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What should I do if I get hired by a client through the Virtual Latinos Directory?

We used to offer 2 ways to get hired through our community. 1 by getting hired directly by one of our clients through the Virtual Latinos Directory (since Oct 1st, 2020 this is NO longer available) or 2 through the Virtual Latinos Agency where businesses contact our company and request our help to find, select, interview, and find the best virtual assistant for their needs.

If you’re a virtual assistant (VA) or virtual marketer (VM) who’s an official member of the Virtual Latinos community and have a VA profile on our Directory at, please complete the following steps:

In order to maintain the high-quality of our virtual assistants’ services and Directory, we ask that all of our VAs inform our team every time they get hired for a job or stop working for a job that you got hired for by any Virtual Latinos clients who uses our Directory to directly get in touch with you as a VA.

Important Notes About Getting Hired Through the Directory
Starting Jan 8, 2020 new clients who hire VAs on their own using our Directory MUST now have an active membership subscription to the Virtual Latinos Directory, if they don’t, they will NOT be allowed to continue working with you.
– All the new 2020 paid membership subscriptions require that our clients pre-pay their Directory membership every 3 months
– Memberships auto-renew every 3 months, unless the client cancels it
– If a Client cancels their membership, our VL team will contact the client and you to find out what happened and if you’re still working together.
– If they’re still working with you, they will not be able to continue working with you until they renew (and pay) for their membership
– We ask you to always follow our code of ethics, be truthful, and maintain your integrity in order to continue being part of the Virtual Latinos community


Required Steps Once You Get Hired:
The following three steps are tasks that you must complete in order to continue to work through the Virtual Latinos Community:

1.  Inform our team every time you get hired by a Virtual Latinos client or company
If you get offered a job by a client/company via the Virtual Latinos platform, please do the following:
– Send us an email to with the following information:
a) Full name (First and last name) ?
b) Email of the person who hired you
c) Company name who hired you
d) How many hours per week or per month will you be working?
e) How much will you get paid per hour? or how much will you get paid per week or per month?

2. Update us on your current work availability
In order to maintain your Virtual Latinos profile active in our Directory, please provide us with the following information every time you get hired or your status changes:
– Send us an email to with the following information:

  • Current Status: ACTIVE (Still available to take on additional work) or INACTIVE (Can’t take any more work)
  • Current Availability: FULL-TIME, PART-TIME or NONE
  • Currently working with one of our clients: YES or NO (If Yes, please let us know who. Read this for additional instructions)

3. Stopped working for a client?
If so, please also let us know as it’s important that we keep track of the work status of every virtual assistant who works through our community
– Send us an email to with the following information:
a) Full name (First and last name) and E-mail of the person who hired you
b) Company name who hired you
c) When did you stop working? (Last date you worked)

Recommended Steps:
The following steps are not required but highly recommended for your job security

1. Have a written hiring agreement
Any time you accept any job through the Virtual Latinos Directory from any of our clients, we recommend that you either a) Send your client your own work agreement, or b) Request that your client send you a written work agreement. When working with companies from the United States or Canada, it’s super important to have everything you do in writing.

Details that your hiring agreement should include

  • Your full contact information: Full legal name, complete home address, E-mail, and Phone number (Cellphone preferred)
  • Your client’s full contact information: Full legal name of the person hiring, person’s email, full legal company name, company’s legal mailing address, company’s phone number, company’s email
  • Description of services: Describe the types of tasks and/or jobs that you’ll be requested to do as part of your work. Be as detailed as possible.
  • Minimum hiring term: How many weeks or months you will be hired as a minimum to get started?
  • Hiring format: Will you be hired on a per hour basis (we recommend this), or will you be paid on a per-project or per tasks basis?
  • Pay rate: How much will you get paid per hour or per month in USD (US Dollars)?
  • Payment schedule: How often will you get paid? We recommend that you request weekly payments at the end of each week (on Fridays or Sundays)
  • Work schedule and availability: If applicable, your agreement should include the specific hours of the day you’re expected to work every week, as well as include the days/times you’re both available and unavailable for work. Setting up the right expectations with your clients is VERY important in order to have a successful long-lasting work relationship
  • Communication methods: How will you get in touch with your client during your work schedule?
    – Will you use Skype,, Whatsapp, Email, Slack, Telegram, a project management system, etc?
  • Response time: How quickly will you commit to communicating with your client when he/she sends you a message/email to get in touch with you to do something?
    – We recommend that your response time during work hours should be less than 5 minutes when using an instant messaging app such as Telegram or Whatsapp, and less than 1 hour when working through the use of E-mail or a project management system

2. Request to get paid every week
We recommend that you request that your client pays you every week, at the end of each workweek.
– Learn more about how to get paid as a virtual assistant when hired directly by our clients

3. Create a weekly/monthly invoice to charge your client
In order to keep track of every payment you’d like to receive from your client, we recommend that you use an invoicing or accounting system that allows you to easily create invoices that you can send to your client every week.
– We recommend you to sign-up for a free account with the accounting system called “ZipBooks“, then watch this video on how to create an invoice using  ZipBooks
– You should send your client an invoice by Email or as a PDF attachment for every payment you’d like to receive, usually every week

4. Use a time-tracking app/software to track your work hours
In order to properly track the hours that you’re working for your clients, you should use a time tracking software or tool.
 You can signup and manage your work hours using some of these time-tracking tools: TimeDoctor (Free), Toggl, or Hubstaff

5. Use a project management system to keep track of all your work tasks
The best way to get things done is to keep a list of all the tasks and things your clients have asked you to do. If your client or client’s company doesn’t currently use a project management system or task list software, we highly encourage you to sign-up for your own free account with one of the following tools:

Finally, keep in mind that working with someone new (Both for you and for your client), is all about getting to know each other, building trust, being a good communicator, always acting professionally, and being overall a good person

If you have any questions, or suggestions to add to this article, please let us know