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VA’s Quick Guide to Requesting a Raise

Dear Virtual Latino,

This is a short guide on the steps that virtual assistants (VAs) hired through the Virtual Latinos agency must follow if they’d like to request a raise from our clients.

If this situation applies to you, then we are so glad you are part of our community and you have been working with one of our clients for so long, congratulations!

Important information you should know prior to requesting a raise 

  • As stated in your agreement you must have completed working with our client for a minimum period of at least 12 months before you can request a raise.
    – NOTE: This is not about how long you’ve been working with clients in general inside Virtual Latinos, it’s about the minimum period working with each client.
  • Before you request a raise, you should always consider if the company is currently in a great or bad overall business situation, to consider the likeliness that your request for a raise will be approved.
    – We don’t want your request to be declined and for you to get discouraged, as this may not be a direct reflection of your hard work but a reflection of a difficult time the company may be going through.

Steps to request a raise

  1. Once you’ve completed at least 12 months of work, please write an email in English directed to your CSA’s email with cc with the following information:
    • Your complete name.
    • Client & Company name you are working with.
    • For how long you’ve been working with your client, including your official start date.
    • Explain in detail why you believe you’ve earned a raise (Example: I’ve reached X and Y goals, the workload has been increased from what you were originally hired for, etc.)
    • The amount of the raise you want to receive. Example: A Raise of $0.50/hr or $1.00/hr.
      Note: NEVER include the actual pay rate per hour you’d like, ONLY mention the additional amount you’d like to raise your hourly rate by.
  2. Once you send this email, our team will take care of negotiating this with our client on your behalf (Items related to payments or raises should never be addressed between you and the client).
  3. Once our team discussed your request with our client and presents your case, you’ll be notified by our team directly if your raise has been approved or declined.
  4. If approved, your raise will be notified to you via an official email, and will include the first date you’ll be paid the new higher hourly rate.
  5. If you have any questions, please contact one of our team members.

Please do know that our team is fully committed to supporting you with your professional growth, and we believe that it’s a great sign if your client approves a raise and helps advance your career.

We are happy to discuss any raise with our client, yet the final decision each client takes is completely up to them and is fully out of our hands. A client is not required to provide our VAs with any raises or bonuses, but we do encourage our clients to consider providing a raise from time to time in order to keep our VAs happy, engaged, and to show them they’re appreciative of the hard work you do as a VA for them.

We encourage you to continue delivering your best as always and strive for excellence in your job.

The Virtual Latinos Team