How do I select the proposal and virtual assistant I’d like to hire?

Select the proposal and virtual assistant you’d like to hire

First, we recommend that you learn about the overall process to hire a virtual assistant through a job posting.


How to start hiring your next virtual assistant or virtual marketer by choosing a proposal


Step 1: View all of the proposals submitted for your project.

Follow the steps here on how to view the proposals and virtual assistants who applied to my job.


Step 2: View the full details of the proposal you’d like to choose

Next to the proposal you’d like to choose to move forward in the process to hire a virtual assistant, click the “Actions” button and select “View Proposal: Review & Accept”.

Explore all proposals available for your virtual assistant project or job


Step 3: Review the full details of the proposal and add any additional terms

Spend some time reading through the details of the proposal for your project/job, as well as the details of the virtual assistant who submitted it.

If you choose to do so, you can add any additional terms to the assistant’s proposal by entering those terms in the text box shown below the words “Project Terms”.

The virtual assistant will have a chance to review those terms before accepting or declining to move forward with the project/job.

View full job details of the proposal submitted

Project details, quoted price, and time to complete the job


Step 4: Select the Proposal

Once you’ve reviewed all the details of the proposal and are ready to move forward to start hiring the virtual assistant, please click on the button “Select Proposal”.

You’ll be shown a pop-up asking you to confirm your selection for choosing this as the winning proposal and virtual assistant candidate you’ll choose for your project/job.

Ready to choose this proposal as the winning one?


Step 5: Congratulations, you’ve officially started the hiring process!

Once you’ve clicked OK on the pop-up from step 4, you should see a message similar to the one shown below congratulating you for starting the hiring process for your next virtual assistant from Latin America.

Congratulations, hiring process for virtual assistant started!


Step 6: Wait for the virtual assistant to review and accept the proposal

The virtual assistant you’ve chosen will have an opportunity to accept, decline, or amend the terms of the proposal you’ve sent.

For now, your project will be marked as “Discussing Agreement” in your “Projects dashboard” until the assistant is notified that he or she has been chosen by you to be hired for the project, and decides what action to take next.

Virtual assistant proposal chosen, now discussing agreement terms

Please give it a few days to hear back from the assistant. If you don’t hear a response within 5 days, please contact our team and we’ll be happy to help you.


Step 7: Review the virtual assistant’s response

Once the virtual assistant has responded to your proposal, you’ll get an e-mail notification letting you know that the proposal is now ready to be reviewed by you.

Under the section “Your Project Terms”, you’ll see any terms you might have requested for the proposal’s project/job when you selected the proposal. Otherwise, it will be empty.

Under the section “Candidate Decision / Terms”, you’ll see the virtual assistant’s response to the proposal. The assistant had the option to either accept, decline or propose new terms.  If accepted, you’ll see the virtual assistant’s decision/terms shown as “Accepted” in green, otherewise you’d see “Declined” in red – see screenshot below. If the assistant chose to propose new terms, you’d see those new terms in this section as well.

Last step, final approval of the virtual assistant's proposal for the project by client / employer


Step 8: Make your final decision to accept or decline the project/job’s final terms.

You as the client have the final say as for whether to accept or decline the project. At this point in the negotiation of the project/job’s terms, you’re no longer able to edit or amend the terms, you’re only allowed to add some notes or instructions for the assistant.

If you ch0ose to accept the project/job’s proposal as is, select “Accept” under the “Your Decision” section, and then click the “Accept/Start Project” button to finalize your decision.

If you choose to decline it, select “Decline” under the “Your Decision” section, and press the button to submit your response.


Step 9: The accepted proposal becomes your work agreement

Once you’ve accepted the terms of the proposal, it will become your main work agreement between you as a business/client/employer, and the virtual assistant you’re hiring.

Yet, we highly recommend that either you or your assistant create a separate document that memorializes the terms of your agreement, including work hours, payment terms, communication methods, deliverables, tools you’ll be using, etc.

Learn more: For a successful working relationship with your virtual assistant, explore the articles in our “Working with virtual assistants” section.


Step 10: Get in touch with your virtual assistant

If you accepted the proposal for your project/job on the previous step, you can now reach out to your new virtual assistant by sending them a message.

Then, exchange additional contact information such as their E-mail and phone number, so you can communicate with him or her faster on the day-to-day tasks of the project/job.

Learn more: Which communication methods can I use to contact my virtual assistant?

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