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Roles for Virtual Assistants – Find Your Perfect Fit

We are so excited that you’re ready to create your profile which is the final step towards applying to job opportunities at Virtual Latinos.

As you’ll see, the industries section and the roles section are predefined and might not match the ones on your previous experience exactly. But don’t worry! We created this article to help you in the process for you to select the ones that match your profile the most to enhance your opportunities of aligning with the job opportunities we have on our platform.


In this section, you’ll see 19 different industries, we know it’s a lot, but please read the definitions below and the examples provided to select the best one(s) for you:

B2B Retail & Wholesale & Services:

B2B Retail & Wholesale & Services refers to transactions where one business sells products or services directly to another business rather than selling to individual consumers.


Construction industry refers to the industrial branch of manufacturing and trade related to building, repairing, renovating, and maintaining infrastructures.

Consulting & Coaching:

Consulting & Coaching industries provide expertise and guidance to individuals and businesses. Management consulting aids organizations in improving efficiency, executive coaching enhances leadership skills, and health and wellness consulting focuses on promoting well-being.

B2C Retail & Wholesale & Services:

B2C Retail & Wholesale & Services cater to individual consumers. Examples include fashion retail, offering clothing and accessories; food and beverage services, including restaurants and cafes; and personal care services, such as salons and spas.

Design & Creative Services:

Design and creative services encompasses companies that do creative work such as writing, designing, and production by producing artwork and design concepts that can take on many different forms.


Electronic commerce (e-commerce) refers to companies and individuals that buy and sell goods and services over the internet.

Educational Services:

Education Industry comprises establishments whose primary objective is to provide different learning opportunities via courses or certificates to their students..

Fitness & Gyms:

The fitness and gym business involves providing services for physical exercise and training to help individuals improve their health and achieve their fitness goals. It encompasses a wide range of activities, from offering memberships for access to workout spaces and classes to selling fitness-related products and personalized training sessions.

Healthcare & Medical:

Healthcare & Medical industries provide medical services and support, including primary care, insurance, and other medical equipment companies.

Home Services:

Home Services cover various services related to residences. This includes home cleaning services, home improvement services for renovations, and home security services for safety and monitoring.

Finance & Investments:

Finance & Investments involve managing and growing financial resources. Financial planning services provide personalized advice, investment banking engages in financial activities for corporations, and fintech leverages technology for innovative financial products and services.

Law Firms & Legal Services:

Law Firms & Legal Services comprise entities providing legal expertise and assistance. Law firms represent clients in legal matters, offer consultations, and handle various legal services such as immigration assistance, litigation, contracts, and legal advisory.

Marketing Agency:

Marketing Agencies specialize in promoting products and services. They create and execute marketing strategies, manage advertising campaigns, conduct market research, and employ various channels to enhance brand visibility and attract customers.


Non-Profit organizations operate for a social cause rather than profit. They address societal issues, engage in charitable activities, and rely on donations and grants to fund their missions, contributing to community welfare and social development.

Property Management:

Property Management involves overseeing real estate on behalf of property owners. This includes tasks such as tenant management, property maintenance, rent collection, and ensuring properties comply with regulations.

Real Estate:

The Real Estate industry involves buying, selling, and managing properties. It includes residential and commercial real estate transactions, property development, real estate investment, and services related to property transactions.

Recruitment & HR:

Recruitment & HR (Human Resources) is dedicated to managing personnel. This industry includes recruitment agencies, HR consulting, talent management, and services related to workforce planning, training, and development.

SaaS & Technology:

SaaS (Software as a Service) & Technology focuses on software development and technological solutions. This industry includes SaaS products offering software on a subscription basis, technology companies developing innovative solutions, and IT services supporting businesses in their technological needs.


The “Other” category is a broad classification encompassing diverse industries and businesses not covered in specific categories. This may include unique or niche industries that don’t fit into conventional classifications.


Explore 35 diverse roles in this section, each labeled with US-standard naming conventions. Don’t worry if your experience doesn’t perfectly align with a US-based role—simply choose the option that best resonates with your background. The descriptions are general and may vary depending on the client, company, and level of expertise. The roles of the jobs you will apply may be slightly different and include different tasks and responsibilities. Let’s find the perfect match for your skills and expertise!!

