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Dear Virtual Latinos,

We’re looking to hire 1 VA in the next 7 days through this job that the Virtual Latinos Agency is publishing on behalf of a new client.

Client & Short Job Description:

The client owns a construction company, and currently offers business services related to the industry. This includes strategy, marketing, and other specific resources for people like him in the construction industry. The client is also involved in property management and other businesses and needs a VA to help with all his personal business tasks. The client has been in this industry for a few years, and prior to that worked in real estate (multi-family units). He also has experience in trading and e-commerce, and lending money business.

The client is looking for a highly organized VA with great English and people skills. See more “Ideal Qualifications” below.

DEADLINE TO APPLY: You must apply by Wednesday, July 8, at 10 am PT. Our team will set up interviews for the selected candidates for July 9, 2020.

Tasks required for the job

1. Office Email Management
– The client currently uses Gmail, via G-suite for his various businesses.
– The VA will be in charge of reviewing all the emails coming into the main inbox.
– The VA will need to check if there are emails asking the client to book appointments/meetings and if yes, to add those to his calendar.
– The VA will help to organize meetings/calls with contractors/vendors as needed.
– The VA’s goal is to be the main “Gatekeeper” of the emails sent to the client’s company and filter the important ones to make sure he gets them.
– There’s a lot of other tasks related to email management, and the client will provide training on how to do this.
– The really important emails should be forwarded to the client’s personal email.

2. Construction Project Management
– Entering data into the project management system, for which the client is considering using this software:
– The client would need the VA to help with setting up the project management software, go through the SmartSheet demos, and learn how to use it. He’s also considering Wrike and others, to see which one is best.
– Keeping good records of all projects that the client manages, so he can better manage his company’s operations.
– Including managing all the materials, construction details, contractors/vendors on that project.
– Once everything is recorded, it’s easier to review the info and analyze it, to see where there is room for improvement.
– Ideally, the VA will need to make sure that all the necessary info is in fact saved into the system.

3. Scheduling Meetings & Appointments
– The client doesn’t currently use an automated system, but he’s interested in using something like Calendly to save time.
– His objective is to for now do things the way he currently books a meeting, which is all done manually via Google Calendar.
– The VA will be in charge of manually helping to manage the client’s calendar and book meetings/appointments between people and him.
– Helping the client book meetings and appointments, of all types with various types of people.
– Helping the client manage his personal schedule, such as reminding him of upcoming meetings that are about to happen, etc.
– The client wants to make sure the VA can “Force”/remind him to attend his meetings/calls, to NOT miss them.
– The VA should help the client prioritize his time, and make sure he does keep his schedule as planned.

4. Contractors & Suppliers Management
– Researching and shopping around for new contractors, getting quotes/bids for jobs, etc.
– Maintaining all communication with all existing and future contractors/construction staff that he works with.
– Helping assess which are the most cost-effective, and overall contractors/suppliers to work with, etc.
– The VA should NOT expect the client to give them a list of suppliers, but the client will provide guidance and training on how to do it first, and then the VA can replicate what he’ll teach.
– Having initiative is very important, the VA should NEVER just be waiting around to be told what to do.

5. Follow-ups
– Following up with leads, clients, contractors, or people he meets with during events.
– Most of the follow-ups will be over the phone, but some will also be by email or text messages.
– Normally, at the end of these events, they fill out a short survey writing down what info they’d like to get from the client, so the VA’s job will be to follow-up with each lead, and send them the information they requested.

6. Documents Management
– The VA would be in charge of sending construction plans, and documents to the contractors that will be hired.
– Helping save quotes/bids provided by contractors/vendors and keeping them organized.
– Gathering all the receipts that the client has (in paper, then digitalized), and organizing them properly into the accounting system.
– The client uses various PDF documents for various projects and needs to keep them organized in the project management system, as well as using G-Drive.

7. Basic Marketing Tasks
– Reaching out to potential and existing clients and organizations.
– Managing email campaigns to get in touch with different people.
– Helping set up and managing online events.
– Helping find and engage potential investors, by sending email campaigns.

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Ideal qualifications:
– Looking for a VA with a pleasant voice, that clients would enjoy listening too.
– Wants someone that’s pleasant, optimistic, friendly, and nice to work with.
– Detailed oriented, and very organized.
– Good at task management, good at following through and getting things done.
– Excellent written and verbal English skills.
– Someone who can represent the company professionally.
– A VA that’s confident, has a “go-getter” mentality and takes pride at achieving at a high level.
– MOST important, someone who is hungry to learn and has a GREAT attitude.
– Must be VERY well-rounded who can help with various tasks.
– Very personable, easy to talk with, and charming.
– Great attitude, positive and helpful, and task-oriented.
– Really good with people, friendly and great customer service.

Work Details:
– Schedule: 6 hours/day, Monday through Friday, from 8 am to 3 pm Pacific time (with 1-hour break)
– Hours: 31 hours/week