Who should pay the payment processing fees?

When you hire a virtual assistant or marketer from the Virtual Latinos Directory, you get to decide most of the hiring and payment terms between your assistant and you or your company.

The short answer is:

You decide who’ll pay the processing fees, as long as your new potential virtual assistant agrees with you.


The long answer is:

You’ll need to decide or negotiate with your virtual assistant whether the payment processing fees (if any) should be paid by your assistant (by deducting it from their total payment), or by you (by adding any fees to the total payment owed).

In general, when a person or business hires or buys services from a company or a person, the payment processing fees are usually paid by the business or person performing the services – in this case, your virtual assistant.

With that said, you’ll get to decide whether you’d like to help and support your virtual assistant by paying and adding the processing  to the total amount of money that you’ve agreed to pay, or if you’ll simply subtract the fees from the agreed payment amount so that your final payment includes the cost of any processing fees.

Our recommendations:

  • During the first 2-4 weeks of employment, you as the client should probably pay for the processing fees. When you as the client pay for the fees, it’s a sign of good faith that shows your virtual assistant that you’re interested in working with them for the long-term and want them to know that as an employer you’re interested in them being happy when working with you.
  • After the first month or two of working with your virtual assistant, you may choose to deduct the processing fees from your assistant’s payments. It’s totally up to you.

The fees aren’t usually very high if you choose to pay with our recommended payment service.


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