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Virtual Latinos Directory

Hire on your own: No middle man, no mark-ups

Access, browse and hire directly from the only Latin America-based community of virtual assistants and virtual marketers



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Virtual Assistants (VAs) Pricing: As low as $5 USD/hour.
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Total cost to hire via Directory = Membership Subscription + Hourly rate of the VA you choose to hire

Note: An active membership is required to find, hire and continuously work with our assistants. Learn more: How It Works

The Virtual Latinos Directory

The Latin American Advantage

Some of the benefits of working with Virtual Assistants and Digital Marketers based in Latin America

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about hiring a Latino Virtual Assistant

Answer: No, we don’t offer free trials of our assistants services. We value our assistants time and yours, and believe that the best working relationships are those that involved people who are serious about getting hired and hiring. The small, no-commitment month-to-month subscription will give you access to only pre-qualified Latinos who’re actively looking for work, and have proven that they have the English level, skills and work experience required to be great virtual assistants.

Although we don’t have free trials, we invite you to create a free account to browse a limited version of our Virtual Latinos Directory. See next question for more information about our Free account.

When you register and create a free account, you’ll be able to browse a limited version of our Virtual Latinos Directory. You won’t be able to contact any of them, but you’ll be able to see the type of assistants that are listed in our community, their skills, their country and other important information to show you that we have pre-vetted, qualified remote workers ready to help your business grow.

You can hire someone from our community of Latino workers in one of two ways:

1. Through our Virtual Latinos Directory if you’re interested in hiring someone directly. Learn more here.

2. Through our Virtual Latinos Agency if you’re looking for our help in finding and picking the best assistants for your needs. Learn more here.

Our community is made up of people mostly from Latin America, not all over the world

– We don’t take a cut of our assistants paycheck/salaries when hired through our Directory

– We don’t mark up worker salaries, you’ll pay them directly.

– We don’t get in between your communication with your worker, unless you ask for our support and assistance

– We don’t force you to pay your workers through us, you decide how, when and how often to pay them

– Sites like Upwork or Freelancer encourage short-term, temporary work. Virtual Latinos encourage long-term permanent work. Businesses tend to succeed better without 100% turnover.

– Sites like Fiverr are designed for small, super low-budget projects or gigs. While, Virtual Latinos is a community of passionate individuals hungry for work opportunities to form long-term relationships with a company, and to become part-time or full-time members of your team.

Yes, our team manually reviews the application of every person who applies, and hand-picks the best ones. We only accept 10-15% of applicants into our community’s Virtual Latinos Directory, and about 5% into our Virtual Latinos Agency program (A high-end program of certified virtual assistant and virtual marketers).

How much you pay them is either up to you if you hire them directly through our Virtual Latinos Directory, or the price will be pre-set if you hire them as part of our Virtual Latinos Agency program. See prices of our Agency program.

When hiring through our Virtual Latinos Directory:
How much you pay your assistants depends on the pay rate the assistant has listed on their profile or the pay rate you negotiate with your assistant. Pay rates vary based on your assistant’s skills, years of experience, past job experience and many other factors. The final pay is totally up to you, as our Directory is not a middleman nor a broker, it’s just the platform to find them.

This chart gives you a rough idea of hourly costs you can expect to pay

– $5-7 USD/ hour – A beginner with not much experience
– $7-10 USD/hour – Entry level, some experience
– $10-15 USD/hour – Intermediate level, few years of experience
-$15-$20 USD/hour – Advanced level, many years of experience
-$20+ USD/ hour – Expert level, lots of experience

You’ll pay your virtual assistant in one of two ways:

1. If you hire them through our Virtual Latinos Agency, you’ll pay Virtual Latinos which is a US-based company.

2. If you hire them through the Virtual Latinos Directory, it’s totally up to you how you pay them.

We recommend the following platforms to send payments to Latin America:

Our preferred methods of payment are QuickPay/Zelle or Venmo.

We also accept credit cards, debit cards, Paypal, or Square Cash with an additional 3% fee.

The choice is totally yours, but here’s our recommendation:

Not sure how to hire the best assistant for you?
If you’re not sure who is the perfect assistant for you or your company, you should consider hiring an assistant from our Virtual Latinos Agency program. When working with our Agency, our team will do the hard work of searching for, browsing, interviewing and picking the best assistant based on your needs and requirements – and we’ll then assign them to work with you. Learn more about our Agency program.

Know exactly who you’re looking for?
If you’ve hired any internal staff at your company before, or worked with virtual assistants in the past, we recommend you to do your own hiring using our Virtual Latinos Directory subscription service. By accessing our Directory, you’ll have access to our complete list of Latino virtual assistants, virtual marketers, virtual designers, and everyone else. You can then contact anyone you find interesting by using our internal messaging system. Learn more about our Directory.

Most of our assistants live and work in Latin America. They will generally work from their home, home office, Internet cafe or co-working space in their home city. If you prefer them to work from a specific place, you might be able to arrange that with them.

