How do I reply to messages sent by virtual assistants?

Awesome, so you got an E-mail notification that you’ve received a message from one of the virtual assistants you contacted through Virtual Latinos and are interested in hiring.

Want to know how to reply to them?

Perfect, here’s the step by step guide on how to reply to messages sent by virtual assistants

Step 1: Login to your Virtual Latinos Account

Login to your account. Once you’ve submitted the correct username and password you’ll be redirected to your account’s main dashboard.


Step 2: Go to your Messages

Click on the “Messages” menu item on the top notifications bar, or on the right sidebar menu under “Dashboard”. See image below.

Open your messages to contact a virtual assistant


Step 3: Open the message you’d like to view

To do so, click on the subject of the message as shown on the image illustration above.


Step 4: Read the message

Click on the text “Click to view message” to toggle open the last message (See step 1 shown on the image below).

Click to read message and reply


Step 5: Type your message, and click “Reply”

Type the message you’d like to send back to the virtual assistant you’re contacting, and then click on the “Reply” button to send your message, which is almost the same as sending an E-mail. See step 2 on the image above.

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