Do I get any paid vacations or days off?

When you’re working as a virtual assistant with a client, or through the Virtual Latinos Agency, you’re legally offering your services and working as a freelancer/contractor, not an employee. Therefore, if you are hired through the Virtual Latinos Agency, you don’t get any paid vacations or days off. However, most clients are pretty flexible and you are allowed to ask for unpaid times or unpaid days off if you need them.

If you’d like to go on vacation or take time off, make sure you first discuss this with your client and a staff member of the Virtual Latinos Agency. In most cases, you’ll be ok, but in others, your client may need you to work. To ensure you’re able to take time off, it’s always best to let your clients know about your plans with as much time in advance as possible (2-4 weeks).

Remember that you get paid per hour for your virtual assistant services, thus, you’ll still need to complete your required work hours at some point (Before, during, or after your time off or vacations).

These rules may be different if you’re working directly with a client.

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