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The Virtual Latinos Learning Badge Program

Virtual Latinos is thrilled to announce that as of January 2022 we are officially launching the first Virtual Latinos Learning Badge Program! A program we have been working on for a while now, designed to help our amazing VAs acquire new skills, from different fields, that are in high demand in the job market today.

This program is exclusive for the Virtual Latinos community and all the amazing Virtual Assistants and Virtual Professionals in it.

We’ll be continuously selecting courses on subjects such as Marketing, SEO, Advertising and Graphic Design to enhance our community’s experience and provide the best training we can find out there. We want to help you have a competitive advantage in your job search and increase your chances of getting hired.

These badges and certifications will represent a symbol of your trajectory and knowledge that our Clients will look for and value when making hiring decisions. Once you complete any of the badge programs you will be awarded a certificate of completion and a Badge that we will include in your Virtual Latinos profile and in the PDF that clients receive when you apply to a job position. You will also be able to showcase them wherever you want to brag about your accomplishments and newly acquired skills.

We currently have prepared a total of 5 different badge categories, each divided into multiple levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum). These levels represent different skills and topics you can acquire. The more badge programs you apply to and complete, the more you will learn, and the more attractive your profile will be! We will be working on adding more Badge Programs to the list in the future.

  • Marketing: Marketing Foundations (Bronze), Digital Marketing (Silver), Email Marketing and Automation (Gold), Content Marketing (Platinum)
  • Advertising: Social Media Foundations (Bronze), Instagram & Facebook (Silver), Twitter, LikedIn, Youtube (Gold), Digital Media Analytics (Platinum)
  • Graphic Design: Design Fundamentals and Canva (Bronze), Logo Design (Silver), Adobe Package Basics (Gold), Adobe Package Intermediate (Platinum)
  • SEO: SEO (Platinum)
  • Google Ads: Google Ads (Platinum)

These exclusive courses will be launched one-by-one and announced accordingly on all our communication platforms (Telegram and Email). Starting with the Marketing Bronze Badge, premiering on January 3, 2022. Registration will be open starting on December 06, 2021 and will last for two weeks.
Now let’s go deeper into how this program works and how you can be a part of it.

How it works

Participating in our badges program is very simple!

Step 1. Register you will have 2 weeks to register after the Virtual Latinos announcement.
– Note: You must already be a member of the VL community before you can apply.
Step 2. Draw. Be one of the 25 lucky participants that get selected in the draw.
Step 3. Read Instructions. We will send the selected Virtual Professionals instructions on how to earn a badge.
Step 4. Take the courses and notes on what you’re learning during the course.
Step 5. Submit your report to Virtual Latinos for review.
Step 6. Get a certificate of completion. If your submission is approved, you will earn a certificate of completion and we’ll add your badge to your Virtual Latinos Agency PDF profile.

Why You Should Enroll to Earn a Badge

Enrolling in the Virtual Latinos’ Badge program will not only provide you skills and information on topics you might not have, but it will also help you catapult to your next professional step.

At Virtual Latinos, we believe that knowledge is key for professional advancement and improvement, and we want to provide that to the members of our community.


In order to be eligible to apply to take the courses you must first:

  • Apply to be part of our Virtual Latinos Community and be accepted
  • Have completed all of the steps to have your Virtual Latinos profile ready
  • Signed the Acknowledgment form

Note: Virtual Professionals that have not been hired will have priority in the selection process, but all members of the Virtual Latinos community will be able to apply and participate in the draw.

Having been selected for one badge does not automatically give you a slot in the next level badge program. You will have to register and win your space for each badge of your interest.

To be eligible to apply to a second, third or fourth level of any badge program, you must first complete the levels that precede it. Ex. To register in Marketing Silver you must have completed Marketing Bronze.

How to Earn a Badge

1. Instruction booklet. If selected for the program, check your inbox for the Badges Program Booklet. This booklet will include detailed instructions and a list of links to the courses you must take to earn the badge.

2. Take all courses. You have 1 month to complete all courses. Each program adds up to 24 hours of training that you will have to complete during your free time.

3. Take notes for each course. Include detailed notes and images of your learning path and the certification of completion. If a certification of completion is not provided, include screenshots for proof. The format and detailed instructions on how to complete this report will be provided in the Badges Program Booklet, including an example and template on how to take notes.

4. Submit your Booklet for Review. Upload your report before the deadline. All reports that are submitted past the deadline will not be taken into consideration, therefore no badge will be awarded. You will be able to enroll in future open registrations following 6 months of your original registration period.

5. Review. The Virtual Latinos team will review that all notes are completed and that the correct format was followed to determine if the badge should be awarded.

6. Earn a badge. Congratulations! You’ve earned your badge.
Once you complete the Badge Program and your report is approved, you will be awarded a badge and a certification of completion for your achievement.

Badge Benefits

Apart from acquiring knowledge, the Virtual Latinos Badge Program has many benefits for you.

  • All Virtual Latinos Badge Learning Program graduates will be showcased on all Virtual Latinos social media platforms.
  • The badges earned will be included in your Virtual Latinos profile and in the PDF that clients receive when you apply to a job position.
  • The badges will testify to your acquired skills and provide you with a competitive advantage in your job search.
  • You will be able to showcase your badge and certificate of completion on social media, LinkedIn or wherever you want.

Want to be part of the Virtual Latinos Badge Program? Be on the watch out for our registration announcements in our Telegram channels and your email to be able to register on time for a chance to participate in one (or many) of our Badge Programs.

Visit the Virtual Latinos Badge Program Website (This is only informative, the link to register will be provided to you when registration period is on):