How do I invite a specific virtual assistant to apply to my job?

Inviting Virtual Assistant to Apply to your Project / Job

First, we recommend that you learn about the overall process to hire a virtual assistant through a job posting.


How to invite any of our virtual assistants and virtual marketers to apply to your project/job?

Step 1: Post a project/job on Virtual Latinos

First, you’ll need to post the full details of your project/job on our job portal.

Follow all of the steps on how to post a project/job on Virtual Latinos to hire Spanish-speaking virtual assistants and marketers from Latin America.


Step 2: Manage your project/job

To view your approved projects, click on “Manage Jobs” on your dashboard’s right sidebar. This will take you to your list of jobs and projects.

Manage jobs as an Emplyer

On this page, you see all of your projects. Including those with the status of draft, pending approval, approved (open for proposals), in development, completed or expired.


Step 3: View the details of your approved job post

To make sure your project has been approved by our team, your project must show the “Open for Proposals” status next to it (see screenshot below).

If it does, your job will be published and all of our virtual assistant community will be able to find it in order to apply to your job.

To open your project/job and see all of the details, click on the name of your project/job as shown below.

Jobs listings to hire latino virtual assistants


Step 4: Find the link/URL of your approved job post

On your browser’s address bar you’ll now be able to see the link/URL of your job post.

Look at the blue square in the image below to find your job post’s link/URL.

Select the link/URL in your address bar (highlight the full link), then copy it to your computer’s clipboard (Right-click –> Copy, or  press Control+C on your keyboard)


Step 5: Find the virtual assistant you’d like to contact and send an individual message

Now that you have your job post’s link/URL on your computer’s clipboard, you can now use it to include it on any message that you send to any virtual assistant you’re interested in contacting.

Learn how to contact a virtual assistant you’re interested in.

Within the body of your messages, you can Paste your project’s link/URL (Right-click –> Paste, or press Control+V on your keyboard)

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