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$8.00 Per Hour
40 Hours


Inside / Outside Sales Specialist

About This Job:
Smart Shield Property Management manages single-family residential rental properties. We are looking to grow by signing up more landlord clients. This job will include outbound cold calls both directly to potential landlord clients as well as key referral sources. It will also include being the front line on inbound calls to our company from potential clients and working to earn their business or setting an appointment for our sales manager. It will also include some oversight of our CRM and assistance in developing marketing materials and strategies.

Roles & Responsibilities:
*Outbound Sales Calls
*Inbound Sales Calls
*Trackingporting of our Progress towards Sales Goals and Re
*CRM Management
*Send out Client Contracts for Signature
*Onboard New Clients with Excellent Customer Experience
*Assist in developing and improving Marketing Materials, Scripts and Workflows

Requirements & Qualifications:
*Proven Track Record in a Sales Role
*Fast Learner
*Excellent Verbal and Written English Communication
*Team Player
*Attention to Detail: This job not only involves sales, but also all of the meticulous paperwork and data entry details to go with it.
*Excellent and Reliable Internet with minimal to no outages.

Job type: Full-time, which is 40 hours / week.

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