We don’t currently have a centralized Virtual Latinos center for our assistants to work from, but we might offer that in the near future, starting with a Virtual Latinos office in Mexico.

The short answer: No

The medium answer: Your virtual assistant is a foreign subcontractor, so if you’re in the United State you need to send them a 1099 tax form. You don’t report their wages. You don’t pay unemployment insurance. You don’t do tax withholding. You don’t have to deal with taxes.

For legal advice, we recommend you to consult with a tax professional or CPA. We do recommend you to request your assistants to fill out a W-8BEN form, which basically states that your assistants are foreign individuals not in the United States.

No, you can’t cancel your membership/subscription and still work with your assistant(s). You must keep an active membership/subscription to our Virtual Latinos Directory in order to continue working with your assistant after you’ve hired him or her through our platform.

Our new paid memberships are not only necessary for accessing and using our Directory while you’re actively searching to hire new assistants but are also required in order to continue working with your Latino remote worker(s)!

If you’re hiring an assistant through our Virtual Latinos Agency program, you’re not paying for a subscription to our Directory, you’re paying for your assistant’s work through one of our monthly packages of work-hours and thus, there’s no subscription to Cancel.

Job posts allow you to post a job description for the position you’re trying to fill at your company. It’s a place that allows you to put in writing exactly what it is you’re looking for.

When creating a job post, you’re able to choose a Job Title, Job description, and choose the skills you’re looking for in a virtual assistant. Once it’s published, you can invite assistants to apply to your job (like a regular job portal), or assistants can apply to your job when they browse the job opportunities listed on the Virtual Latinos Directory.

If you’re using our Directory, you can simply click on the profile of any of our listed assistants and then send them a message using our internal messaging system. The assistant will get notified by E-mail, and will typically reply back within 12 to 48 hours. Once you’ve upgraded to a paid membership, you can then communicate through our messaging platform, or take the conversation elsewhere (By E-mail, Skype, Whatsapp, etc).

We don’t limit how you communicate with our assistants once you’ve paid for one of our Directory’s subscriptions.

Yes, we offer a Satisfaction Guarantee.

Virtual Latinos Directory Guarantee: No, we do not offer a guarantee when using our Directory. The service is offered “as is”, and we cannot guarantee that VAs you contact will reply, be interested, and/or be willing to accept your job offer. Additionally, we don’t provide any refunds.

Virtual Latinos Agency Guarantee: If you’re not happy with your assistant within the first week of work, we’ll replace your assistant with a new assistant at no additional cost to you. If the very unlikely event that you’re not happy with your second assistant, or he/she didn’t prove to have the skills needed to complete the tasks you needed done, we’ll refund you 100% of what you paid during the second week of work (or 50% of what you’ve paid within the first 2 weeks).

Whether you hire through our Directory or through our Agency, you or someone from your existing company will need to train the assistants. Just like when you hire a regular employee, they’ll need to go through your training and on-boarding to become members of your team.

If you need help training them, creating a sales or marketing strategy, or anything else, contact the Virtual Latinos team and we’ll provide you with various options on how we may be able to help you.

No, all virtual assistants on our Directory are foreign independent contractors. They’re individuals who’ve applied to be part of our community, have been reviewed by our team and been approved and invited to create a profile in our Virtual Latinos Directory.

Some of the assistants in our community are also part of our Agency program, which include our top talent and people who’ve gone through our sales and/or marketing certification programs. When you hire an assistant through our Agency, you pay Virtual Latinos and we pay them on your behalf, but they’re still not employees of Virtual Latinos, they’re still independent contractors.

Hiring through our Directory?

If you’re hiring on your own through our Directory, and you’ve already pre-paid for membership to our hiring platform, you’ll be allowed to hire up to 2 different VAs, as long as you’re hiring for the same role (not a new one).

This applies only to those memberships that are pre-paid for 3 months at a time or longer.

No, our company does not run international background checks on any of the VAs that we accept into our community.

We do have a very thorough and time-consuming application process that all VAs have to go through, and we manually review and approve/deny every applicant that applies to work with us. As of 2021, we’re accepting only ~7.5% of all applicants into our community.

Our application process makes it hard for people to be invited into our community, and we typically only accept people with 4-year degrees, with 2+ years of work experience, and those who answer all of our application questions thoroughly, with examples and lots of details. On some occasions, we do ask our VAs for references.

So far, we only know of one client (a lawyer) who did run a background check on a VA. Most clients know that working with anyone, both in the U.S. or abroad is mostly all about building a relationship of trust, which comes with time.

Want to do a background check on a VA?
If desired, you may perform a background check on any assistant hired through our company. We can put you in touch with a company that offers international background checks, and you can do this yourself. You’ll have to pay for and process this outside our company.

Typical processing time to get a background check outside the US is about 2-3 weeks.

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