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Dear Virtual Latinos,

We’re looking to hire 1 VA in the next 7 days through this job that the Virtual Latinos Agency is publishing on behalf of a new client.

Client & Short Job Description:

US immigration law firm in Montana, that has been in business for 24 years. They do a lot of family and business-based immigration. Biggest challenges: Looking for bilingual legal assistants. They have 4 in the US now but looking to hire out of the US and maybe let one of the US assistants go. They hire people with intelligence and skills and train for what they want. The lawyer has a Ph.D. in Chemistry but later became a Lawyer. He’s a great researcher, and he joined the law industry as he saw that he was good in sales, a good closer, and also a great counselor.

Software the Client currently uses:
– – Immigration case system, which is very useful for immigration cases.

The client is looking for a VA who is computer-savvy and with great communication skills. See more “Ideal Requirements” below.

DEADLINE TO APPLY: You must apply by Sunday, January 3rd, at 11:30 PM PT. Our team will set up interviews for the selected candidates for Tuesday, January 5, 2021.

Tasks required for the job

Primary Tasks
1. Prepare Case Indexes
– Prepare case indexes with all the reports, statements, and affidavit
– Help legal assistants to put client’s case and all documents together

2. Fill Out Forms & Questionnaires
– Fill out multiple forms and put them together in a folder
– Prepare the PDF forms pre-filled with the client’s information, after gathering the info and facts.
– Attach and create the exhibits for each client, ensuring that all items are there
– Send forms and exhibits to the lawyer for a final review

3. Client Management in CRM System
– Download documents from attachments and create new “case files/records/contact” into the CRM database
– Take notes and info from each client case and save it into the web-based system
– Upload documents as needed for each case. (Dropbox/Google Drive)
– Input potential clients/leads into the system
– Log the specific costs/purchases/charges used by each paralegal and reconcile on Excel lists

4. General Admin Tasks
– Help with filing mail that was received in paper and scanned. The mail has to be filed into the correct digital client folder. May involve using Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.
– Help with email-related items.
– Help the law firm develop, create, and document the company’s SOPs (standard operating procedures)
– Write short articles about clients’ stories/cases or legal related topics
– Prepare office reports
– Keep the referrals and partners up-to-date to what happened to clients referred by them
– Improve and organize the documents library, which includes a variety of legal documents, questionnaires, templates, etc.
– Manage online documents, including editing/labeling documents correctly as needed, and/or changing document names

Secondary Tasks (Must be Included in your proposal)
5. Client Communication, Support & Follow-ups
– Answer simple questions if a client calls and asks for an update about a case, court dates, etc.
– If the client asks a law-related question, take a message and/or forward the question to the right paralegal or attorney
– Follow up with clients to make sure the law firm has all the necessary documents, info, and details they need to build their case and submit it to court
– When clients need to make payments, the VA would need to make sure clients pay their bills
– Write monthly letters to clients with a general update on their case
– Take credit card payments over the phone

6. Review & Check Client Information
– Review all documents and info submitted by clients through the online form they initially complete
– Make sure that clients provide an electronic signature, in order to hire the law firm for their services
– Connect with the clients over the phone, email, and/or Zoom (video call) to review information
– Gather and review various documents, and organize them as needed for each client’s case
– Once the intake of each client’s story is done, write one-page summaries of the client’s case

7. Gathering Clients Info & Obtaining Documents
– Gather information from customers over the phone and email
– Get all their basic info such as their name, family’s name, relatives’ names, etc.
– Gather info about their customer’s last 5 years of places they lived, and where they worked.
– Enter all the information into the proper case management system or CRM

8. General Research and Contact Government Agencies
– Do general research on Google for vendors, contractors, and provide a summary
– Research tasks, such as law-related departments in other states
– Go into government websites and research documents such as criminal records, or others to get info about each client’s case
– Research other websites, or government agencies for additional information as needed
– Call government agencies to request more information
– When calling, the agency sends this information by email. There is always a cost for obtaining this data/info, so the VA would need to then pay for these documents
– Research which is the correct agency they need to contact
– Submit background checks documents to the government online
– When the results arrive, the VA will need to track all of the documents

9. Calendar Management & Appointment Setting
– Help the law firm’s staff and/or CEO manage his calendar appropriately
– Schedule appointments with clients, and/or clients with other staff using the calendar, as necessary
– Save the appointments into Google Calendar, or any other calendar management system

(New) Personality Test:
If you haven’t,  take this  7-8 minutes test and add your personalized link to your proposal. You just need to take it once and use the same link for all future proposals:

NOTE: Please send your unique personalized URL/link, after finishing the test click on “Send my results by email” 

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CORRECT LINK TO SAVE (Sent by email): Your unique results link

Ideal Requirements:
– The MOST important aspect for a VA, is to be intelligent and have the ability to comprehend. This means, “connecting the dots” of what it takes to do the various tasks, and how they’ve related all the tasks, like pieces of a puzzle, in order to solve the puzzle
– You should have great English written skills, and be very detailed-oriented
– This means that the client is looking for people who are business-savvy, smart people, who can be problem solvers, creative thinkers who can “get stuff done” and solve problems…. rather than someone that they’ll just do “tasks” or technical things.
– Looking for a VA who wants to learn a lot, can be a quick learner, and is resourceful
– MUST pay LOTS OF ATTENTION TO DETAIL, as this is a law firm, and they should always review and check “Everything” as there’s a lot of documents to review, check, etc.
– A VA who understand that the lawyer gets paid to “help people”, so the VA has to be VERY careful to make sure they can understand what the problem a client has, and ACTUALLY help
– Looking for a VA that is empathetic, and can understand that immigration clients are coming with problems, and need a lot of help. Yet, the VA should keep the goal in mind, which is to help them, by getting them through an immigration process.
– This means that the VA should be polite, know how to listen, and “understand them”, yet know when to put a pause, and ask nicely when they need to take another call, as they have other clients to attend to. The point is the VA should not be a “Crying shoulder” or “Psychologist” for the clients.

Work Details:
-Schedule: Monday-Friday, 8 hours/day, from 8:30 am to 5 pm (with 30-min break), Mountain Time
-Hours: 40+ hours/week