoming customer calls and make outgoing sales calls, maintain thorough understanding of products and services, process sales, meet sales goals.

CC 1: 10 hourly, until Sale
CC 2: Commission Only
Lead CC: 15 hourly Plus Commission

*You are expected to make 8 sales. Which is at MINIMUM 1,000 USD$ – 12,000 USD$ a Month*
Which is
*5%-8% of Gross Sales*
yes we Do NOT pay hourly we Do NOT believe in that, and yes we pay you like if you where employed in the united States

– Income is paid weekly through western union or Direct Bank Transfer
– Paid training 10h and time off 10h
– Ability to Get into United States Real Estate Investment Properties

After4 months of Employment:
-Sick leave 10 days payed
-Vacation days 8 hours work = 1.5 hours of vacation
New Year’s Day
Good Friday
American Independence Day
Christmas Day
Plus 4 of your holidays of your choosing.

Responsibilities and work expectations:
-Be a compelling striver member of The Aria Property Solutions San Antonio Sales team through the financial goals of you as an Individual, and as a group collectively.
-Handle all prospects with courtesy and professionalism; Establish and maintain a high level of prospect satisfaction in all interactions
-Ensure database information is accurate and complete
-Excel in communications skills:
Have Clarity of what you are trying to communicate
Checking and understanding
Controlling turn Taking
Active listening
Choosing The Right Method of the script to use
Self Awareness of where the conversation is going
And using appropriate body language, and Proper Tonality.

Technical Requirements
-Personal desktop computer
-USB Headset
-Video Camera

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