What is a "Certified" virtual assistant or virtual marketer?

So what does it mean that a virtual assistant is “Certified”?

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A “Certified” virtual assistant or virtual marketer, is an assistant who is a member of our “Certified virtual assistants” group from Virtual Latinos.

The Virtual Latinos head-hunting and hiring team selects the top 10-15% of assistants who were accepted into our Directory, and extends them an invitation to apply to our “Certified virtual assistants” training program.


What is the Virtual Latinos Training & Certification Program?

At Virtual Latinos, our main training program for virtual assistants is focused on offering US-based digital marketing courses and certifications. By inviting our most promising, or already talented assistants into our certifications program our company ensures that the assistants that our clients can hire through our platform do in fact have the most up-to-date, relevant, and professional skills required to perform the high-quality work that we know our clients will request of them.

The certification programs our assistants go through ensures their sales and marketing skills are up-to-par with most US-based high-quality and professional marketers, marketing agencies and other relevant industry professionals.

Each digital marketing certification requires between 8 to 12 hours of study, passing several web-based quizzes, and taking and passing a timed final exam. So passing each course is not an easy task, and only those who are serious about earning a certification will earn one.

We currently offer over 10 digital marketing courses and certifications as part of our main certifications program – but we’ll be expanding it soon.


Who gets to be a part of the official group of “Certified Virtual Assistants”?

Every assistant who completes and passes at least ONE of our training courses and receives an official certification from the training program automatically becomes a part of our “Certified virtual assistants” group.

Each of these virtual assistants can now be called a virtual marketer, as they’ve specialized in at least one digital marketing discipline by earning a certification from our program.

On the Virtual Latinos Directory, everyone who has earned at least one certification will have a special “Certified” badge next to their name and listing.

The image below highlights the “Certified” badge on our assistant’s profile within our Directory. Please note a “Certified subscription plan” is required to search and find our certified assistants.

View and search for certified virtual assistant or virtual marketer


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