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Experienced Project & Account Manager for Marketing Agency

Dear Virtual Latinos,

Jaime, the founder of Virtual Latinos, is looking for an excellent and experienced project and account manager for his marketing agency

Looking for someone to become Jaime’s right-hand (Mano derecha) of his Marketing agency, so he can focus more on his time on finding new clients for Bloominari and Virtual Latinos.

Initially, the job will be for 10 hours a week, and will then grow to 20 hours/week based on the VAs experience, and how fast they learn.

1. Who’s an ideal candidate:
– Has experience working with a marketing agency, ideally an agency in the US
– Has at least 5 years of digital marketing experience
– Has past experience working as a project manager on marketing projects, and/or as an account manager who’s in charge of talking to customers and ensuring all their needs and concerns are met.
– Someone who’s VERY detailed oriented, and pays attention to all small details. Prefers to do a job that’s almost perfect, rather than do it fast.
– Customer happiness and success is his/her biggest priority, and understand that losing a client from lack of our marketing service quality is NOT an option.

2. Experience and Skills required
– Has great design and/or creative skills, so he/she can help clients with design input, as well as provide design input/ideas to our graphic design and web team
– Has previous knowledge setting up and/or maintaining paid Google Ads campaigns AND Facebook Ads.
– Has great English verbal skills, to pick up the phone and calls clients over the phone at any time, as needed.
– Has great presentation skills, so they can setup, direct and lead client and/or team meetings over Video chat using or Skype
– Has great written English skills, with very few grammar or Spelling mistakes
– Has an intermediate level of web maintenance for editing things on a WordPress or Joomla CMS website
– Loves technology, and can easily learn any web-based marketing tool. Including marketing automation
– Someone who is a leader, and problem solver and will go above and beyond to solve any project issues.
– Can be readily available via Telegram or Whatsapp for immediate communication

In this role, I’ll be basically handing down most of the projects that our agency Bloominari is currently handling, and will put 100% of our trust in your hands to handle our clients.

Someone without project management experience, or who’s not able to commit the time to learn how to work with our team will not be a good candidate.

Training time may potentially be paid, or may not, will be based on experience. If paid, a different rate will be offered.

Work Details
Schedule: Monday-Friday, Times during the day are flexible
When this job starts: As soon as possible
Pay offered: $7-9 USD/hr, based on skills and experience

Before you apply, take a look at our website, and study what we do and what makes our company different.

Any questions, please write Jaime via Telegram.

Looking forward to hearing from you if you’re the right person for the job 🙂

Interested in applying? THEN READ THIS CAREFULLY:
You need to make it easy for me to understand why you’re the right candidate for this job.
-To do so, please write a detailed proposal of your work experience, skills, and make sure to include mentioning the projects and/or companies you’ve worked for that can show me you do in fact have the work experience. Give good examples
– Explain your specific experience designing any of the items listed in section 1 and 2.

Please note that if your application isn’t completed well, we may not get in touch with yo

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