How much should I charge a client?

It depends on your skill level and the type of services you provide. Those Virtual Assistants and Virtual Marketers with specialized training, certification, and experience can charge a greater amount for their skills and expertise.

To help you to get an idea of what you should charge a client, we have created a sample pricing tablet:

Virtual Assistants:

This includes basic and general assistant non-certified as Virtual Marketing Assistants.


Virtual Marketers:
This includes experienced Virtual Assistants and certified Virtual Marketing Assistants.

Note: these tables are just an example to give you an idea of pricing, it is not meant to determine the actual pricing you will charge your employer.

How and when you as Virtual Assistant get paid for your services depends on each specific job. A virtual assistant can get paid when the project at hand is completed, or after benchmarks and KPIs have been achieved.

On the other hand, payment depends mostly on the mutual agreement between the employer and the Virtual Assistant or Virtual Marketer. For example, if you get hired for a website development project that lasts 40 hours you can get paid every 10 hours of work but you have to show your work progress in order to receive your payment.

If you get hired for a part-time job that takes around 20 hours per week such as replying customers emails, you could get paid every week or once a month. This depends on the agreement made between you and your employer.

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