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Full-time Admin & Customer Service VA for Locksmith Company in California

Dear Virtual Latinos,

We’re looking to hire 1 VA in the next 7 days through this job that the Virtual Latinos Agency is publishing on behalf of a new client.

Client & Short Job Description:

The company was originally from Texas but then moved to California. The owner was a locksmith and was originally training franchise owners to help them open their locksmith business. They have been in California for 10 years and were in Texas for 5 years. They decided to build their own locksmith company, and have been building it and growing it since they started. They grew their business through cold calls and personal relationships, which they value a lot. They do a lot of in-person marketing with real estate agents and work with many property management companies. Their staff and clients are their friends, and they want to value the relationships they have with each of their staff members. TRUST is a big big factor in being part of their team. Their reputation is the most valuable to them. The team is made up of 7 people, including 2 owners, 2 assistants, 3 technicians, and a bookkeeper. and looking for a VA that can also pass on the same confidence/trust with the people the VA would work with.

The client is looking for a VA  with excellent English skills who is trustworthy and can pass on the same confidence/trust with the people they would work with. See more “Ideal Requirements” below.

The client is currently using this system:
– Service Bridge (

DEADLINE TO APPLY: You must apply by Monday, July 6th at 10 am PT. Our team will set up interviews for the selected candidates for July 7th, 2020.

Tasks required for the job

1. Taking & Making Phone Calls
– They’d like the VA to start work at 8:30 am California time, even though the company opens at 9 am.
– This will allow the VA to schedule technicians for work.
– Taking calls from clients, which are homeowners, technicians, and property managers.
– The company has software called Service Bridge, which is where most of the work orders are entered, routed, and billed.
– ServiceBridge also seems to have a CRM, but the company doesn’t use it now. They directly input all notes of any contact/account directly into the job orders.
– The VA would make calls related to work orders (mostly booking/arranging appointments for servicing a house), but no marketing calls. They don’t have any marketing campaigns.

2. Receiving & Entering Work Orders (Data Entry)
– The VA will receive work orders from property managers or homeowners usually by email.
– The VA will open ServiceBridge, and then enter all the details from the orders sent by email.
– The open the PDF of the email, click on “open new word” order, and copy/paste the info and details from the PDF into the work order in ServiceBridge.
– The ServiceBridge software includes features that let them see a map of the various locations where the work orders will take place each day.
– On average, the VA will enter about 15 work orders (the good days), and take about 5 minutes to enter each order, unless there are additional details.
– When orders come in through the phone, then it will take longer as the VA would need to write down the details of what the order requires.
– Once the work order is created, the VA will need to manually assign the task to the technician, the time frame for the work to be completed, and the location.
– The VA needs to be smart enough to figure out the BEST way to route all the work orders based on the address/location and times of each work order.

3. Billing/Invoicing
– In the field, the technician inputs on their phone (On the ServiceBridge app) the notes and services that they performed while working on the job order.
– The VA will need to verify that the technician included/charged the right services, at the right prices.
– The VA will need to make sure the notes make sense, they’re spelled correctly and with the right grammar. This is NOT hard, but the VA just needs to have a set of eyes to do “quality control” to make sure that the notes/services included in the invoice make sense and have enough detail so that the client will understand what job was performed and at what price.
– The VA should have a motivation to learn and understand the locksmith business, so they can do their job better.
– Once everything is verified in the invoice, the VA will click “Save” and “send by email” to the client, as a bill/invoice to be paid.
– Part of the VA’s job will include potentially following-up with clients to make sure the company gets paid, but that will ONLY be necessary if they have time, as usually the bookkeeper is in charge of that.

4. Processing Credit Card Payments
– A lot of the clients they help require that the company gets credit card information prior to showing up for a job order.
– For all homeowners (excluding property managers) the VA would need to gather the credit card info over the phone, and save it on the ServiceBridge software.
– This would represent about one-third of the total clients.
– Once the job is completed, the VA will need to manually run the credit card to charge the homeowners for the work completed.

BONUS TASK (Must be included in Proposal)
5. Basic Marketing Projects
– Ideally, if the VA is creative and interested, the VA could help the company to develop basic posts for social media (Facebook, Instagram) and Google My Business.
– This would include writing the copy/text for the posts, such as blog post introduction/summaries, or customer reviews and post them online.
– If possible, they’d like the VA to use to design simple social media graphics.
– Potentially other basic marketing tasks, as needed.
– NO experience required, but ideal if they have it.

(New) Personality Test:
Take this  7-8 minutes test and add your personalized link to your proposal. You just need to take it once and use the same link for all future proposals:

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Ideal Requirements:
– Looking for someone who can learn about the locksmith industry, learn the terminology, and know more about it.
– As for the property management side of the business, learning about the industry is fairly simple.
– Looking for someone with excellent verbal and written English communication skills.
– Most important is someone who wants to LEARN a lot, knows/can make decisions with the company’s owner.
– Must be HIGHLY organized for this job, as they’ll be managing lots of work orders, contacts, and data.
– Should be VERY detailed oriented, to make sure they don’t mess up any of the work they do.
– Must be able to multitask (Enter work orders, answer the phone, etc).

Work Details:
– Schedule: 8:30 am to 5:30 pm PST (with 1-hour lunch break) 
– Hours: 30-40 hours/week (Full-time)
– Pay: $5-7/hr (depending on your experience, determined by Virtual Latinos)

Interested in applying for the job? READ THIS CAREFULLY:

Please apply through this Virtual Latinos platform, and include:
1) 1-2 short paragraphs introducing yourself, where you’re from, what you studied, and general work experience, and explaining why you believe you meet the requirements of attitude and skills?

2) Provide us with specific details of your past experience and skills related to each of the tasks categories mentioned above. The format of this section should look like this:

Main Job Tasks Experience:
1. First task category name from above goes here
– I have worked with contacting leads/people for X amt of years, at X company. Here’s an example of how I worked, my process, and the results of it:
– Additionally, I’ve also done Y type of works, with Y company.
– Additional details
– Additional examples

2. Second task category name from above goes here
– I have worked with contacting leads/people for X amt of years, at X company. Here’s an example of how I worked, my process, and the results of it:
– Additionally, I’ve also done Y type of works, with Y company.
– Additional details
– Additional examples

3. Thrid task category… etc (as many categories as applicable)
IMPORTANT NOTE: 40-50% of applicants do NOT read the instructions and send very poor proposals. If your proposal is one of those it WILL BE IGNORED.

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