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Do I get any paid vacations or days off?

When you’re working as a virtual assistant through the Virtual Latinos Agency, you’re legally offering your services and working as a freelancer/contractor, not an employee. Therefore, if you are hired through the Virtual Latinos Agency, you don’t get any paid vacations or days off. However, most clients are pretty flexible and you are allowed to ask for unpaid times or unpaid days off if you need them.

You’re always required to discuss any potential plans for vacations and time-off with your client beforehand. The client must then approve this request in writing, for our company to review and give the final approval for you to take time off. In most cases, you’ll be ok, but in others, your client may need you to work.

To ensure you’re able to take time off, it’s always best to let your clients know about your plans with as much time in advance as possible (2-4 weeks).

For short-time off you may request to “make-up” for the missed work hours either before or after you take any time-off, in order to avoid a partial payment. For extended time off our company will generally pause your payment for 1 or more weeks, and will also pause/skip billing your client accordingly on a week-per-week basis.

Remember that you or your client will have to fill out the Changes and Approvals form in our Virtual Latinos Portal (VLP) to request any change.