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Dear Virtual Latinos,

We’re looking to hire 1 VA through this job that the Virtual Latinos Agency is publishing on behalf of an existing client.

Client & Short Job Description:

The client is a certified dietitian since 2007, they have the practice to provide medical nutrition therapy. They have a contract with main medical groups and networks, that send patients. They help people get better through nutrition. The practice has lots of patients and dietitians but had to let go of all their staff, due to Covid.19, and now they want to build a virtual team.

The client is currently working with a team from Virtual Latinos and is looking to hire another to start working with them as soon as possible. They are looking for a bilingual, self-starter VA who won’t be afraid to ask questions and has a quiet space at home/office to make calls. See more “Required and Ideal qualifications” below.

Job Highlights: Why should you apply?

– Opportunity to join a well-established company that has been working since 2007.
– Great opportunity to become part of a work team that has other VAs from Virtual Latinos.
– Ideal job for friendly VAs with excellent English skills who enjoy talking to clients.

DEADLINE TO APPLY: You must apply by Sunday, October 17th, at 11:30 PM PT. Our team will set up interviews for the selected candidates for Tuesday, October 19th, 2021.

Tasks Required for the Job

1. Set Appointments (Cold & Warm Calling)
– Training will be involved as needed, to learn the client’s scripts, how to set up appointments
– They have very specific goals in terms of # of phone calls and appointments set on a daily basis, 80-100 phone calls/day, and set 10-15 appointments/day
– Even if they hit their goals, they have to keep making phone calls.
– Part of the job is to call Medical Practices to offer the nutritionist’s services and send them faxes with the information
– Some people they are calling are considered “Warm”, because the people, for the most part, are aware that a dietician will call them to set up an appointment
– Most of the clients/people are “Medi-cal” patients, which tend to be on a medical plan that’s paid by the government (clients with limited resources), so many people do NOT care about their nutrition. So it IS A CHALLENGE to convince some people to consider working with a dietitian
– The VA MUST Have experience in sales, as this is a sales job. The VA must learn how to reply to people who say “They’re not interested”. The client has the scripts in English and Spanish.
– The VAs must log their time, work, and keep track of all the types of work/activity they’ve done on a daily basis
– Must ensure that they complete all the digital paperwork in the Kareo web-based system
– The VA needs to truly understand the value of the services that the nutritionist/dietitian offers so that they can speak with convention and understand the value of seeing a dietitian
– Each consultation is usually $200+, so the patient needs to truly understand the value of seeing a professional nutritionist/dietitian. Thus, because it’s not cheap, the VA must have a great grasp of the values of what changing your diet can do for you
– Obtain information for Doctor’s office using the Medical Group Portals under contract, and keep track of it using Excel
– Speak with Doctor and/or Referral Coordinator to offer the clinic’s services and obtain a fax number and a name for follow-up.
– Send a fax with the information about the clients’ services.
– Follow up on faxes sent to confirm reception.
– Call doctors’ offices to remind them to send referrals to see the client’s Registered Dietitians.
– Contact Doctor’s office or Referral Coordinators that are using incorrect codes and offer
information on the correct codes to use for referrals
– Must care about patients, can convey a message of help
– Must be a VA that is NOT afraid when a patient/caller might yell at them when they’re mad
– This is a job that is for people who love being on the PHONE and love what they do, which is to help people. This job requires that about 80% of their time is on the phone calling existing lead/patients

2. Data Entry
– The VA must do data entry into the medical system, enter client’s info, etc
– The VA’s time will be measured through a tracking system that measures the effectiveness of the VA’s work on their computer
– The VA MUST be comfortable to have a tracking system on their computer, which includes the time tracking (which is standard), plus another call-tracking system
Keep records on excel of doctors called, Referrals Coordinators, Telephone and Fax numbers,
calls made, follow-ups made.
– Report to management


All of our Virtual Latinos VAs must first have these 10 basic qualifications (click to read). Please review this first.

This client is also looking for these requirements:

Required Qualifications:
– Must be a people person and be able to connect with people over the phone very easily
– Must be Looking for a self-starter VA who can do things independently and has initiative
– VERY detail-oriented
– Stays on task and is organized
– Very courteous over the phone, able to follow a script and manage the call to obtain results
– Persistent, realizes that the more people you call, the more referrals we get
– Must be able to work well under pressure
– Must be a problem-solver
– Must be communicative with management
– Ability to handle the high call volume
– Must have a home office, or private quiet space to work from home.
– Ideally will have experience working remotely
– Must have a great typing speed (45+ words/min)
– Bilingual in Spanish/English

Work Details:
– Schedule: Monday-Friday, 9 am-6 pm (preferred schedule) or 11 am- 8 pm PST.
– Hours: 40 hours/week, full-time.