Virtual Latinos Agency Terms Intro

The following working terms apply to the virtual assistants (VA) who are hired through the Virtual Latinos Agency.

Virtual Latinos Agency Terms Intro:

Hiring Process: The Virtual Latinos Agency is in charge of the entire hiring process, including promoting job opportunities, conducting research, doing preliminary interviews, and much more

If chosen by our client to work, you’ll be legally hired by Virtual Latinos
The contract you sign will be to work as an independent contractor for Virtual Latinos

The work agreement/contract you sign will be to work as an independent contractor for Virtual Latinos

When hired through the Agency, our clients pay us for the VA’s work, and we pay our  VAs

  • Payment Sender: Virtual Latinos will be in charge of all payments to the Virtual Assistant (VA)
  • Payment Method: Most payments are made directly to the VA’s bank account, or with PayPal or Payoneer
  • Payment Schedule: All VAs are paid every two weeks
  • Payment Terms and  hourly-rates: Should be discussed ONLY with Virtual Latinos
    IMPORTANT NOTE:  You should never discuss payment terms, payment rates, or any other payment related issues directly with our client. You must always contact us first
  • Bonuses: In most agreements, no bonuses are offered to you as a VA, they’re always optional if a client wants to pay you a bonus. Some clients pay bonuses once per year
  • Commissions: Most jobs don’t offer a sales commission, if your does, it will be communicated to you via E-mail by one of our team members
  • Getting Paid: To get paid, every 2 weeks you must submit to the work report form the following: An invoice, a written report of your weekly activities, and a time-tracking report. We recommend ZipBooks to create your invoices for the Agency.

Ongoing Work:
Your day-to-day tasks communication will be with the client, but you will send a report every 2 weeks of your work and time-tracking activities to the Virtual Latinos team

  • Communication: Most VAs communicate with our clients through Telegram, Slack, or WhatsApp. Other may use other similar tools, the choice is up to our Client
    Project Management: During our onboarding call with you and the client, we encourage our Client to use a project management (PM) system to keep track of all the tasks they’ll assign you to do

    • Not all clients have an existing system, so we recommend them to use Teamwork, Infinity, Asana or Trello
    • If a client already used a PM system, you’ll likely be invited to join as a user and will be introduced to it by the client. If the client has never used one, it may be your responsibility to use a PM system to make a list of all your tasks, to-dos, deadlines, etc. We highly encourage you to learn how to use these types of systems, watch an intro video to 10 popular different PM systems.
  • Time Tracking: Our Agency requires that you track your work hours for at least 3 months using one of the various tools we recommend. If our Client wants you to track your time as well, then you’ll have to track it for as long as you work with the Client.
    • If the Client has a preference of which tool to use, you must use the tool our Client prefers, otherwise, you can use whichever one you prefer
    • Time tracking tools we recommend: Clockify | TimeDoctor | HubStaff | Toggl | WorkPuls (Most of our VAs use Clockify or Toggl’s free version)

Vacations or Time off:
You should always inform and discuss with Virtual Latinos about Vacations and Time-Off.

  • Holidays: Some local US holidays or your country’s holidays might be paid time-off, but that’s up for the client to decide.
  • Time-off, or sick days: There are no paid time off or sick days. Generally, if you’d like to take 1-2 days off, or you’re sick, you will still be paid for those days. YET, you’ll also be responsible to make up (reponer) those work hours at a later time.
  • Vacations: Vacations in most cases are not paid.
    • If you’d like to take off 1 week or more, this is considered vacation time, and you should always let our VAs success team and our client know at least 2 weeks in advance before you plan any vacations. The client and Virtual Latinos must approve. In most cases, your work will be put on pause (no payment will be made to you), and you’ll generally go back to work on a Monday for a full week of work.

Additional Work:
If you are offered to work extra hours – in addition to those stated on your work agreement – you should always inform Virtual Latinos first

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