How do I view the proposals and virtual assistants who’ve applied for the job?

View all virtual assistant who applied to your project/job

First, we recommend that you learn about the overall process to hire a virtual assistant through a job posting.


How to explore and view all the proposals sent by all virtual assistants/virtual marketing applicants who applied to your project/job?

First, you should know that our assistants can apply to your job by browsing their “Job opportunities” portal within their Virtual Latinos account, or if you’ve sent them an individual message inviting them to apply to your job by sharing your project/job’s link/URL.

It’s important that you know that all projects/jobs posted on Virtual Latinos are open to our entire community of hand-picked assistants, so anyone interested in your project/job is able to apply to it and send you a proposal.


Step 1: View and manage all your projects/jobs

To view all of your projects/jobs, click on “Manage Jobs” on your dashboard’s right sidebar.

Manage jobs as an Emplyer


Step 2: View all available proposals

If your project/job has received any proposals, you’ll find a summary of all submitted proposals under your project’s name.

The following image shows you an example of a project with 1 submitted proposal, with an average proposal quote of $200.

Proposals submitted by Virtual assistants from Latin America

If you have additional projects/jobs posted, you should scroll up and down the page to see the details of proposals submitted to other projects/jobs.


Step 3: View all proposals for a specific project

To view all proposals for a specific project/job, click on the “Actions” below your project’s name, and select “View Proposals”.

This will show you the details of all the available proposals for your project/job.

View all proposals for your virtual assistant jobs


Step 4: Explore the proposals available.

The Proposals page will show you a list with the summary of all the proposals available for your project.

This includes the name of the virtual assistant or marketer who sent you a proposal, the details and description of the proposal, the quoted price, the approximate time to complete the project, and the status of the proposal.

In the example below, we have an assistant named “Virtual Assistant” who is quoting $200 for the project and expects to complete the project in 7 days. The status of the project is marked as “Pending”, as the client/employer hasn’t yet engaged or chosen to move forward with this assistant’s proposal.

Explore all proposals available for your virtual assistant project or job


Step 5: View the full details of the proposal to review it and potentially accept it.

If you’re interested in learning more about any specific proposal, you should click on “Actions” and then “View Proposal: Review & Accept”.

This will take you to the “Job Details” of each specific proposal you click on, which once again shows you the quoted price, time for completion and the proposal’s description and details. Additionally, you’ll see the full details, descriptions and skills of the virtual assistant or marketer who sent you the proposal.

View full job details of the proposal submitted

Project details, quoted price, and time to complete the job

Interested in hiring an assistant from one of the proposals?

Great, that’s awesome! To take the next step in hiring, learn how to select the proposal and virtual assistant you’d like to hire.

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