What’s the process to hire a virtual assistant through a job posting?

Complete process to hire a virtual assistant using the job portal

Virtual Latinos offers entrepreneurs, businesses, professionals and marketing agencies the flexibility and transparency they may be looking for when hiring their next virtual assistant or marketer.

You can hire professional, hand-picked, skilled virtual assistants from Mexico, Central America, and South America in one of the following ways:

  1. Hire an assistant on your own:
    Browse and search for virtual assistants through the Virtual Latinos Directory.

    • Method A) Send an individual message to each virtual assistant you’re interested in.
    • Method B) Post the details of your project or job, and invite assistants to apply to it or wait for assistants to find your job on our portal and apply on their own.
  2. Our team helps you find your assistant:
    • Share with our team what type of help and virtual assistant you’re looking for and hire through our Virtual Latinos Agency.

This help desk article covers the full process of hiring a Latin virtual assistant or virtual marketer through the Virtual Latinos Directory & job portal (Method B)

To post a job on the Virtual Latinos platform, you’ll first have to create an account.

Your free account will allow you to post jobs in our platform, yet only businesses/employers with a paid subscription plan will be able to see which virtual assistants applied to their job and be able to reply to them through our messaging platform.


Steps to hiring virtual assistants through the Virtual Latinos job portal


Step 1: Post a project or job on our portal

Step 2: Invite specific virtual assistants to apply to your project/job

Step 3: View all proposals and virtual assistants who applied to your project/job

Step 4: Select the proposal and virtual assistant you’d like to hire and define the work terms and agreement

Step 5: Your virtual assistant starts working on your project/job

Step 6: Review your assistant’s work and oversee the project/job

Step 7: Once the project/job has been done, mark it as completed

Step 8: Leave feedback and a review for your virtual assistant

Step 9: Your virtual assistant will review you as a client/employer

  • You don’t need to do anything for this step, we’re just letting you know 😉

Step 10: Repeat as needed – hire for a new project or a new assistant!

  • If you’re happy with your virtual assistant’s work, we hope that you choose to hire him or her again for another project. To help our virtual assistants it’s best that you hire them through our portal so that you can leave a review/feedback after completing each project. Review help our assistants to get featured higher in our directory and increases their chances of getting hired for additional work.
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