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Hello Virtual Latinos,

We have an existing client who is already hiring a VA from Virtual Latinos full-time, and now they’re looking to hire another 1-2 full-time VAs for their eyewear company. The client has 4 physical stores in Texas that sells sunglasses and other eyewear products. They currently have a full-time assistant that does social media outreach and engagement via Facebook and drives real people to come to the physical store to view, try and buy eyewear products.

Overview of Job:
The client is looking for a full-time (40 hours/week) VA who’s interested in learning how to sell through social media (training will be provided), and is goal-oriented (Your success will be measured by the number of appointments you create, the number of people that show up to the stores and the number of sales that your customers will generate).

The job requires spending most of the day posting on Facebook,  answering to comments, answering messages/tweets, helping clients with any questions, making calls to book appointments, setup appointments in the calendar, etc.

Main tasks for the job

1. Social Media Outreach, Posting & Engagement
– Use Facebook to post organic/natural posts, with the goal of setting client appointments to come to physical stores to see/try the products
– Be part of various Facebook groups and socialize as a regular person.
– Be open to the potential need to use your personal Facebook profile to do your job for the client (May be needed, but not required initially). The client needs a VA with an established Facebook account, as the new accounts they create for the VAs don’t always work, and may get closed by Facebook if the account is very new and doesn’t have many real friends/connections.

2. Customer Support / Sales Support Experience
– You’ll generally be asked to post a promotion, photo or offer and then people start commenting
– You as the VA, will need to answer the posts and people’s questions (Where you’re located, working hours, how long the promotion is running for)
– You as a VA should try to NOT give them too much info over the Internet, don’t give too many details online, as the goal is to get them to book an appointment to come to the store and “learn more” while they’re at the store (and hopefully buy products).
– They don’t post an “AD”, they post a photo of themselves with wearing glasses, they’re going to think they’re real people (and they are). If needed, they can get new photos.
– No posts should look like ADs, they should look organic/real.
– You’ll need to search for groups with the name of the city as part of the search, and add yourself to FB groups. Examples of names: San Antonio Garage sale, San Antonio Flea market

3. Scheduling Appointments
– The goal is to make appointments so that the store’s staff can actually take care of them
– Most of the appointments (90%+) scheduled via email or in writing via social media, you’re most likely not going to have to talk over the phone. But it may be needed from time to time.
– Client wants to create urgency to make sure the people from social media, get up, drive and go to the store
– The Client is getting in touch directly into the consumer (B2C), rather than B2B
– You, the VA must also open to using OfferUp to sell products and setup appointments

Ideal Requirements:
– Familiar with Facebook and Instagram
– Must be fully bilingual (Spanish/English)
– They need to take the time to talk to the users (good customer support skills by phone and email)
– Great writing skills
– Customer support experience

Work Details
Schedule: Monday-Friday, Times during the day are flexible
When this job starts: As soon as possible
Time required: 40 hours/week