Social Media Specialist:

The Social Media Specialist oversees the creation, organization, and scheduling of content across various platforms, implements new strategies, analyzes engagement data, manages direct messages and comments, conducts content moderation, and crafts bilingual copy for English, Spanish and/or Portuguese social media posts, accompanied by basic graphic designs on Canva.

Admin Assistant

The Administrative Assistant excels in executive email management, calendar coordination, phone handling, meeting scheduling, and information provision. They proficiently manage digital files, perform diverse office tasks like data entry and report generation, offer general HR administrative support, coordinate travel arrangements, and handle basic bookkeeping duties, including creating and sending quotes, invoices, receipts, and payments – excluding professional bookkeeping services.

Project Manager

The Project Manager adeptly monitors and plans projects, utilizing Project Management tools to ensure progress aligns with timelines. They manage data through visualization and reporting tailored to company requirements, write manuals and SOPs for newly implemented processes, oversee sensitive information crucial to business decision-making, and exhibit strong problem-solving and leadership skills.

Legal Assistant

The Legal Assistant efficiently takes meeting notes, conducts client support calls for case updates and information gathering, interprets and translates calls and documents crucial for client cases, handles legal client intake by obtaining personal information and necessary documents, verifies and organizes documents as required, and ensures effective follow-up with clients via email, text messages, and phone calls pertaining to their cases.

Sales Assistant

The Sales Assistant Representative conducts cold and warm calls, qualifies leads, and manages a CRM system. They utilize a VoIP phone system for inbound and outbound sales, book and ensure prospects attend meetings, and conduct follow-ups via email, text messages, and calls. Additionally, they identify the right customer profile for relevant upselling offers.

Graphic Designer

The Graphic Designer establishes brand guidelines and employs diverse skills, from event and branding design to animation, audio editing, and 3D rendering. They collaborate with teams, managing content schedules and creating digital assets for advertisements, brochures, and blogs. Proficient in multimedia, they edit photos, create basic videos, and ensure a professional touch with sound and effects.

Accounting Assistant

The Accounting Assistant efficiently manages financial transactions by generating quotes, invoices, and receipts for leads and clients. They meticulously update and maintain expenditure records, follow up to receive client payments, categorize expenses from bank accounts and credit cards, and reconcile both payroll and accounts payable accounts. Additionally, they conduct basic bookkeeping tasks through data entry and transaction collection.

Intake Coordinator

The Intake Coordinator in healthcare excels in patient onboarding, follow-ups, and building rapport. They proficiently handle data entry and manage CRM/EMR systems, gather and update patient information and documents, and ensure patient confidentiality through meticulous tracking and project management. Offering healthcare customer service, they address inquiries via phone, email, and SMS, ensuring a smooth patient experience. Additionally, they manage calendars, set appointments, and maintain the practice/clinic agenda.

Customer Service Representative

The Customer Service Representative efficiently manages client accounts, delivering excellent service through calls and email support. They engage customers via live chat, providing real-time assistance, and utilize multi-channel communication. Their technical expertise allows them to troubleshoot issues, ensuring a positive customer experience.

Executive Assistant

The Executive Assistant provides administrative support, managing executive emails, drafting memos, and organizing meetings. They handle minor accounting tasks, answer calls professionally, and excel in calendar management, including appointment setting and travel arrangements. Additional responsibilities include office duties like ordering supplies, basic contract drafting, and general administrative support.


The Receptionist efficiently handles incoming calls, directs inquiries, and ensures professional customer service. They manage emails, appointments, and calendars while maintaining accurate CRM records and organized digital files. The Receptionist also provides excellent client support, addressing concerns for a positive customer experience.

Human Resources Specialist

The HR Specialist oversees comprehensive HR management, including policy implementation, employee relations, and compliance. They formulate and execute recruiting strategies to attract qualified candidates and develop training and onboarding programs, writing manuals and SOPs for effective integration of new hires. Additionally, they cultivate positive employee relations, adeptly handling complaints, grievances, problem-solving, and conflicts to promote a respectful work environment.


