How do I contact a virtual assistant I’m interested in?

Glad to know you’re interested in contacting one of our experienced, hand-picked Latino virtual assistants or virtual marketers.

How to contact and send a message to a virtual assistant you’re interested in:

Step 1. Create a Virtual Latinos account

Signup for a free account, and learn how to hire an assistant through our Directory.

Step 2. Upgrade to a paid membership plan

In order to contact and message our assistants, you’ll need to upgrade to any of our paid membership subscription plans. Explore the Virtual Latinos Directory plans and pricing.

Hiring through our Agency? If you’re hiring an assistant through the Virtual Latinos Agency, there’s no need to upgrade to a paid membership. Instead, our team will in charge of searching for, selecting, interviewing, and presenting the best virtual assistant candidates for you and your job requirements.


Step 3. Choose the assistant you’d like to contact

Search for the latino virtual assistant or marketer that you’re looking for within our Directory. Then click on the “View Profile” button to see the assistant’s full profile.

View profile of Latino Virtual Assistant to hire


Step 4. Choose the assistant you’d like to contact

Once you’re viewing an assistant’s full profile, you’ll find a “Send Message” button as pictured below. Click the button to send a message.

Sent a message to hire Latin Virtual Assistant


Step 5. Complete the “Send Message” form.

Type in the subject of your message, and then the message you’d like to send to the assistant you’re interested in contacting. When done, click the “Send Message” button at the bottom of the form.

Note: If you’ve already published a job post or project, be sure to include the URL/link of your approved job inside your message. This will make it easier for virtual assistants from our community to find the full details of the type of candidate you’re looking for and/or the skills, job experience, and requirements needed to complete your desired job or project.

Once you send a message, our system will send an E-mail notification to the virtual assistant you’re contacting so they can login to their Virtual Latinos account to review and read your message.

Our assistants will generally reply to you within 1-2 days, but it may take longer. If you don’t hear back from the assistant you contacted, please let us know.

Send message to Latino virtual assistant

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