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10 Hours


General VA for Document Preparation, Handling and Data Entry

A Client who offers contract preparations services for submitting general contracts for the US government general services (GSA) is looking for a general virtual assistant with experience with the following tasks:

The overall role involves a VA working with the client to organizing a large number of documents that are necessary for preparing to submit a GSA application with the government.

The tasks the VA would do would include:

  • Handling Documents (Opening, editing, proofreading, etc)
  • E-mail handling, organization, and management
  • Working with Excel spreadsheets
  • Handling pricing and various numbers
  • Organizing E-mails and documents into various folders
  • A small part of the job may involve making outgoing phone calls

The ideal candidate must have these traits:

  • Super super organized person
  • Knows how to prioritize tasks, and knows how to prepare and divide his work time on his own
  • Has experience handling a large number of documents into various categories
  • Has great English reading and writing skills, as editing some documents may be required (not necessary)
  • Has experience researching data, processes and other requirements online
  • Is a great project manager, as this job essentially requires organizing documents to manage a contract, the contract is like one big project.

Availability needed: 10 hours a week

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