Recruiters utilize diverse sourcing methods to attract qualified candidates, conduct thorough candidate reviews, and coordinate interviews, assisting with contract drafting. They maintain consistent communication with candidates, act as a general HR manager, and ensure accurate candidate information in the applicant tracking system through constant data entry and digital file management. Collaborating with hiring managers and HR professionals, they develop and execute recruiting strategies aligned with the company’s goals and values.

Video Editor

The Video Editor excels in producing high-quality video content using Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro. They create visually engaging animations and motion graphics, edit audio tracks and sound effects, and seamlessly integrate photography editing for consistent and high-quality visuals in video content. Additionally, they contribute to podcasting post-production, skillfully editing and mixing audio while incorporating sound effects and music.


Researchers excel in determining research areas, identifying funding sources, and planning and executing experiments and surveys. Proficient in data collection, analysis, and visualization, they draw conclusions and provide detailed reports. Utilizing research outcomes, they write papers and reviews, presenting findings in journals and conferences with precision.

Website Designer

The Website Designer collaborates to plan and develop visually appealing, accessible websites. They specialize in E-commerce site management, integrating seamless back-end development, ensuring responsiveness, and conducting full-stack development for end-to-end website creation. Additionally, they perform regular maintenance, coding navigation, designing controls, and creating mock-ups for approval.

Procurement Specialist

The Procurement Specialist excels in strategic sourcing, encompassing RFP preparation, proposal evaluation, contract negotiation, and vendor management. They adeptly manage supplier relationships for regulated products and services, ensuring effective purchasing through order placement, compliance, budget allocation, and logistics coordination. Additionally, they oversee quality control, negotiate and settle issues with suppliers, and maintain effective communication with the Sales Team through daily pricing and inventory reports.

Account Manager:

The Account Manager maintains strong client communication via phone and email, addressing project-related inquiries, requests, or concerns while fostering lasting relationships. Basic project management to ensure client satisfaction, collaborating with the team to meet deadlines. Assisting in organizing, updating, and maintaining client databases and CRM data. Contributing to upselling additional services to existing clients by identifying opportunities within their portfolio and advocating for clients to enhance their overall experience with a focus on improving customer satisfaction.


The Estimator is someone in charge of creating initial cost estimates for construction materials, coordinating with suppliers and subcontractors, while assisting project managers in tracking progress and timelines, presenting comprehensive project reports to management, collaborating with sales to develop tailored proposals, and maintaining organized project documentation.

Operations Assistant:

The Operations Assistant coordinates supply chain operations, overseeing inventory, storage, and transportation, including inventory management, order placement, and tracking, while managing team projects, updating systems for reporting, and coordinating schedules for team, customer, and supplier appointments.

Digital Marketer:

The Digital Marketer crafts digital strategies, sets goals and designs email templates. They can also be in charge of overseeing email marketing efforts, collaborating on diverse content creation for social media, blogs, and other platforms, managing content calendars, analyzing monthly reports, and conducting comprehensive marketing research for the company’s growth, including competitor analysis and trend identification.

Marketing Assistant:

The Marketing Assistant is accountable for supporting with email marketing by sending pre-designed templates, create basic social media content using tools like Canva, assisting in marketing research and benchmarking, conducting basic web maintenance checks, and aiding in general marketing tasks including presentations, organizing digital files, updating spreadsheets, managing emails, and generating reports to assist the marketing team.

Property Manager:

The Property Manager handles tenant communication, lease renewals, and online portal assistance, process invoices and payments, manage property maintenance by liaising between tenants and vendors, create management agreements and property reports, organize property documents digitally including photos, maintain Property Software CRM by updating listings across Real Estate Databases, ensuring property information is current and consistent.

Appointment Setter:

The Appointment Setter coordinates appointments for potential clients and team members, engage in warm calls to schedule appointments and ensure follow-ups to confirm attendance, manage customer service inquiries and relay messages, possess foundational sales funnel knowledge to assess lead conversion potential.

Content Creator:

The Content Creator is expected to craft social media content plans and create engaging visuals, including graphic and editorial design, provide basic copywriting for diverse social media platforms, manage content calendars and projects for social media posts, collaborate in digital marketing efforts for content creation, and assist with basic social media management when necessary within a team setting.


