How do I search for certified virtual assistants and marketers?

If you’re looking for the best, most experienced and qualified virtual assistants and virtual marketers in Latin America, you’ll likely be upgrading to our “Certified” subscription plan to hire through the Virtual Latinos Directory.

We invite you to explore our different Directory subscription plans to understand their benefits and differences.

Already have access to our “Certified” (Premium) subscription?

The “Certified” subscription plan lets you search for and filter our Directory’s list of virtual assistants and virtual marketers to show you ONLY those who are certified.

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How to search for a certified virtual assistant or virtual marketer?

Step 1: Login to your Virtual Latinos Account

Click here to login.


Step 2: Open the Directory

Once you’ve logged in, click on “Directory” on the main menu to enter the Virtual Latinos Directory.


Step 3: Check the box “Show Only Certified Assistants” and click “Update”

It’s super easy: Simply check the box on the filters right sidebar as shown on the image below, and then press the “Update” button to refresh the directory’s listings and results.

The “Certified” badge will appear next to each assistant’s listing to inform you, the client, that the assistant is part of our “Certified virtual assistants” group.

View and search for certified virtual assistant or virtual marketer


Step 4: View an assistant’s full profile to see all of their certifications

Click on the button that says “View full profile” under the name of the assistant you’re interested in learning more about.

Then, scroll to the bottom of his or her profile to see the list of the certifications that they’ve earned.

Certifications earned by the Latin Virtual Assistant or virtual marketer

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