How do I leave feedback and write a review for my virtual assistant?

This article explains the steps needed in order to leave a review for your virtual assistant after they’ve completed a job or project through the Virtual Latinos jobs platform.

As an employer, you’re only allowed to leave a review or feedback for your virtual assistant hired through Virtual Latinos if you used the “Post a Job” platform. Otherwise, you will not be able to leave feedback.

NOTE: Please note that our system also allows our virtual assistants to rate and review their clients. Thus, this is a fair two-way review system.


Steps to mark leave feedback and write a review for your virtual assistant

1. Login to your Virtual Latinos employer account

You must already have an account in order to login.


2. Click on “Manage Jobs” under your dashboard section on the right sidebar


3. Make sure your job or project is marked as “Completed” by both you and your assistant

This means that your project has officially ended, and is now ready to be reviewed.

If your project is not yet marked as completed by both you and your assistant, learn how to mark your job as completed here.

Project completed by both assistant and employer


4. Click on “Actions > Add Review” next to your assistant’s job status

Select to write a review for your virtual assistant


5. Scroll down to the “Work Details” section, then click on “Actions > Review”

A new section will open that will allow you to write a review for your assistant’s job/project. To begin, choose a rating for your review (one to five stars). Then type in your review on the text box below it – A short paragraph or two should be enough. To finish and submit your review, click the “Submit Review” button.

Leave feedback and review your virtual assistant's work


6. Your review should be posted successfully

Once your review has posted successfully, you should see the following screen

Your review has posted successfully


7. To verify that the review was saved, do the following:

A) Click on your assistant’s profile link.

B) You should now be able to see a set of “stars” under his profile photo.

Your virtual assistant's new review and ratings

C) Scroll down to the bottom of your assistant’s profile to the “Reviews” section. Your review should now appear under that section.

Verification that your review has been posted

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