The Copywriter excels in crafting compelling copy for social media and blog platforms in English and/or Spanish, apply basic SEO principles to enhance content relevance using industry-specific keywords, manage multiple posts or articles concurrently with project management skills, generate written content for email marketing campaigns, and conduct proofreading for both personal and team-written content while ensuring timely delivery through effective calendar management

eCommerce Specialist:

The Commerce Specialist manages and updates eCommerce platforms with detailed data entry and visual content, they also collaborate across departments to curate and share updated content across platforms, utilize Excel and web analytics for organization and sales monitoring, apply sales funnel knowledge and conversion rate optimization strategies to drive success for managed sites by identifying and seizing improvement opportunities.

Medical Assistant:

The Medical Assistant provides patient assistance prioritizing safety, manage Electronic Medical Records (EMR) for patient histories and appointments, handle calendar management for medical staff and patient follow-ups, ensure sensitive information and confidentiality compliance, conduct patient intake, document verification, and accurate digital file management including Medical & Insurance Billing Intake & Administration, and offer live interpretation for calls and meetings as needed.

Real Estate Assistant:

The Real Estate Assistant facilitates appointment scheduling and manages calendars for real estate agents, conducts follow-ups with leads via cold sales emails, generates and filters leads according to property interests, verifies client information for loan processing, maintains updated client databases through CRM management, engages in both cold and warm calls to potential clients, possesses basic proficiency in posting properties on platforms like Zillow and, coordinates sales transactions and schedules for seamless operations.


The Translator deals with accurately translating documents between English and Spanish (or Portuguese-English), maintaining tone and original meaning, this individual possesses strong grammar skills in both languages for precise translations, as well as is fairly familiar with industry-specific terminology through reading material, and proofreading translated content, ensuring quality and accuracy, whether done by self or other team members.

Lead Generation Specialist:

The Lead Generation Specialist thrives  in lead generation and list building through cold outreach via calls, emails, and texts, employing CRM software to filter leads by interest, utilizing various tools for prospect sourcing and research, applying sales funnel knowledge to gauge and manage prospect interest stages, and conducting social media outreach to engage and attract potential clients.

Influencer Marketing Specialist:

The Influencer Marketer specializes in conducting comprehensive market research, collaborating with creative teams for branding and promotional strategies, identifying optimal marketing channels and digital platforms with influencers. They are also capable of evaluating campaign performance through key metrics and conversion rate optimization, establishing relationships with influential figures, contributing expertise in outbound and inbound marketing including event planning, advertising, traffic generation, optimization, and content development.

Social Media Outreach:

The Social Media Outreach VA researches ideal client personas using hashtags and relevant accounts, curating lead lists for outreach. They are also capable of engaging contacts through DMs across various platforms, adhering to client tone and scripts to schedule appointments. Pre-qualifying leads based on interactions, inviting suitable prospects to book calls. Continuous follow-ups via DM to move leads through the sales funnel. Organizing and reporting DM responses via CRM or Google Sheets, detailing contacted leads, qualifying them in the CRM, and generating weekly reports showcasing lead outreach, follow-ups, results, and responses for management review.

Marketing Project Manager:

The Marketing Project Manager is responsible for conceptualizing, planning, and overseeing project execution. Tracking progress, setting deadlines, and task assignments for the Marketing team, collaborating with designers, content creators, digital marketers, and others. Addressing project issues to ensure customer satisfaction and implementing tracking processes using various tools. Possessing extensive expertise in Digital Marketing, Content Creation, and Design to effectively manage diverse projects within the marketing realm.

Intake Specialist:

The  Intake Specialist responsibilities involve conducting thorough client interviews via phone and email to understand their cases for legal intake. Assessing and filtering client claims to align with the firm’s areas of practice and expertise. Scheduling initial consultations with attorneys for promising candidates and managing attorney calendars. Facilitating new client onboarding by completing required paperwork, organizing initial case files, verifying documents, and following up with interested clients. Inputting client details into CRM case management systems and providing administrative support as needed.